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Why does not support Chinese?

Which part it does not support Chinese? it does not display the Chinese correctly?


This theme is good, themeforest does not support Chinese


what is this chrome app sample code?

it’s packaged app, deliver an experience as capable as a native app, but as safe as a web page. Just like web apps.

check it here

can i expect your availability for customization as you have release the update….

hi, send me an email via my profile page. Thank you.

great improvements. i have one issue the menu on iphone scrolls with page. So if you scroll to the page and then open the menu you get a blank menu unless you scroll inside the menu. As always a great improvment and sure you will fix this as quick as you have adressed everey other build.

Great Job!

hi, .nav-off-screen{position:fixed} can fix this.


I love this! Would you ever consider developing a WordPress theme using the styling from your todo theme? I would happily pay you as a free lancer if you’d be willing to take on such a project.

Thanks for the suggestion, some users want the wp admin theme of this template style, i have set up a plan to build this.


Hi, finally I have this beautifull theme..

how to add drag and drop in task app..

did you add the ’.form-control’ class on the input? it always have the 100% width. check any class effect this with firebug.


thanks, I can fix it.. how to make page offset..because using aside in the left make center aside smaller..

You can use a position fixed div to overlay on the page.

Hi, this is such an awesome plugin but I was wondering if there was any kind of inline editable text function a bit like the bootstrap editable plugin?

It’s probably in the dashboard but I think I must be missing it.

There is no inline editable text plugin included. the x-editable is too big. you can try this snippet code


which page has the pjax sample code? I don’t see a local gallery page as the do states?

do = doc


the pjax here, you can check the local img sample in the gallery.html page.


Another update! Again! I just finished updating to the last one. You’re amazing.

Thanks for all the cool new features and fixes!

Thank you!

Hi Flatfull, I used slimroll with menuleft (because it has more 15 item). But 2 problem: + Cannot show submenu in menuleft + Cannot render calendar at dashboard-1

please help me

you need the Bootstrap collapse components for your request. not the dropdown submenu. check the docs here


And cannot render calendar at dashboard-1 ???

when use slimscroll the calendar does not show on dashboard-1? the slimscroll have no conflict with calendar, maybe not use it correctly. check your code and html structure. Thanks

could aside get scroll ?

something like facebook aside recent activity and online friends , and get scroll

you can add the

<section class="vbox">
    <section class="scrollable">
        your content
    </section >

into the aside

thanks :) i’ll try it

Hey, I fell in love with this design, really aswesome job!! But I have a big problem I can’t seem to solve, I’ve tried to figure this one out for hours but no luck, so I hope you can help me out:

I’m trying to combine the header and left menu from dashboard page (http://heyflat.com/themes/todo/dashboard.html) with the page layout from profile page (http://heyflat.com/themes/todo/profile.html). One thing to consider is that the layout must work even with the header without left sidebar (when the user is not logged in there’s only header nav). Is this possible? Or should I reconsider the design idea?

hi, you can delete the <aside> or <header> directly. no side effect. use the .vbox and .hbox to build the layout as you want. you can check the http://heyflat.com/themes/todo/dashboard-2.html


Any possibility of adding the following? 1) table example with big number of rows and ajax data fetching for speedy performance? 2) todo list widget? I really like the one from Flat admin theme (http://www.eakroko.de/flat/index.html) with the drag and drop, select/deselect, and prioritizing (moving it to the top)

Hope so!

PS: minor bug in the display of the pagenation of data grid in safari on mac

1) the datatable allow ajax and big data. 2) you can use the http://heyflat.com/themes/todo/list.html to build this.



Your dashboard.html page does not work on IE 10. Can you fix it?

thx ;)

i will check this


Hi, great theme.

But modals don’t close up programmatically via:

$(”#modal”).modal(‘toggle’) or $(”#modal”).modal(‘hide’)

It works for me. make sure you got the correct #id of the modal. and use the firebug or chrome console to debug. Thanks

Also, there’s a problem with bootstrap-datepicker. For me, it’s not positioning at top correctly. Same issue as there: https://github.com/eternicode/bootstrap-datepicker/pull/204

you can update the datepicker from the author site. Thanks

could you add inline edit table , and add some infinity scrolling page

Thanks :)

you can use the x-editable.


HI, We need the PSD source, how can we get it

Hi, this file do not have the PSD. Thanks

There’s a bug when #content is short than #nav. On smartphones #nav gets cutted. Can you check this? Maybe use CSS flexbox for this? Thanks!

no, i mean remove the position:relative, and set the .nav-off-screen + *{position:absolute;width:100%}

I can’t get your point, I think I’ll wait for the update :P. Please take a look at this hbox, vbox implementation in CSS3 FlexBox: https://code.google.com/p/chromabrush/source/browse/frontend/css/hbox.vbox.css?r=ef9268b7a91ce96d11ab3b22ce86e7f7b97f7bb0

i will fix in next update. the flex box is a good idea. but it does not support ie9/ie8. Thanks.


When I go to a new page when viewing in full screen mode, it leaves full screen. Besides AJAX is there any way to keep it in full screen mode when going to a new page?

It will back to normal if refresh/open a page. you can try the Chrome app.


Do this template support widget of dialog, I can’t find the solution of it? I must to use this widget on my template.


there are chat/comment widgets in the widgets.html.