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??? ????: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET4.0C) ?????: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 19:22:49 UTC

???: ‘pageYOffset’?(?) ???? ?????. ?: 832 ??: 1312 ??: 0 URI: http://flatfull.com/themes/todo/css/app.v2.js


I tested on the ie8. i did not see the js error. BTW. the 300~400px is mobile screen size.


Hi, Nice theme. Keep up the good work How do i increase the width of the navigation?

Hi, are you available to provide customization of this theme

Hi, how do i increase the width of the search component

you can use the .input-s-lg, .input-s. and you can define your own.


How easily can this template be integrated with a wordpress theme?


This theme will be convert to a WP admin theme. not the front-end theme.


Do you provide this service to convert it to a WP admin theme or does it work out the box?

it will be a sell file. Thanks

Hi, i love your job, really…

I only have one question… did you make a modal? if you made it how i can get this modal or in which page i have an example.


Check the components.html/form.html, they have the modal. More docs here


Hello, congratulations for this template is extremely fabulous. I was wondering when you do the next update? I’m going to buy it to develop a WebApp. Thanks in advance.

Coming tomorrow.


I have bought and opened index.html file from local drive. but why so slow to load? I have to wait 10 seconds at least.

Disable the css/font.css. it load the google web font.


It got faster. Thanks for your answer.


I’ve got some questions did anybody tried to implement this code into a Buddypress? Or maybe author can tell it’s suitable for it? Or maybe I can count on some help implementing this into Buddypress if I buy this theme?

Thanks in advance

I am not sure it’s suitable for Buddypress.



I have bought the template, it’s awesome!

There is a documentation for this template? if yes, where ?

It’s here (also in the download file)


I found a small bug when compiling less file. I got this error

Running "recess:compile" (recess) task
>>    12951. @media (max-width: 767px) {
>>    12952.   {
>>    12953.     /* .off screen nav from left or right*/
Warning:  Use --force to continue.
. I fixed it by replacing ”/* .off screen nav from left or right*/” with ”// .off screen nav from left or right” in app.nav.less (line 292)

You are right. it’s helpful for others who using the command to get the css file.

I used the lessphp(less/lessc.inc.php) to generate the css files, no errors.


I LOVE this theme but the documentation is HORRIBLE. You said that in this latest update you implemented a box layout. HOW do I implement this? Come on guys you NEED to rewrite/re-think the documentation, it’s so frustration.

You can use the .layout-box <html class=”layout-box”> to build the box layout, check the button “Toggle box layout” on the mail.html. I am updating the docs. check it later.


Hey I’m so happy with this template, amazing work dude.

How can i modify menu for looks like this image menu

please, help me. Thanks

This file only support the flyout sub nav. but you can use the Bootstrap Collapse js to build the collapse sub nav.


Themeforest just emailed me an update notification, but here I don’t see any change log or new version!

You can get what changes in the change.log file.


Hello, a few hours they will buy the theme, expect in the next update an example of stiky notification and dialogs? Thank you very much.

Thank you!

Sorting a table doesn’t really work, doesn’t even on your page: http://flatfull.com/themes/todo/table.html. Is there a fix that I can make it work?

Fix flex vbox on ie, FullCalendar on FF, off screen nav on Mobile.

What are you talking about? I just want the table sorting to work. Can you fix it?

you can just replace the plugin.css.
.active > .th-sort .text {
  display: none;
.active > .th-sort .text-active {
  display: inline !important;

How to check and uncheck the checkbox from jquery?

$(‘[type=”checkbox”]’).prop(‘checked’, false/true);

It does not work, use this

<label class=”checkbox-custom”> <input type=”checkbox” id=”chkCheck” runat=”server”> Options </label>

$(’#Check01 i’).addClass(‘checked’); $(’#Check02 i’).removeClass(‘checked’);

if you use the fuel checkbox need can call this function. $(’#myCheckbox’).checkbox(‘toggle’);

docs here. http://exacttarget.github.io/fuelux/#checkbox


I won’t say anything new – theme is great! :)

But I found some odd behavior. If your left menu (nav bar) is too long – after collapse it is not displayed properly (tried adding “scrollable” class to section which holds navbar – it fixed immediate problem, but all sub menus are not displayed because of that).

In order to recreate collapse related issue: a) in buttons.html (or any other with navbar) page decrease height to <=580 (I’ve used Responsive Design Mode in Firefox) and collapse left panel - or - b) add additional 3-4 elements to left nav bar and collapse it.

Can you please advise how to resolve it ?

Thank you

Thank you for your prompt response. I had the same thought and tried it right after I wrote my message, but I had issues with it. Today I tried it again to create screenshots of issues for you. In this link (http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2igzply&s=5#.UmAn8BBA56g) you will find image with 3 snapshots of nav bar: (1) scrollable on section (after header but inc nav-avatar and nav-msg) without slim-scroll – OK but if you put it on nav-primary instead – doesn’t work properly (2) both scrolls are shown if scrollable is on section and slim-scroll on nav-primary (3) scrollable and slim-scroll on nav-primary – seems ok but two buttons (collapse and logout) seems to overlap with list itself.

I tried few other options among which putting slim-scroll on nav-primary, wrapping it in section with scrollable – works ok in desktop (except very wide “margin” on the bottom) but doesn’t work properly for mobile. If I explained myself incompletely – please let me know and I will send code snippets.

I seems to miss something but unfortunately couldn’t find anything related to the topic in the documentation. Could you please advise proper way to do it ?

Thank you

hi, you can do this way:

<section class="scrollable">
  <div class="slim-scroll" data-height="auto" data-disable-fade-out="true" data-distance="0">
    <nav class="nav-primary hidden-xs">...</nav>


Hi, I already moved past that problem (and into new ones of course), but I really appreciate your help as it is sign of good support. Anyways, the deeper I get into it – the better it seems to get. Great work and great template! Thank you :)


I have insert a div block before the nav-brand, but after I can’t display correctly only the logo.

this is the code that I have insert <div class="aside-sm"> <strong> <span class="day nephritisText" /> <span class="month nephritisText" /> </strong> <small> <span class="block text-muted time"> </span> </small> </div>

Where I wrong ? if you want I can send you a screenshot for understand better my problem. Thanks

Actually, the nav-brand is a block content and take the whole place of the header. i suggest put the content in it, not before it.

If you have more questions, you can send me a msg via my profile page.


Hello. i found a bug: put slider into .tab-pane will cause a bug in tooltip position over slider. Screenshot: http://s002.radikal.ru/i199/1310/d8/255285034435.jpg

I can not see the img. can you send me a msg via my profile page?


It’s awesome work! Thanks

But, this not have the default bootstrap glyphicons? :(

The glyphicons not included?you can get from getbootstrap.com


Hi, I am trying to make the modal work here, but I am having no success. It works on your online version, but not on the version I download. I checked the online code and there is a javascript file that doesn’t exist on the downloaded one. Why is that?

if you use the ajaxModal or any remote modal. you need put the html on a server. but you can check the form.html. the modal code is in the html.