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How can i remove footer logo?? and can i remove header bar and make it as a hero scene style header.


The footer logo is added or removed from the theme panel under the footer section. The header for the moment cannot show custom blocks as there are no spots for adding custom elements. We will improve on this in future releases though but for the time being, you cannot add a hero scene inside if the header. You can however use an overlay menu on separate pages like this example: https://demo.tagdiv.com/newspaper_smart_app/

Thank you! Bogdan B

No no no… I dont want to change my footer logo but i just dont want display any logo in footer.


You can remove it from the theme panel so no logo will be shown. Simply press the remove button: https://www.screencast.com/t/tj8BIwv5oFCf

If you have any further questions please open a new topic on our official support forum at http://forum.tagdiv.com/forum/newspaper/ The comments section here is destined for presale questions.

Thank you! Bogdan B

I am getting a bad gateway when used Edit with TD composer. Kindly fix it


Please contact us on our email address at contact@tagdiv.com and provide a link to your site and wp-admin (login information and admin rights) so we can login and investigate. Please also include a link to this conversation so we can identify you.

Thank you! Bogdan B

Hi Guys,

No need to mention the theme looks great and has got so many positive reviews. I got a few questions before finalizing it.. If you can help me with the queries:

(1) Because the theme offers so many options and templates to choose from for each element on the page, won’t it make the site speed slower, as may be the server has to process the whole code in the backend? I want to use only a few features/templates, but I guess the whole code would be saved at the backend/or on the server?

(2) Can I use the theme to create multiple sites?

(3) So we got theme demos, but I believe they are only for reference purposes. I can use the header of one demo and some other template from another demo and create a whole new design. The theme allows me this?

(4) In continuation to my previous query, I will have complete freedom to place the logo of my site either on the left-hand side or at the center.

(5) With so many options to choose from, shall I get any tutorial or how-to-do steps guide along with the theme?

(6) With future updates, do I need to make changes in any code or I can just update the site with a single-click? Will it affect the site front-end in any way?

(7) I want to create a fitness blog initially and then once I get enough traffic, I would like to add an e-commerce feature to it. Like readers can buy some products on the site itself, do the theme has woocommerce features at the moment?

(8) What is the difference between Newsmag and Newspaper themes of yours?

I hope the answers to the above questions will help me understand the theme better and make a decision whether to buy it at the moment or wait. Thanks in advance. :)


Thank you for your appreciation.

1. The speed will not be slower if you do not use lots of different elements at once. The more complex elements you use the bigger impact on speed they will have
2. Our theme as well as all other envato themes fall under the same standard license. https://themeforest.net/licenses/standard and for a complete description: https://themeforest.net/licenses/terms/regular
3. Sorry but you cannot combine multiple demos into one at the moment
4. This can be achieved by selecting a different header style: https://forum.tagdiv.com/header-styles/
5. Please check the official theme documentation here: https://forum.tagdiv.com/newspaper-theme-documentation/ There are also video tutorials on our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/tagdiv
6. You can update the theme with a single click and no coding skills are necessary.
7. Our theme is fully compatible with Woocommerce.
8. The main differences are specified here: https://tagdiv.com/newspaper-vs-newsmag-how-to-choose-the-perfect-wordpress-theme-for-your-project/
Thanks Bogdan B


I installed the latest version of the theme but I have a problem with my images. They are all distorted

New version: https://migration.fevad.com/ (http://image.noelshack.com/files/2018/39/1/1537803269-capture-d-screen-2018-09-24-a-17- 33-59.png)

Old version: https://www.fevad.com/ (http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2018/39/1/1537803276-capture-d-ecran-2018-09-24-a-17- 34-05.png)

Do you have an idea ?

Thank you in advance.


Fevad team

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