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I have inputed my license code and as soon as I have, it just sends me to a black screen and doesn’t do anything. It sticks on this link:

This is on a new wordpress install. Updated to WP 4.6.

Hey There,

Please join our member area here and open a new topic in our support forum so one of our staff can help you out with this. Thank you!

cant activate “the grid” plugin to update it

Hey There,

As The Grid is one our bundled plugins we handle the update process ourselves. We update extensions that we include with X, as new releases come out normally within a few days, there are some exceptions to this which you can see here:

Additionally if a plugin has vastly changed, we’ll have to further evaluate the plugin and release an update in due course.


Adorelia Purchased

hi; we have still older version 4.3.4 Integrity dark installed, and wishing to update it to new version. However i must be sure that it doesnt mess up the actual site. Mainly i want to ask about the pages’ background images (slideshow) feature: is it still present in the new version? (i searched and somewhere i read that you gave up on that, so than i can’t update surely) Also: does the new version finally has an easy system for making lightbox picture galleries (and especially: to edit them easily afterwards) – this was always your weak spot imo ;) Thanks a lot!

Hi there,

We haven’t removed any page background features. Since 4.3.4, there are no major changes on the theme site to be concerned about. Our core lightbox functionality hasn’t changed, but take a look at our Extensions. There are many options for creating collections of images like Envira gallery, Essential Grid, and The Grid.


tent4kl Purchased

Hello, I cannot seem to change the menu items. I can’t get rid of the “News” nor can I change the archive layout on my site. site =

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You would customize the menu in your WordPress dashboard. If you need anything else by way of support a member of our development team would be happy to assist in our forums, and you can register here for access if you haven’t already.



roostar Purchased

Yesterday I bought a license of your theme because I am planning do a worldpress network of blogs..example etc. all these users are under the same main domain. My question is how would work your licence for this template. should I buy a license for each user? this is a network and maybe would be a thousands of them. Thank you for your help.

Hi There,

If those are unique users using the theme to create their own blog/site then you would simply purchase a unique license for each sub user.

Let us know if you need anything further!

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creatives Purchased

i have one issue and that is with parallax option, when i use cornerstone editor the image will not be showing as parallax on firefox and chrome but it will show correct on IE and i test it on Mac computer and it was showing correct when i use firefox and safari but it is not working on PC if you are using firefox or google chrome any help or suggestion how to fix that.

Hey there,

Thanks for writing in! Just to let you know, we provide all of our official support via the forum in our member area. If you have not done so yet, please register for access and direct your question to the forum where one of our staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about signing up!


RandeWoo Purchased

Hi Themeco Guys! You are still providing old obsolete x-documentation.pdf within your X theme package. For example – X SHORTCODES – not available any more.


Thanks for writing in! Yes, we now recommend that all users go to our online Knowledge Base ( for all up to date information. We will certainly look into the included .pdf and see that we get it updated in a future release.


Hi X Theme Folks,

I love the theme and have purchased numerous licenses for my own, and for clients’ websites…and I will continue to do so!

I do have one significant issue with the theme:

For the first time, a client has requested search functionality for the site, and after searching through dozens of message boards, I discovered that there is NO search results template, despite other customers’ requests and frustration.

To require .php and CSS customization just to have a decent-looking search results page that isn’t entirely based on the index.php template…what a hassle. The JOY of X Theme is its simplicity of use.

I strongly recommend incorporating a search results template in a future upgrade. I would like to be able to add the words, “Search Results” and a horizontal rule above the output. I would love to change the font and line spacing and text size without spending hours figuring out which CSS tag controls what.


Thanks, Erik

Hello Erik,

Thanks for writing in, for your continued support of our products, and for your suggestion! We will certainly take this into account and see what might be possible in a future update, but cannot make any guarantees on specific features as we have a very busy product roadmap coming up with huge overhauls to many areas of the theme (i.e. headers, elements, et cetera). While X is certainly built to be a flexible, all-purpose tool, this does not necessarily mean that we are able to anticipate every specific need for every specific project. Part of the balance of building a theme like X is making it flexible enough for people to mold into their projects, while also not making too many assumptions that make it difficult to work with or are far too granular so that only a select few get use out of it. As is the case with most WordPress themes, it is very likely that some customization will always be necessary in any project to ensure your true vision comes to life. That being said, as we continue to move forward in our overhauls to various aspects of X, we will certainly have this on our list of things to investigate and see what we might be able to improve upon.



agent8 Purchased

Just did update, there is a scroll bar between the side menu and the rev slider, any idea how to disable or delete this function

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Thanks for writing in! Just to let you know, we provide all of our official support via the forum in our member area. If you have not done so yet, please register for access and direct your question to the forum where one of our staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about signing up!

