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The best admin template I seen. Really inspiring.

My wishlist: please create a master-detail page. Most of us are going to use this in real life applications, that use boring stuff like master-detail pages. Do not forget that the save and delete buttons must be on top or bottom but on someking of fixed toolbar! :-)

I’m buying this template. Thank you!!!

master-detail page is good idea. i will include one in future update. Thanks

A great and well designed theme, however, checkboxes are still default, with this much deisgn, i was hoping the checkboxes has custom design.

One problem I found out, Google Chrome is taking a lot of power & memory running this theme, i hope the author will test it out to see which script is taking so much power from the computer.

you can use the custom checkbox/radio, check them on the form.html

i think it’s maybe the animate.css. it use much 3d transform. you can disable them.


Oh thank you. I will test it out. btw, awesome theme, a job well done.

Hello this theme works really well on mobile. If I buy the theme, would I see the original javascript code (i.e. human readable and not minified)? I am really interested in how mobile touch is handled. Thanks a lot!

yes. the purchased file have the separate css and js files. Thanks

if I buy it now I’ll get all future updates right? btw just some suggestion, the mobile side panel can be made smoother, and a mobile layout with top search bar would be great.

yes. you can get the updates. top search bar is good idea.


I will use your theme in ASP .NET application

in that we use one form tag in the begining of the document. this is making a problem with the design where can I change to remove this integration with the form tag ???

you can do like this

body <form style=”height:100%”>...</form> /body


Thanks, It worked perfectely :)

how to change data flot-color in page analytic.html

flot demo.js ?

how to change this : for (var i = 0; i <= 11; i += 1) { d1.push([i, parseInt((Math.floor(Math.random() * (1 + 20 – 10))) + 10)]); }

into data what i want..

hi, it’s a array data. like var d1 = [[0, 3], [4, 8], [8, 5], [9, 13]]; check the online doc here

Hi Flatful.

When there’s less or no content in the content section, it cuts of the menu.

http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/9928/zerd.png Do you have any fix for this?

Regards, Dan

will fix in next update. thanks

Hello, on mobile, When I scrolled up a page and click the sidebar button, the side menu is scrolledup with the page and no menu is appeared at the vertical position. Can I make the sidebar and main content scroll separately and fixed the top bar like on pc?

you can quick fix by set .nav-off-screen + *{position:absolute;}, i will fix in next update.



Great admin theme, good work ! I see a problem with the full calendar under with Firefox and IE for the days, weeks, months picker. Work great with Google Chrome. Do you offer a update soon or let me know how repair.


Google Chrome (look perfect) http://f.cl.ly/items/3h0y0t2i16153s0P441u/google_chrome.png Firefox (problem) http://f.cl.ly/items/2V2P1x0v1M250K1r1f11/firefox.png IE (problem) http://f.cl.ly/items/3R2b3k2e3F1o2s2M3J26/Capture.PNG


can quick fix by set .panel .fc-header .fc-header-right {position: absolute;}

i will fix in next update. Thanks

how do i change the color of the dots on slider? especially the active one?


you mean the docs.html? you can set .nav-docs > ul > li.active > a{background-color:#666 !important;}


Love the setup! Super easy, and VERY functional > awesome job and congrats!

Quick question: when you begin scrolling down on a mobile device, the top nav bar scrolls up as well. How do you make the nav bar sticky or keep it stuck at the stop while you scroll?


take a look at the index.html. there is .nav-bar-fixed-top class. it will fix the navbar at the top.


Quick fix to the menu on the left—much aloha! I added the .nav-bar-fixed-top to the hidden nav bar on the right, and it looks great on a desktop; however, on a mobile device, it’s adding a large margin at the top. Any way to avoid this?

hi. i need to know which page layout you used. you can send me a msg via my profile page.


Hi Flatfull.

One of the screen does not work in IE9 & IE10 : http://flatfull.com/themes/todo/dashboard.html due to flex class you used.

Removing the flex, the content is showing but the header is overlapped.

How to fix this?


hi, the dashboard.html layout is not support IE9&IE10, i will fix in next update.



do you provide a documentation about the used css-classes/ids? E.g. class=”b-b” means obviously border-bottom. Is there somewhere a list for those commands / classes?


Hi, Take a look at the less/app.utilities.less, there are many classes you can use.


Great template! My first question:

In the menu the icons are perfectly lined and the following text as well. If i try to add icons to a sub-menu they are not aligned, how do i fix this?

<ul class="dropdown-menu"> <li> <a href="settings_basic.html"> <i class="icon-info" /> <span>Basic Information</span> </a> </li> </ul>

you can do some custom css.

.nav-primary li li a i{width:18px;display:inline-block;text-align:center}



I bought the theme and thought it was a working system. But now I see it’s only the theme haha! Could you please let me know what the best program/code is to use this theme?

Thank you!

it’s depend on your system. find a suit one for your project request.



I bought it and helpful for me but i have some question. How can i use two selection in same page ? (<select id=”select2-option” tabindex=”-1” class=”select2-offscreen” style=”width:100%”>)

Thank you

just need call the select2() function. $(”#select2-option”).select2(); more doc check http://ivaynberg.github.io/select2/

Thank you.

Hi, you doesn’t seem to respond to the emails anymore can you give an ETA on the next update. Hope some (small) issues will be fixed. Thanks!

Hi, maybe i missed some emails. a update for small bugs fix and some new features in this weekend.


Hi, how can i find the local gallery sample? Can’t seem to find it? Thanks for the great theme btw!

There is a local img item on the gallery page, you can duplicate this item. and change the grid/gallery.js to disable the flick js code.


Do you have the uncompressed version of app.v2.css?

App.css in the download doesn’t work as well with the pagination of tables.


If you use the DataTables, you need include the js/datatables/datatables.css,


I’ve just purchased the template and did an overview (recently I’ve purchased another one with faulty documentation, messy code and messy folder structure, impossible to work with it).

Todo is 5 star without a doubt. Even without docs!!

Looking at the positive comments I didn’t realize there is no documentation!! Are you working on it or is there a documentation online elsewhere?

Looking at the code and folder structure I just can say it’s perfect, ready to work with it. Documentation it’s always a plus, but in this one it’s not a need, everything is where (I think) it should be.

I’m very happy with this template.

It has the docs.html, i will include a detail documents in next udpate.

Thanks and appreciate the 5 star!

Ok the questions inside all the previous post!
  • 1. Will there be some documentation?
  • 2. Dynamic / sortable tables?
  • 3. Add more things!!
Please keep up the awesome work!

1. docs.html 2. Datatables and datagrid on table.html 3. Keep updating.