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Is it ready for wordpress 3.9?

Hey, not yet, but will be next week :)

Is it ready for wordpress 3.9?, Lots of Bugs!!!

thank you!!

Please ASAP!!! lots of dead locks & problems connecting the database!!!

You are welcome :)

First off, great job on the theme. Easily one of the coolest and most feature packed wordpress themes I’ve seen.

I just have a quick question: how do I turn off the optional side menu in the header, and not display the icon for it? I’m sure there’s some button for it someone that I’m missing, but I can’t seem to find it.


On a separate note, is it possible to just use text as the logo? I tried just throwing together a text logo in photoshop, but its kind of long and doesn’t really resize very well for smaller screens (half gets cut off).


Thank a lot :)

Just go to Qode > Side Area and disable it from there :)

Unfortunately not, it has to be image.


I would rate this theme highly, but I feel that the documentation that comes with it is quite sparse in terms of the various ways available to customize the theme using options. It’s a great theme, don’t get me wrong, but the number of customization options, just begs for a more detailed documentation, or quick support, which I have found takes a few days to be answered through the ticksy ticket.

Thank you very much for that, we appreciate it.

Having spent the better part of yesterday and today pouring over the theme options and searching through the support forums, I have to say that I’m amending this rating to be higher than before. The theme options available and the site looks are super in depth and I regret not giving enough credit where it’s due.


Thanks a lot :) We appreciate a lot your feedback :)


Hi . I submit a support ticket 2 days ago on the issue of my client website. www.blessedonewealthplanners.com

The issue is the webpage screens cannot be enlarged on tablets and smartphones.

Please reply to the support ticket or reply here. Thank you

Okay, what’s your user name at forum, we need to be able to find you?


Thanks. Just told our support to find and answer your tickets.

Could you add one feature to your “tabs shortcode”: to specify the active tab in the URL of the page by id?
I think many people will be grateful :)
Thank you


Thank you for this request. We will review it with the team and discuss and if we will be able to implement it :)


I found this solution.
But I would like it to be in the theme, to avoid problems when updating.

Btw, when will you update the theme compatible with WP 3.9? We really like your theme, we bought 2 licenses for 2 websites! But this problem complicates the process.


We posted new version to ThemeForest, it should get approved very soon. We even posted upgrade instructions here: http://themeforest.net/item/subway-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/5898023/faqs/20411

Regarding tabs, we can’t commit to this update right now, as we already spent a lot of time to upgrade the theme and Visual Composer and we have many other priorities.


I updated the theme and followed your upgrade instructions, however the Visual Composer still does not work.
When I add new page the standard WP text editor appears with the Visual Composer button at Top Left [called “Backend Editor” ] – However when I click on it the standard text editor just disappears and there is NO editing options possible.
Hopefully you can advise.


Please submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and include WP admin access so we can take a look.


?Hi Guys I feel such an idiot, the Visual Composer WAS working, it just opened below the Qode SEO Fields, and I did not see it.. Dragged the pane to the top and all is well Thanks KD

No worries :) Great that your resolved it :)

I have tried installing the new, updated version to WP 3.9.1 and get an error when installing via ftp or upload. When I upload the 1.0.3 version, it works fine. Then when I follow update instructions, I get the same exact error when trying to install this new version from scratch:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’$fontArrays’ (T_VARIABLE) in /home/nirvana1s/public_html/wp-content/themes/subway/includes/google-fonts.php on line 1

Thank you! I’ll try that now

You are welcome :)

Hi, I tried using images with icons in a 4 column row but they wont show up in columns. Each image is just taking up the whole screen one on top of the other. Please help


We can take a look if you submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and include WP admin access.


Hi I updated the theme and wordpress and removed completely … not passing, you can help me please?

I’ll take the backup I have to check and see what happens …


Did you follow instructions here:http://themeforest.net/item/subway-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/5898023/faqs/20411


With the current revision of the theme to VC 4.1.2 would Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer work fine with this? I thought I would check with you prior to purchasing the the plugin.


Yes, it’s full version of VC with addition of our custom shortcodes and few of them are built into it, so that’s why it’s custom version.


