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Very fresh. Very modern. Very Clean.

Hope you release updates often!

Thanks. i will try my best.

I wanna go but this template , but could you add some multimedia widget , like html5 video player or sound player with flat design , and some gallery page and this will be awesome :)

yes. gallery and media player added on the todo list. Thanks

Love BS3, love this (and your last project)... TAKE MY MONEY!

yes. BS3 is awesome. Thank you!

Awesome. I am just missing an invoice page and this theme is perfect for my needs.

Great job, keep it up.


Would you consider adding on/off type switches?

added on/off switches

Very good template and easy to use.

I have some question. 1 How to hide header toolbar on ipad ? 2 How to add icon from outside ?

1: use class hidden-sm to hide on ipad, more http://getbootstrap.com/css/#responsive-utilities

2: you mean do not use the Fontawesome? you can use http://fontello.com/


Just bought this theme and love it. Another suggestion/request: Add navigation to the top nav bar as an option, specifically the content found in the .nav-avatar div in the left nav (user, settings, notifications, profile, etc.) Looking forward to updates!

Awesome, thanks! Rated 5 stars for the template AND the great customer service with requests!


Now, about that photo/video gallery using masonry… ; )


I am trying to adjust the sample app, but when I wrap the whole thing in a ‘div’, all the layout logic breaks. Eg, insert a div around the whole page in docs.html between the ‘body’ tags, and the page collapses.

Are you able to suggest what to do? I am using it with durandal, which inserts the divs automatically, so I have no choice but to have the divs in place.


you mean put the whole layout in your div between body? if so, you need set your
<div style="height:100%;" />
or body>div{height:100%}

That worked – thanks!

Great template – very clean and responsive.

Lock Modal , doesn’t work on google chrome ! just black window , without the form and picture ? how i fix this ?

Working perfectly at The newest Mozila and IE10

lock modal is a ajax modal. chrome have the origin policy to load the local file. please put the file on a server to test.

oh great , i will try it , thanks :)

Love your work…BTW. How do you make an image the full width of the panel? Also an image gallery and images set would be awesome

bs3 use .thumbnail>img{max-width:100%}, you can add .img-full, .img-full > img{max-width:100%} and put this class on the img tag. i will add this util in next update.



Hi, first of all great work, the theme look so great, I just have some questions, I notice that the task page save the task I added, and the note too, how does this work?

it use Backbone and Backbone.localStorage to save the data in your browser.

btw you can type comment on task and search on note.


I love this. You are very talented I would like to have your contact info for future projects. For some reason sparklines cause some weird jitter of the whole page, but other than that BEAUTIFUL

btw, it’s not the sparkline make the jitter, default there is no scrollbar on the page. only when you mouse over a scrollable content, the scrollbar show. this make the page jitter.

next update will include slimscroll if you do not want the jitter.

definitely no jitter is better :) I bought it. I will email for contact info


Fantastic work! I like it)

I love it! 102 sales in 2 days, proof of excellence.

Thank you and all the buyers!

Sorry for another request for the next update :) , could you put invoice page

Terima Kasih Banyak

Great work. Any updates about menubar on top? gallery page? friends or member management page or something like that?

But i must say—its an awesome job !! :):)

coming soon.


Hi all,Help me please

$.getJSON not work on mobile browser IOS,Android


check the http://themes.flatfull.com/todo/table.html the Datagrid use

$.ajax(url, { dataType: ‘json’, async: false, type: ‘GET’ }).done(function (response) {});

it works fine.

Sorry for asking you again , but i need help for toggle aside when click me like in the mail.html you had toggle with add attribute show , and that’s just work for one aside , how could it work for two aside , i mean one is show and one is hide ? i’don’t wanna load it from ajax and i don’t find you toggle it at your javascript ?

Please help me :) Thank you very much

the data-toggle=”class:className” only support one target.

but you can use js

$(’#target_show_id’).show(); $(’#target_hide_id’).hide();


$(’#target_show_id’).removeClass(‘hide’).addClass(‘show’); $(’#target_hide_id’).removeClass(‘show’).addClass(‘hide’);

okay i will use js , thank you very much

Two issues for me are the jitter thing I mentioned before and also it would be nice when you mouse over tables and widgets that the row you are on is highlighted

you can use table-hover class to highlight the row.