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Is there a way to wrap everything inside a container for a boxed look, instead of full width? The contents of some pages look a little funky stretched across the entire page.

When I wrap everything in a new (blank) div, there are some things that break. Especially when I wrap it in a <form> tag for ASP.NET.

Nevermind, I just added style=”height:100%” to the wrappers. Works!

yes. need the height

Really beautiful! Bookmarked for my next project :)

Thank you!

Hi i’m having an issue when I put some canvas inside a C-slide, the ones which are on the first item show up perfectly, but the other ones which are on the second item doesn’t show properly unless I press F12 and open the developer tools, after that, they show as they are supposed. It happens on either chrome and firefox. Code: http://pastebin.com/wR6VUeSX Image:http://www.mediafire.com/?wjfapc0w643mukt BTW Excellent work!

according to the http://omnipotent.net/jquery.sparkline/#s-docs “Hidden Sparklines” you need call the $.sparkline_display_visible(); when the item shows.

you can use code to fix:
<script type="text/javascript">
$('#c-slide').on('slid.bs.carousel', function () {

Thaaanks, it works great!

Okay, this looks insane and want it so bad… few questions…

You can post on facebook, twitter update, etc through this? Can you link like a email client like gmail?

How difficult would it to be for a intermediate coder to get this up and running? Is there a guide included at all? Thanks~!!! It’s so awesome

no facebook, twitter api integrated in currently. but this is a good idea.

check this article. http://coenraets.org/blog/2013/02/sociogram-a-sample-application-exploring-the-facebook-sdk-and-the-graph-api/


May I please request a mini calendar widget? Thank you!

ok. i will include one.

Thank you!

Hello, may I know which page is using pjax? Thanks!

there is no sample yet. but you can call like this.
<a href="a.html" data-pjax="" data-target="#container">load</a>
<div id="container" />
do not forget include the pjax.js on the page. i will include smaple page in next update.



your preview page is suspend.

Fixing, Thanks

Sorry, but it is stil suspend. :(

It’s back, check again

Boss.. your account is suspended.. Need to see your updates ASAP :):)

<-Back, Thanks :)

your work is fantastic! i’ll buy on next update :)


hello, dashboard.html is getting cut off in ie. By the way, good job.

ie8 issue, will fix in next update

Thanks for your prompt response, hope this get fixed. Regards.

Do you include landing.html in the download? thanks!

Hi there, great template. I’ve got a question about scrollbars.

I set up a div with the “scroll-y” class. It works as expected, but I’d like to be able to scroll to the location. This javascript snippet works standalone:


But when I try implementing it with the template, it has no effect. I tried changing the scroll-y class in the CSS file to have overflow: auto just for testing (I suspect the fact that there’s no scrollbar there causes JS to fail) but that didn’t do the trick either.

Any ideas?

you can use the http://rocha.la/jQuery-slimScroll i have include one. it have the scrollTo parameter to finish the job.

Thanks, that works like a charm!

In case it’ll help anyone in the future, after including the slimScroll plugin:

var comments_container = $(”#whatever .comment-list”);

comments_container.slimScroll({ scrollTo: comments_container.prop(‘scrollHeight’) });

Useful code snippet, Thanks!

Hey guys, great template, any chance of adding some additional pages to the main web app, like portfolio, about us, etc? Thanks.

yes. good idea.

Any idea when you guys will do the next update. Keen to get this for our website. Thanks.

Working hard on the update, Thanks.


the blog addition looks great, but shouldn’t it be integrated into the website rather than the admin panel?

Also, like the previous question looking forward to some more widgets & pages for the website itself.

Otherwise amazing work and I’ll definitely buy it.

Cool, thanks – can’t wait!

More – a changelog page integrated into website and/or admin panel. Example: http://sirportly.com/changelog

good idea. thanks

I was about to contact some developers to build a To-Do planner for me, after seeing this I changed my mind and I have made the purchase! I had some ideas that I might as well share you, these are kind of off the wall ideas.

Idea 01: iframe Shortcuts The idea is to be able to click a to do button which opens up a iframe enabling you to complete the task without going to an external page. For example, click a Facebook groups button and it opens up the Facebook groups page in an iframe.

Idea 02: Open desktop shortcuts I am not sure this is even possible but it would be cool to be able to press a button on the website and open up a desktop app, for example open a keyword research tool like SEO Powersuite.

1: i am not sure the Facebook js api can do these job. but it’s a good idea.

2: communication between browser and desktop need extension


hi, the chrome app is out. it looks like native app. i think this will have some solution for your idea02, also i will include a sample code for Chrome app.

Hi, do you have any docs about how to use the datagrid and the datatable? because I couldn’t make it work out of the example you made.

the table.html depends on the app.data.js, you can read the docs.html for more info.

Like it very much so I purchased it! Perhaps you could include drag-and-drop widgets and have the option of nested draggable lists with multiple levels? Finally, how is it possible to a clients side filtering of the last (3rd) list u show in your example (with the search box above it) on the listgroup page?

ok. i will include a nested draggable list plugin. you can use ajax to search data and replace the list-goup-item.


minor issue: in safari on mac some space between the graph and accordion (right) is missing on dashboard.html

vertical space? you can just put “m-b” class on the graph container.

i don’t see gallery and media player page at your latest update :( ? or you put that on add more widget ?

your top nav and invoice page awesome :)

gallery will be available in next update. Thanks

Awesome work! that’s true, but I wish in future versions to see the admin with a diferent background color… the current background with the widgets in white on it doesn’t look quite nice… My recomendation is a darker color for the background… so the widgets will look better in white or any colors. You should add more widgets, will be awesome too.

Good luck with sales, I defenitly will buy this admin in the next update.

widgets and pages support .bg-dark, .bg-info… you can build them as you want. i will add more widgets.


Unsure if I should buy this.

I will have an angularJS app – with bower and yeoman.

=> What do you think – witch JS code ‘breaks’ in an angularJS app?

=> What do I have to manage to make your beautiful design work with angularJS?

Thanks for any helpful suggestions!

=> no JS code ‘breaks’ in an angularJS app except the task and note, but i think it’s easy to transfer them(backbone) to angluarJS

=> as the angularJS mvc way.