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Hi. Theme has been updated. Now has support for Google fonts with Cyrillic?

This was only bug fix update for shorcodes plugin, the feature update are still work in progress.

I really like this theme.

Could you please tell me what code I could insert into knowledgebase-template to exclude “uncategorized” posts? Or any other specific category? I have some basic coding skills, but I can’t figure this out.

Thank you,


Hi Steve, open template-knowledgebase.php and around line 35 add exclude parameter, example:

$categories = get_categories(array(
    'orderby'         => 'slug',
    'order'           => 'ASC',
    'hierarchical'    => true,
    'parent'          => 0,
    'hide_empty'      => false,
    'exclude'       => '1',

That is great. Thank you very much.

Hello, I wonder if I can add images in Accordion FAQ.

Thank you.

Hi, yes images can be added to FAQ content. Ivan

i want to completely hide the sidebar in the knowledge base entries. how to do this? thx

Hi, tis will require some some coding skills, copy line 250 in init.php and add it in similar manner to arrays between lines 257 and 308.

Regards, Ivan

Hi. I saw some comments here from 10 months ago regarding WPML support – do you have an update on compatibility? Thanks!

HI, unfortunately this still hasn’t been done and no eta at this point. Ivan

Great theme.

Is there a way to change the “Knowledge Base” and “Find answers fast” that appears in the strip above pages and posts?

Nevermind got it.


wlf Purchased

Is there any way to add another row of the 3 boxes on the homepage?

This would require modification (quite involved one) modifying the home page template and adding metaboxes to the page so you would need good coding skills or get a developer to do this for you. Ivan

Any ETA for the multilingual support?

Currently no ETA for WPML support, the theme can be translated using Poedit. Regards, Ivan

Hi, I would need to limit access to certain pages/documents, will this work well with your login & access plugin to do so? Would it be possible to offer a ‘request access’ page for logged in users or would i need to work around that with a simple form?

Hi, yes the plugin can limit access to certain pages, posts, custom post types. There is no request access feature. Regards, Ivan

How do you achieve the styling shown for the home page in the image on the following link (from your demo site):

I see where you can change the background color. But I am interested in using the boxes around the 3 icon/content boxes (eg. Knowledge Base, FAQ, Contact). It looks like a transparent box around the icon/text/button).


Hi, this was a 1.x version design that has been superseded by current design so this is no longer available in 2.x version. Ivan

My live search on the homepage doesnt display pages, only post, how do I fix that ?

pages comes up but this isnt working as with post. Ill send you an email.

Hi again, did you get my email ?

HI, no I didnt get any email. I have tested this and it works fine on our end, both posts and pages are searchable. If you need to modify this further please get a developer to do this for you as we are happy to point you in the right direction but we dont provide modification as part of support. Regards, Ivan


I want to create 3 knowledge pages, is this possible? Now It seems that you can not select which categories the knowledge template will show (shows all categories)


Is it possible to run two knowledge bases and then select the relevant categories and articles for each different knowledge base?

Also is there a limit to how deep the hierarchy can go?


Hi, I can send you an update where you can select categories to display on KB page and have multiple KB pages. The KB page will display 3 categories deep.

Awesome thanks. Just purchased. If you can send update via email that would be great. stefanwarnaar[at]gmail[dot]com

Thank you for your purchase, email sent.

how can i make this theme look same as your preview on my site?

url :

it doesnt look same


Import the content using XML file but you will still have to set up WP settings, page template settings, widgets and menus yourself.

Regards, Iavn

content from where?

Please read the PDF documentation about Import the content using XML

how can i change the live search box width size to make it shorter?

how can i show featured articles/posts(images) on my main page ?

and how to remove the Video Tutorials” ?

Unfortunately we dont provide customisation as part of support, I suggest you get a developer to do all you r changes for you:

on which file i can find this css code on the template:

media=”screen” html { margin-top: 32px !important; }

i need to change this


My apologies if this has already been answered…

How do you get the different color box on the home page around the 3 boxes section? Like on this page:

Hi, use colorpickers on “Home 2” page template under Boxes metabox. Ivan

Thanks! =)

Hello There,

Quick question for you. Is this possible to show the article’s category on the article’s page? I don’t see it on your demo. Once in the article, I can’t see which category the article belongs to.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, there is no currently an option for that. We are woking on an update that will include the categories (about a month away). Ivan

All righty, good to hear ;)