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Hi, after the last update a few days ago, I can now see the HTML tags around the description text on the Page: Feature section on the home page. Will you be fixing this soon? Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

Hope you are doing well today!

Yes, we will be releasing an update that will fix this shortly.

Sorry for any inconvinience.



lbpc Purchased

the demo content is not importing. everytime i click import it just takes me back to the top of the page

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay.

Can you kindly update your version of the theme? Updating it to the latest release will resolve the issue.

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92WEST Purchased

My ticket from 6 months ago was never resolved and my last message was never responded to through the ticket system. The client put it on hold and is now finally wanting to launch. However, my ticket was closed without resolution and my support expired on the 5th. Please advise if you intend on finishing the support ticket.


92WEST Purchased

Update my support. Please fix the issue as we only have 1 [submit_job_form] in the page, but 2 show. Also, if we switch the sign-up option to enter details then select a package it shows the packages below the company listing detail fields.

How is it possible to change the order for premium members, so that their listing is above a category

Do I need to purchase below plugin from you for import demo content? Claim Listing for WP Job Manager

Thanks and let me know

After installing facetWP, my variables defined in function.php returns a. content of the first listing b. “false” as value

e.g. function custom_listify_listing_data( $data ) { $data[ ‘date_added’ ] = get_post()->post_date; return $data; } add_filter( ‘listify_get_listing_to_array’, ‘custom_listify_listing_data’ ); ... xxx = {{{data.date_added}}}

xxx = 2017-12-04 14:24:36 xxx = 2017-12-04 14:24:36 xxx = 2017-12-04 14:24:36 xxx = 2017-12-04 14:24:36

after selecting the facet for 2 listings

xxx = xxx =

Hello, Are you able to inform if your new Event theme will be released on January 2018? Thanks

it is a possibility to get the same font as in jobify?


antou Purchased

Hi, I am having an issue importing the demo content.


aminebenj Purchased

Hi, I updated all my plugins and wordpress and all work fine, but when i updated listify theme from 2.3.1 to 2.4.3 search boxes disapear. I use facetWP. Any help?

Is it possible to create two pricing package pages using different products?

So I would like to have our website price show our normal price. Then have a landing page that offers special pricing which would be two different products and prices.

When I add all the products they all show up on the page. Is there a way to hide or show only certain packages?


pictografo Purchased

First: why the support doesn`t works? i was try to create a ticket many times and this don´t work.

Second: I have a problem with the login pop up. In this website i don´t want accounts nor sign up or login, I was uncheck the options of accounts, but when i am searching listings and choose the first option the pop up appears to me and this also appears in the first post of “news and media/noticias”. So how can i remove this pop up and why only appear in the first post and listing?

Please help me quickly

Hi, I’m working on your theme for a client and when I install WooCommerce Version: 3.2.5 with Wordpress 4.9.1 everything is ok. When I activate your theme I got 500 error. I have the last version, it was buy yesterday on 11.12.2017. Thanks, Raluca

Hi. I’ve read lots of presales questions on your site and even opened an account on your demo. I’m now waiting for approval, beacause I’ve seen the test paypal account wasn’t a sandbox, so I didn’t pay the demo subscription. I need the plugin for an hours based booking marketplace, and I wonder if is there any possibility to test your demo site in backend and frontend. Thanks. V.

Hello, when I look at this page

it says Listing Payments plugin is free yet when I go to the plugin page its $29 So which is it please?

You send out an email requesting feedback but from; how do you expect to get the feedback?

Pre-sale question about search by location. After reading “Why Do I Get 0 Results When Searching by Location.” part of your documents, my question is that if I uncheck “radius” box on setting, is it possible to get returns with search by “IL, USA” or “USA”?