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Thanks for making a excellent them! Is there an example of a top-fixed-horizontal menu that is mobile friendly?


Check the index.html page, it has .nav-bar-fixed-top class.


I was wondering the same thing – may make sense to offer a dashboard layout with a horizontal top nav in your next release. Was about to go with someone else’s template instead because I didn’t see it in this one.

check the dashboard-2.html, Thanks.

There’s a bug on http://heyflat.com/themes/todo/mail.html Labels are showed without overflowed hidden. If I add “scrollable” class doesn’t solve the problem also… please help.

Ok, just add “scrollable” class to section.w-f and remove ”> section” without classes. Should work then.

Theres a bug with the left sidebar. Check this: http://gyazo.com/cb4cd8ab14d7711f589369068e216fb7.png

How can we fix that? This bug is happening on the preview link you have and the download copy of the template.

Awesome work though, love it!

Flatfull, the bug exists in Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Flatfull, also, the font is different on the download vs the preview/demo. Its not the same font. Its bigger on the downloaded copy.

The downloaded is same as the preview one. maybe it’s the Google web font does not loaded on your local.

Clearly it’s high quality, but the documentation is awful!

Most docs are Bootstrap documents. and plugins you can check on the author site. Thanks

Hi can you please make the sortable list also touch enabled? for touch devices. Thanks.

you can switch to jquery sortable function. check the portlet.html Thanks

ok will try. Do you know why your preview the dragable does work with touch device and when I upload all the files (without any change) on my server it doesn’t work?

Also the status toggle (V en X) on the table.html doesn’t work anymore also on your preview. (I believe you could switch them when clicking?)

hi can you explain about how it works or Configuration this templet any video or link plz

This is a html/js template, Thanks.

Hello again, Once again I face another layout problem: When the content of the inner section is big enough, the footer jumps and sticks to the middle of the page! And you seem to have the same issue in your example page (dashboard-2): http://i44.tinypic.com/xpsaa0.png Any suggestions on how to fix this?

A better documentation on what your section classes such as “w-f, scrollable, stretch, flex, wrapper etc” exactly do would also help. But my main issue is I want a fixed header on top and a footer that is on the bottom of the page (not necessarily sticky, just at the bottom of the page after all the content.) Please help!

hi, wrap your content in a .vbox
<section class="hbox stretch">
      <section class="vbox">
            <section class="scrollable">
                  you long content

i will include a detail document in next update.


that works almost but not the desired outcome for me, it makes the footer sticky and the content scrollable, i want the footer to be after the content, not in an absolute position… so the best workaround I could come up with was to disable ” .vbox > section, .vbox > footer” class in the css (line 553), that solved the problem but I’m not sure if this will have a bad effect on the rest…

you can put your footer content in the ‘scrollable’ so it will scroll with the content.


is their a way to change the border colore of a container? they are all wht and i need them to be darker?


you mean the ’.panel’? you can use the ’.no-borders’ to remove the border. also you can check @panel-border:@border-color in the less/app.variables.less file.


Hello there!

I am customizing this template and I have discovered a problem. When I click on the mail item (mail.html) that says “click me” using an iPad, it does not work properly.

Could you take a look at it and suggest a way to fix the problem ?

Thanks in advance.

hi, it works on iPad mini. click it when the page loaded completely. Thanks

1] Do you know why your preview the dragable does work with touch device and when I upload all the files (without any change) on my server it doesn’t work?

2] Also the status toggle (V en X) on the table.html doesn’t work anymore also on your preview. (I believe you could switch them when clicking?)


hi, 1] the touchable portlet need the js/jquery.ui.touch-punch.min.js, make sure you have uploaded and included in the page.

2] the static table sorting will fix in next update.


hi, 1] I didn’t change any files just upload all the files without any modification. Check private message for my site.

2] Thank you!

sent you an email

Great Work! We are struggling in ONE areas- spent a lot of time: in multi step forms we just can not have textbox.. If we put the textbox then it doesnt appear on the browser

http://heyflat.com/themes/todo/form.html Form Wizard Tab

Please help :)

That didn’t work for us. It was now double checked. Can you please give us better solution on this matter?

Flatfull – even after trying again and ensuring all weaps… this is not happening… any bugs out there for you and others.. This is the Form Wizard Tab of yours.

you can send me a msg via my profile contact form. i will send you a sample page. thanks

Your theme is really great! Already some nice additions! I hope you’ll keep improving it!

I’ve found some issues 1) The ‘responsive table’ will have problems displaying if there are more than 5 columns, especially at mobile. So it’s not really a responsive table. Can you build some more advanced responsive tables with scrollbars? Something like this: http://www.keenthemes.com/preview/metronic_admin/table_responsive.html Maybe you also can add some ‘editable’ and ‘managed’ tables?

2) In your examples you only show toolbars inside the panels. Can you add one or more examples of horizontal toolbars not inside panel, but above them for example?

Hi, Thanks for the comments

1) it’s Bootstrap responsive table http://getbootstrap.com/css/#tables-responsive, no js plugin used, you can test it on real phone.

2) you can use the btn-groups to build the toolbars.


how can I hide the side nav to only be visible (slide from the left) on small screens when the nav icon is clicked.

never mind, I fixed it.

hallo could you add page like this ? http://semantic-ui.com/modules/dimmer.html

hi, i only create the common widgets/pages. you can change the paddings in the js/nestable/nestable.css.


okay it works :) awseome thanks

by the way could you add some dimmer page or some thing like tour page ? i’don’t know how to add it :(

Good idea. i will include one in the future update. Thanks.

@Flatfull – we are considering this for an enterprise application. Will you take on consulting or customization work? If so, what is your hourly rate.



hello, you can contact me via my profile contact form. Thank you!

Great theme! Any updates comming up?

Next week. Thanks.

Same question here… Are you entertaining a WordPress version, or are you available for enterprise work…

i am working on a WP version. Thanks.

maybe you could add jquery ui form next updates :)

hello i wanna ask again , is there any simple way to center text in table

is that possible to make button toggle more than 2 options ?

hi, you can try

<td class="text-center" />
and check the bootstrap button groups. it allow multi btns. Thanks

I bought this template and think it is awesome.

But where can I find the documentation? You made a lot of sample html files but it is hard to look at and understand what I actually need. Since documentation is checked as well documented. I want that well documented documentation.

Please let me know what I can use for the better understanding of the template.

hi. take a look at the .less files and docs.html. and Bootstrap official site. Thanks.