I am extremely dissappointed with the response on this theme. After purchase I made a good effort to use it, asked a few questions, even made a few requests, 1 was answered with a temporary ‘fix’ with a promise of a proper repair with the next update. That was in February. Since then I simply gave up waiting. Then I came back to it a couple of weeks ago to give it another go. This time, because I was attempting to use Woo Commerce, I had made CSS changes ONLY and was happy with it, but updating to the ltest Woo Commerce broke my changes. Still there was no update to this theme, but lo and behold the other day an update came alive. Sadly it did NOT address ANY of the previous requests I had made. Nor did it provide any of the updates promised in previous requests. On top of all that the CSS changes I made to Woo Commerce are no longer recognised and I simply cannot work with it. The responsive elements do not honour percentages or em statements and consequently do not scale properly on all devices. Finally, attempting to log in to the support forum just now I was refused entry. I simply cannot work with it and because of that I believe it does not offer me what it originally promised and I am therefore requesting a refund.


Thank you very much for your feedback. I am working with support staff to make sure your tickets are handled. You should receive response soon.


After a couple of days delay (due to hospital sorry) I have added a private response to this ticket. Many thanks for your attention.

Thank you. Just assigned them to support staff. We hope you feel better and that everything is good on your side :)

Hi! I have a problem. In Visual Composer does not work visual editor tinymce, such as adding or editing a text block in an area where it should be text formatting toolbar nothing, and in the text field it is not formatted and displayed with html tags.

Sorry, deleted a folder “wpbakery”, then updated all files and everything worked!

Great :) Thanks for the update :)

Hello, I love this theme. Nice work!!

I have a question: How I can customize the icons? I have tried and can not find how.

Thank you very much.


Thanks a lot :)

This theme is based on font awesome icons. Here is the list: http://fontawesome.io/icons/


Hey. :)

I am having this weird issue. I saved the home page as a template and renamed it to OUR SERVICES. Funny things is that when I move between the pages, some of the elements don’t load – specially elements from VC Ultimate Addons and background images in rows that are part of original VC. However, when I refresh the page, it all comes good and back to normal.

http://qode.ticksy.com/ is running a bit tired today. :) I just sent you and email using your profile page with all the credentials.

Thank you.


animations that are built in are not supported with our theme. We have added animations on row element that you can use instead. If you want to use those animations you can disable page transitions for those pages in Qode Custom Fields. Yes, we had some problems with support forum today but now everything is fine :)

If you have any issues with this submit your ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and our support stuff will help ;)

Best Regards


5/5 :)

Thank you :)

Is there a reason the visual composer code is displayed all over my site?


Older versions of this theme didn’t have this issue at all. Only when I’ve updated to the most current version.

Edit just to add another example:


This is the theme with just demo content installed. Please help, Thanks!!

Seems I missed step 6 on that! Thanks for your help! I figured I was missing something when there was no WP Bakery folder on my site.

Thanks again!

Forgot to add, will you be updating Visual Composer to 4.1.3? Thanks!


We cannot easily update VC with every update the release as we have our custom work there. We will update it once it’s necessary for web site to function with new version of WP, as we did it recently.


I cant see the demo would really like to see it

It’s back live . Our server needed upgrade :)

My client has a question. “Please ask the theme developer about the under scroll on the make a payment page and the employment reference page. These are the only pages where this occurs causing the pages clicked on thereafter from that point to have the under scroll. (This occurs on the ipad only)


Please submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and include WP admin access so we can take understand the problem.


Hi, when the related products appear under each product, their images are huge, and the page fits only 2 per row. How can i reduce the image size of the related products? Thanks for your help

I assigned it to senior support staff and they are working on it. Please be patient, you will get reply, i posted reply to comment 2 minutes ago.

My friend i am patient when it comes to real responce times. When i have to wait 20 days to complete 2 issues, there is no more patient, either from me or my customer. Thank you

I understand, that’s why I stressed to our support team how important is to handle it right.

Hi, I am still waiting for a response to ticket http://qode.ticksy.com/ticket/211374

Is there any chance you can back to me ASAP.


Sure :) Just assigned it to our support team.