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what is the prediction of updates notes and tasks?

hi hjcob, I am not sure for these, actually, it need take much time to implement this, create section and also need drag to reorder the task and sections. also need support the mobile, you know, to create the tasks and notes just for inspiration. hope i can implement this when i get some time.

Thanks for keep interesting in this file.

what will come in the next update?

dashboard page / Analysis page and Chrome app sample. Thanks

Is there a way to disable the generated scroll bar and default it to the normal scroll bar? There seems to be some issues with it on mobile devices.

you can remove the scrollbar css.
::-webkit-scrollbar {
  width: .5em;
::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {
  background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.3);
  border-radius: 1em;
::-webkit-scrollbar-track {
  background-color: none;


Hi, thanks for your beautiful work! I have problems with:

- list-group with example a bg-primary background. Now it turns white and light grey. Why not style it with just lter / dker? Or how can I make this.

- header height: How can I re-size that? Or is there a ‘class’ for making it: take the height you need?

Thanks for any helpful suggestions!

- .list-group actually does not have the background color, the .list-group-item has. you can apply the .bg-xxx to them.

- header height default is 50px, it’s default Bootstrap navbar height. you can change the app.nav.less file to change the height.


Seriously, how much do i have to pay to have this all to myself, take it down and you just give me updates. I like it that much.

hi, you can get the updates as other buyers. :) Thanks!

a little help. I have added all the js and css files that should be on this page but i cant get Easy Pie Chart to work?


Any help would be great.

hi, you need include the app.plugin.js

great, a lot of little things hidding in app.plugin.js ?

some plugins need this js. Thanks


Is there any horizontal menu? I really like this template but I’d like to use it a bit different.


you can use the bootstrap navbar for horizontal menu, check this page http://heyflat.com/themes/todo/dashboard.html.


Quick trick to lock nav bar on mobile so it does not scroll with page

hi, i will include a nav-bar-fixed-top class in next update, it will be available soon. Thanks.


You saved my project! Automatically you saved my life!

This theme inspired me and helped me use Ember.js because the examples in Backbone.

Much thank you! :):):):):):):):):)

hi, Thanks for the warm words, The Ember.js is good choice, i am learning the ember too, good start! :)

When I finish, I’ll show you my app. :)

Thanks, Neilor.

Hi Flatfull,

I start my dev starts this weekend. May I ask when the next update is? Not that you are not updating fast enough or anything, just that I love your updates and want to make sure I do not miss anything in this important stage.

Thank you.

hi, i will upload the updates in this weekend. Thanks

Fantastic, I will tell them to hold off until Monday so we can use new update. :)

Can you please also look into 2 small bugs?

1. we are building this as a mobile webapp, on the default browser for Safari (iphone and ipad), when you click the top of the screen all websites scroll to the top, it is a default gesture in iOS, but doesn’t work on Safari. Works on other browsers on iOS though.

2. I seem to be having an issue with iOS 7 iphone only, changing the size of the header and stretching it when data tables or accordion is displayed. Very strange. I cant recreate this on your demo site as the pages with those features do not use the same header. I am using the header from the index.html page on all pages.

Thank you.

Any docs to use WYSIWYG???? Couldn’t find them.

Thanks. That was quick. :) This is one thing that I love about you. Great design + Great support = BEST! :)

Thank you!

Hi, This is a wonderfully made template. Kudos to you.

I have briefly gone through the file, therefore pardon my ignorance. I could not locate the file to switch the between the eight different color palettes. However, I could locate the ”/todo/less/app.variables.less” file where the color variables are located and can be changed. I was wondering if the was another set of parameters or color values to set the 8 different palettes.

Thanks for your help.

you can config the app.variables.less and app.colors.less to change the color, then use the less.php to generate the less file to css file.


Hi, Thank you. I misunderstood the 8 – color palette to 8 different themes.

I will look into these color variables as suggested.


Is it possible to add an image logo instead of text in the nav brand?

I tried that, but it resizes the entire top bar and it looks pretty bad to be honest

i will include a sample how to use the img logo. thanks.

hi, the img logo sample in dashboard-2.html.

hey could you help me make some product gallery with thumbnails like e-commerce ? image on top and little description on footer.. i used blog template and it’s hard to use :)

Thanks for your help

Hi, seems there’s a bug on current less files. The “hbox” class doesn’t have “table-layout: fixed;” that has current preview online version. There’s one txt showing me that I’m using the latest version “1.0.3”. What’s wrong? Thanks. Superb theme.

yes. need the “table-layout: fixed;” to make the aside have the same default width, it will back in next update. thanks.

Is there a visual input character counter for the wysiwyg editor?


Hi, the plugin does not have this function. but you can use custom js to caculate. like this.

$("#editor").on('keyup', function(){


I am looking for customization. Please sent me message if you are available for this project.

Hi, Currently busy on updates, Thanks.

Nice to see your quick reply even after 600+ sale…I have purchased it and will go through it this weekend …but can I expect your availability after updates ?( I suppose its coming on this weekend as per your reply on above topic).. :-)

Flatfull – whatever you put out… People will buy… Genius… This more of a platform for development for $20? Thank You

Thanks for the warm words. yes, only $20. hope the buyer like it!

Hi all, I have a website with more 15 item in menuleft. But layout drop. How fix it Thanks

Thank you !! I love this theme.

Hi Flatfull, I used slimroll. and now i need submenu with menuleft. When i add submenu, it cannot show. How to fix it.

And when use slimroll, cannot render calendar in file dashboard-1

Hello , i’m just use gallery local image with your answer in comment , and that could not solve the problem with local image ? could you send me one gallery page for gallery local image ?

fixed but width to large , i will ask if i need again :)

Thanks again

could you sent me local image gallery page ?

next update will include this. coming soon. Thanks


Awesome theme, exactly what I needed.

Pjax doesn’t seem to be working: http://heyflat.com/themes/todo/dashboard.html

Thanks again!

Hi, thanks for the bug report. actually it works in the download, it’s my server problem. fixed.