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I am required, due to the framework i use, to get the lockscreen to function correctly, to put the modal form directly into my site (Without using .load()).

Tho, no matter what i do, then i can’t replicate the styling and design from the popup generated by .load() and the dialog that is generated from putting it directly in the site and call it manually. Somehow, the position and colors break.

you can just put the modal content directly between the body

<div class="modal" id="ajaxModal"><div class="modal-over"> <div class="modal-center animated flipInX" style="width:300px;margin:-30px 0 0 -150px;"> <div class="pull-left thumb m-r"><img src="images/avatar.jpg" class="img-thumbnail" /></div> <div class="clear"> <p class="text-white">John.Smith</p> <div class="input-group input-s"> <input type="text" class="form-control text-sm" placeholder="Enter pwd to continue"> <span class="input-group-btn"> <button class="btn btn-success" type="button" data-dismiss="modal"><i class="icon-arrow-right" /></button> </span> </div> </div> </div></div></div>

and use data-toggle=”modal” to call.

<a href="#ajaxModal" data-toggle="modal"></a>

Thank you. That fixed it.

do you have any ajax loading built into this template?

thanks, any plans of adding an invoice page?

available tomorrow, Thanks.

invoice.html added

Already has a date for the next release? Especially with blog requests, division by folders in the notes and tasks.

thank you

next update will include blog, task section will be later. release in 2 days. thanks

blog.html added

Amazing work, definitely purchasing.

Will you release a SCSS version at some point?

Maintain two versions of the css is big task. i prefer to add more widgets or pages.


Could you also look at the menu-problem in android (on samsung)? The toggle function doesn’t work (the menu does not appear when you tap the button). This is also not working for the profile icon, but also on the email page where you tap a message to see it. Thanks!

hi, i have tested on “Samsung Google Nexus S”, it works fine. what’s your phone and what is the browser you used?

BEAUTIFUL WORK!!! I was already using another template for a project I am working on. Saw this, bought it on the first day and completely switched to this.

Onto my question: On the discover page, the green sparkline graph. When I hover over the data points, the page ‘shakes’ as it displays the tooltips, etc. How do I fix that?


actually it’s not the sparkline things. it’s the scrollbar shows make the page shrink, default the scrollbar is hide. i will include the slimscroll option for this.



Sorry to ask this but… could you tell me what is your template doing exactly? I don’t know why but I think it looks great and could be of use :D

Let me know, Cheers

For web application, content manage system, admin panel…

Congratulations!! Great work dude.


Loved this so much I immediately bought it, so much stuff that I can always use it for something.

Quick question: What would be the easiest way for me to switch the Task and Notes app to a non-local storage system? (So tasks and notes are sync on all devices)

Thanks! I happened to already be on that website learning the basics.

Any chance you would be so awesome to add a REST version?

i would like to, but currently i have no time on this.

Fantastic job! So good you just convinced me to abandon my last project that is 90% done to completely redo using your template.

May I ask if the following is planned as I would like to see: 1. More modals / pop up notifications 2. More form field examples 3. Form in a modal

Also are you available for custom work?

Thank you!

Yes. i will add more form examples. currently i am not available for custom work.


I’m loving this admin style. best one yet! Keep up the great work and killer updates!

i will add more components, Thanks.

This has to be the most well coded template I have come across so far with very clear documentation, killer components and gorgeous looking as well.

Thanks for this!

Thank you!

Love that theme, but any plans to support RTL ?


it’s bs3.0, the bs3.1 will add RTL support.


Hi !

Congrats for your admin panel, it’s really beautiful !!! Do you think you could adapt it for the Wordpress admin ?

Thanks a lot !

no plan for this.


Question: love the app layout particularly with the full-screen option. However, I can’t seem to be able to type anything (in a form/search field) when in full screen?

will fix in next update. thanks!

Awesome template. I also have the minor issue of the bouncing scroll bars on graphs and things.

Be awesome if you could also integrate into it a markdown editor!

did you update to the 1.0.2? it fixed, default the page show the scrollbar.

how about this one http://epiceditor.com/

Hi, nice theme! :)

But the form wizard in not ok, when I go to the last step, the script not show “Finish” but only “Next” button…. Is there an error in fuelux plugin?

In my web app I need this feature, and I can’t use it. Can you help me?

the fuelux has a bug when put multiple form wizards on the same page. also the next and “actions” btns must next to the “steps”, so i extended it with form validate and support btn target. but i do not implement the Next->Finish btn text when step to the last step. i will fix this in next update.

Can you please make the sidebar transition more fluid? It doesn’t move smoothly on iPhone 5, not sure if the complied version cause the issue.

you mean the off screen nav? i will check this. thanks

I didn’t see that as I downloaded it yesterday. Thanks!

Yeah epic or Socrates is a new one that seems more in line with your theme.


i will compare them and include one.

Awesome thanks!


Before purchase I would like to know if you can be hired to do some editing in the template. I am consindering to use it as frontend for my clouded software.

Can you please contact me on info@jamesbound.dk

Best regards,


sent you an email