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This theme rocks! I purchased your other theme (first), but I am switching over to this one.

Thank you!

in mail.html why button primary is blue ? where i could change it ?

it’s btn-info, you can change it to btn-primary


I want to buy this. Few issues I spotted few issues on Android. How do I send screenshots. Thanks.

you can send me email, flashembed at gmail.com. Google map is choice.


sent you the images..

got the mail, Thanks.

When will the next update? Already come with the division by folders in the notes and tasks? I’m waiting to buy it.

thank you

next update coming soon. the task section not ready yet. Thanks

but you will put the division by folders in the notes and tasks? If so buy the theme and look to upgrade.

Thank you!

i will add add folder on task in the future update. but i prefer using tags on the note. Thanks.

Love this theme.

I just have a problem with the Dashboard in IE10 that can also be seen in the demo http://heyflat.com/themes/todo/dashboard.html.

Think this is another Height: 100% issue and if you can help provide a fix I would be grateful.

Thanks, Mark

The flex vbox height on ie will fix in next update. Thanks

Hi, I have another small suggestion to your wonderful theme. Can you expand on the form examples a bit? It has all the basic elements but I wonder if you could just make a more complex examples combining it with some of the other elements of your theme, such as tabs and general layout.


I will add more form examples, Thanks

Awesome, thank you!

Is it possible to hide specific columns from mobile devices on the data-tables? I can do this with another theme I just haven’t figured out how to do it with this one. Basically my table is too big for the mobile device and full table is not needed. Thank you.

you can use Bootstrap “Responsive tables” http://getbootstrap.com/css/#tables-responsive or use the “Responsive utilities” http://getbootstrap.com/css/#responsive-utilities to hide some columns.

I figured out with visible-sm to hide the header, but not the whole column like I have in the past. Thank you.

just saw your response. Thank you.

Just purchased, by far the best theme I’ve purchased on themeforest!

A few questions: Is it possible to get like a additional sub-sidebar like area in the top? (like a top menu, sorry not good at explaining these things) ? Like a menu in the header topbar here (for small things like a logout button)

Lastly, can you add notification into it, like this? http://css-tricks.com/pop-from-top-notification/

Thanks :)

if you use php to render the page, you can output the alert directly. if you use js, you can hide the alert first. then use js to display the alert.


got an example with js?

I mean just need show the alert div. $(’#msg’).show();

wow…another flatfull theme..

can you add auto complete in pillbox that I can put in the welcome header?? I failed to do it in first theme with select 2 or pillbox..

can I put the first notification style in this theme??

you can use select2 for auto complete, and it can put into the header.

yes. the notification is same as first.


I haven’t used Switch (you added in your latest changelog) before in any project. Curious to see if there’s any file in download that uses it. And what about WYSIWYG? Any sample in the downloads?

Beautiful theme, by the way. I am fan of your work. :)

Thank you! you can get the sample on the form.html.

Thank you for the quick reply. :) Got it.

Wow!! Perfection has a new name. That’s TODO :) GLWS forever.

Thank you! @designova, GLWSU2 :)

as you mentioned in Features “2 Runnable Application”.Just wanted to know which application?

overall i am going to buy this awesome template.it includes everything.

The task and note, include the CRUD functions, but no server side. the data saved in the browser local storage.


Hi! Just bought your theme and it’s awesome. I was wondering if its possible to nest vbox and hbox and preserve 100% height. With this code I get a 50px offset (because the header) and my layout breaks:
  <section class="hbox stretch" id="container">
    <aside class="aside" id="nav">main nav</aside>
    <section class="vbox" id="main-content">
      <header class="header" id="header">header</header>
      <div class="hbox stretch" id="content">
        <section>first column</section>
        <section>second column</section>
And if I remove .stretch from #content, the columns do not stretch to the end of the page. How can I fix it? Thanks!


  <section class="hbox stretch" id="container">
    <aside class="aside" id="nav">main nav</aside>
    <section class="vbox bg-dark" id="main-content">
      <header class="header" id="header">header</header>
      <section><!-- added  -->
        <div class="hbox stretch" id="content">
          <aside class="bg-light">aside</aside>
          <section>first column</section>
          <section>second column</section>

you need add a section before you start a hbox. Thanks.

Just found your theme today and it’s amazing. I’ve been playing a little bit with it and I found a bug on the “notes” area.

When I do the following combination of actions the notes become inactive:
-> Write something on note
-> Click button "+ NEW" 
-> Delete all the notes on the right column
-> [Problem] Can't insert text on note and have to refresh page
Keep up the amazing work!

Hi, just tested as your way. when delete all the notes, you need click the ”+ NEW” to create a new note.


hello, have just bought Your theme, love it :-) I would love it even more if You could make a page for contacts?

rgds Martin

hi Martin, you want a contacts list page? you can use the Bootstrap Thumbnails components to build the list.


hello, thank you for your answer, I was thinking more in the terms of an app like in google, outlook etc :-) it was just an idea :-)

but if You have no plans of adding such a page, I will try an design my own from Your standards :-)


Yeah, no plan for this page, Thank you!

i hv just bought it..speed is very slow…even from local desktop any solution pls…

when it get slow, loading page? if so, it load google web font. you can disable it and check again.


thanks…you are right…i have removed google font import..which has improved performance… will it effect looks of UI ?

No effect, you can host the font if you want. you can download the font here. http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/open-sans?q=Open+Sans

Hi, great work on this :)

How can make this a boxed layout…?

you can wrap the whole page in a div class=”container” but need set this container with height:100%.


thanks, that did the trick :)

There are some sutff missing in the download version like the gallery page that is featured on the online demo version, is this an update that is coming?

it’s available right now. Thanks

Seriously! I just want everyone to look at the comments in previous notes, not only has the developer been greatly responsive, but we asked for features and he actually made them! Not just a few, but even a mini calendar that I sent as a “I wish there could be something like this” and he made it. A huge thank you and you have earned my respect so much. What a different experience! You Rock!!! Please keep up the great work! Thank you!!!!

I create the common components or widgets when buyer request, this also help me improve this file.

Thanks for your comments, really appreciate!

Is there a modal somewhere?

yes. components.html or the form.html. Thanks