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Hi, question, in the demo, the FAQ question will auto retract when you click to open another question. However I can’t find where to adjust to do that on my installation. Can you help?

Hi, please email me at


Can anyone help me out ! No jquery is running on my site.

I’ve attached the screenshot for your reference.

Hi, I dont understand what you are asking: “No jquery is running on my site” and then a screenshot of WP import? If the issue is few failed import posts thats because they have been since removed but that doesnt affect the demo or product. Regards, Iavn

Hi, I too experienced the issue that the landing page doesnt display in Chrome.
The css seems to be loaded, the search box, all frames, the whole site structure loads. However not the text!
Most js and google fonts do not load.
Font Awsome is loading, Pictures are loading
This is resolved for the demo site if I hit shift-reload, then the page is loaded completely (js and gfonts are cached)
Regards, Christian

Hi, it is a chrome bug experienced on some chrome variations, try adding the following to assets/css/app.css:
        -webkit-animation-duration: 0.1s;
    -webkit-animation-name: fontfix;
    -webkit-animation-iteration-count: 1;
    -webkit-animation-timing-function: linear;
    -webkit-animation-delay: 0.1s;

@-webkit-keyframes fontfix{
    from{     opacity: 1; }
    to{    opacity: 1; }

Hi .. I just set up this theme on this link .

Was wondering if there is a Demo Content XML I could use just like how it looks on you live demo page.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Great Theme.

Hi, thank you for your purchase. The demo content XML file is in the zip file you downloaded. (see the documentation) Please note the XML file will only import posts/pages/menus but you will still need to setup page templates. Regards, Ivan


2 questions:

1. Were do I find the FAQ as advertised? I found the Knowledge base, contact form and the rest. But dont see the FAQ.

2. It seems like after every update I make to the theme, the responsiveness of the site breaks, forcing me to resize my window to get the content to display properly. Is this a known issue?

Thanks for the great template, been really easy to use so far :) Looking forward to your response.

Hi, thank you for your purchase. 1 it is bundled as a standalone plugin. The plugin is inside the download zip. (see the documentation). 2. No we havent had this issue.


A few questions…

1. Do you have any updates planned in the near future? According to your changelog, it’s been several months since your last one.

2. Can you please send me a child theme?

Thank you for your purchase. 1. Yes about 2 wks away. 2 sure, email me at

How do I change the main headline on the homepage? At the moment it just displays ‘Home’ or whatever the page title is.

Thanks! (silly question I’m sure)

Thank you for your purchase. Not sure I understand your question but as you mentioned the home page title is a title of the page so thats where the text can be edited. You can also edit the home page template files further: template-home.php line 48 or template-home2.php line 52. Ivan

Is your theme Wordpress MU-ready? Specifically, can I have same user account system on my main site (e.g. webstore) and auxillary knowledge base based on your theme so users do not need to have two different accounts for two sites? Thanks.

Hi, thank you for your interest. The theme is MU ready but the theme has very little to do with the “user account system”, it will depend on your MU setup ie if your desired setup works with default WP theme it will work with KnowledgePress. Regards, Ivan

How can I use a more compact menu? My site have a lot of links on the left side, the scroll keeps too large.

How and where?

Add the following to custom CSS field in theme options panel to override widget line height:
.sidebar li {
line-height: 2em;


Is this theme compatible with BuddyPress?

Unfortunately, I cant confirm as we havent tested iBuddyPress.

Hi, I just purchased this theme and installed it. However, I seem to have a major error in css display. This one doesnt affect only chrome, but also firefox. Please check, no css is loading and no text is visable.

Please advice.

Ps. Adding the suggested code regarding the chrome bug didnt work.

also tried troubleshooting if another plugin could cause the issue, but no effect.

Thank you for your purchase, looking at the site all scripts seam to be loading fine on my end, can you please email please include screenshoot, does the content load on page refresh?

At Wordpress 3.9 the Shortcode Generator will be not displayed on the Toolbar at the top of the Editor

Thank you, already working on an update, I will post you an update as soon as its finished. Ivan


I am interested in buying this. I have an important question prior to buy this theme.

My intention is to build a user generated wordpress with the wiki plugin. Can your theme be compatible with the wiki plugin. I dont see this in the live demo where individual post can be edited in wikistyle.

I just want to confirm that I can incorporate wiki plugin in this theme.

Thank you,

Hi, no it is not compatible with wiki plugin, thank you . Ivan


How can I enable comments on pages?

It is working on posts but even I enabling the discussion on a particular page it isn’t show.

Hi, add the following to templates/content-page.php after line 2
    if ( comments_open() ) {

Thanks, it worked!

Sorry to bother you, how do I use the shortcodes?

Reading the document, it says it is on post/page editor, however I am not able to find it.

I have installed the plugin.

Please email me at

Regards, Ivan

Ivan, your support is the best I ever experienced so far!

Thanks for that.

Thank you, appreciated.

any plans to support WP 3.9? Thank you

Hi its ok, I’ve found it. Thank you

Hi, where can I use the shortcode?

You can use shortcodes in posts and pages. If you are having trouble finding them please email

Hi is it possible to setup user access content ? or via a third party plugin ? I need to allow access to the wiki to several categories of customers depending the contract i have with them.

thanks a lot.

Hi, this is not a theme feature so you would have to use a third party membership plugin. Regards, Ivan

Just purchase the theme, very nice. However, the as stated in the docs in not located in the downloaded zip.

Can you please let me know where to find that plugin?

Thank you

Hi, thank you for your purchase, please email

Any luck on the short code icon for posts/pages?

Please download update from Theme Forest