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great theme! Really nice work!

I am looking for a class which makes list-items display from left to right. I tried “hbox” but that didnt’t work. I then found “nav” and “nav-tabs” but they add a stroke under the item-text. Is there a better way to do this using your theme ?

thanks Thomas

you can use the Bootstrap grid system.

<div class="row">
   <div class="col-3" />
   <div class="col-3" />
   <div class="col-3" />
   <div class="col-3" />


Hi again Flatfull.

There’s still an error in the mobile menu layout (post october- release) when there’s one line of content.

(Error produced in Chrome, screenshot below) http://oi39.tinypic.com/2qxrp4z.jpg

Hope you can fix this asap.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards, Dan

oh. quick fix:
@media (max-width: 767px){
   .nav-off-screen + * {right:0;}

Hi Flatfull. Your quick fix is not working here. It still cuts off the nav. Any other suggestions?

it works for me. check on real phone. Thanks

I’m building one app where other people will use. as only one app, can I use the regular license?

Yes. of cause.

Hi Flatfull

I come in back with another question.

please can you write a really documentation for this theme because I lost more time to understand color used, hover and other declation.

for example I need to change the nav -> a hover, but I cand found it.

I use this class <ul class="nav navbar-nav nav-pills navbar-right" />


Take a look at the less files. the app.colors.less, app.mixins.less(.font-variant and .color-variant mixins).



Great theme! :D Would like to know, how can i use the datatable? the following is my code, and wonder how can i embed with the search function.


Search for documentation but not found :(

Hi, check the official site here


Hello, great theme but I noticed an ugly error in the components page there is a button marked as “Modal”, in your site it runs a modal window nicely but in the files, the modal doesnt open, just shows the gray background.


okay I saw the other comments, let me see if I can use the other modal from form

Yes. remote modal need put on a server to test.


Okay I tested modals with ajax but there is something weird in the behavior of the modals, it appears a big white box in the back of the modal…


Check the “modal” on the components.html, it works fine with remote url.


Does this template have support for datagrid(s)?

It support the fuelux datagrid. check it on the table.html



Looks like this is officially the best web app theme out there, well done. One thing I’ve been struggling with though; is this theme compatible with bootstrap3 x-editable?

My bad, I had the ordering of the js & css files wrong. Yep its officially the best web app theme. all the best…

Thank you!

Hi there,

Just wondering how do I change the threshold for navbar collapse? I have quite a few menu items for the lading.html page and I want the navbar to collapse at a bigger size than it is currently doing. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

you can add the height of the .navbar-collapse{max-height:500px}.

Hi, I separated the landing.html page into different pages. E.g. Aboutus.html, contactus.html, etc. How do I make the footer sticky? E.g. Always sticking to the bottom of the pages.

you can set position fixed on the footer, like #footer{position:fixed; bottom:0;left:0;right:0}

Thanks =P

Hello, is the mail.html not support IE?


oh. I did not tested on IE11. i will check this. Thanks



Very nice theme,

Does it come with a set up script? or do you manually have to set it up, if so how complicated is that process?

hi, this file is all about html/js/css. no back-end. Thanks

Hi! What means “2 runnable applications”?

tasks and notes pages have the create/read/update/delete functions. Thanks


are you planning fonts-awesome 4.0 support? There a few changes, e.g. the beaker is a flask now, the off is power-off and so on..

Thanks from Germany Arne

hmmm. seems it change the names of the icons. i will check this. Thanks

Okay, thanks!

How can I buy your theme that you use for the sale of the product? The website that I go to once I click on view preview? I like it. Thanks!

It’s in the download file. the landing.html.


Oh cool! ....thanks man! :)

Hi, Do you have psd files with this theme? If not is it possible to include them?

No psd files, the colors is defined in the less files.


nice theme man …. awesome indeed . the psd not included am i right?

No psd files. Thank you!

Hi, do you heave PSD files ?

all right i see your discussion on the top

Can I add an image uploader button to the drag and drop widget and still have the image preview in the dotted lines?

You can show the upload button if the browser do not support the FileReader api.

if (typeof window.FileReader === 'undefined') {
  // show the button.