I need to hire you to do the install. Do you offer this service? If not, can you recommend someone here that is reputable? Will pay extra to have installed quickly. Thanks!

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Hi There,

Feel free to contact us directly, and we can provide a couple of options.


Hi. I just purchased this theme because of the amazing ratings but I am very confused with the themes and customization. I feel as though I made a mistake in making my purchase. I downloaded the integrity 1 demo (after following several tutorials) and my website looks nothing like the demo. I want my navbar to look exactly like the demo – white, logo on the left, menu aligned to the right, all on one line and no separators. Instead I have 2 lines-logo on top and menu underneath, the navbar is black and aligned to the left and each menu item has a separator (line). Please help me make it look like the demo. Thanks!

If you install the Church Expanded Demo it will look 100% the same as the demo so if something is wrong with your particular install a member of our development team would be happy to take a look in our forum. This thread explains how to post/use the forum.


I reset my site and it worked. Thanks anyway!

Most welcome!

I have a query. Can i purchase this theme and use only the plugins like Revolution Slider and other popular plugins bundled in my custom wordpress project?

Hi There,

I’m not quite following the question. Are you asking if you can ONLY use our Extensions with X? If so, absolutely not those are simply over two dozen additional tools we make available to customers with each X license purchase. You are more then welcome to extend the functionality of your site with other tools as needed. Let us know if you need anything further, my friend.



myuption Purchased

Convertplug is fully functional with X theme?

I only see Modal Popup and Info Bar, and it is supposed to also have fullscreen, infobar bottom, slide right, slide left, sticky right, sticky left.

Also, I was able to install the MyMail addon, but now I can’t update it, where can I download it?


Hi There,

If you have any support requests, a member of our development team will be happy to take a look in our support forums. You can register or if you have already created a Themeco account, login.


Hi, I’m a total wordpress beginner and am considering the X theme for my first wordpress website, a personal blog. Would X be the right choice for this? Additionally, are there any demos where X has been used to set up a blog? I would appreciate if you could direct me to such demo(s) so I can see what a blog could look like with X.


Hi There,

Please check out this FAQ for an answer to your first question.

Our demos are primarily showing the actual site demos, however each of the 1 demos include blogs to show what various blogs can look like within each Stack.

Let us know if you need anything further!






Hey There,

You can add header images to any page or post, either with the featured image functionality, or with the image element in Cornerstone.

You can disable page titles per page, but breadcrumbs are global, i.e, either on or off, with no per page control. Though that’s a great idea and we’ve added it as a feature request.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Hello, I purchased the regular license… so that I could get the framework for this template:

However, when the template was installed, it is missing the upper splash area (where the video is) and it is missing the four colored banners that slide up from the bottom (Integrity-red, Renew-steel/blue, Icon-green, Ethos-brown/charcoal).

The whole reason I purchased this template, was because I liked the header/splash area with those four color slide up things.

How can I get this theme installed? I do NOT need the images whatsoever, all I want is the wireframe template, which is what I thought I was paying for. It just doesn’t make sense to me that the exact theme I purchased, doesn’t install as advertised. Please advise… Thank you.

Hi There,

That is a slider and to activate that part, you would need to follow the tutorial outlined here on our Knowledge Base.

If you need anything further, a member of our team would be happy to assist in our support forums.


Thank you. But how do I install the video background splash? I don’t want the surfing video, I just want the template set up that way so that I can input my own video. I just wish your themes installed exactly the way you show them. I am asking myself “why do they display/advertise a theme that you cannot install?” Wouldn’t that make sense? Otherwise it seems like a bait and switch. Kinda like saying: “Here, buy this awesome template, but we’ll hide the fact that it can’t be installed the way we display it.” Just seems disingenuous.

Please go through that tutorial as it explains how to do exactly what you are asking. It does not walk you through how to setup our video, it shows you how to utilize that feature.

Can the same license be applied to subdomains?...that is, differnet installs but all under the very same donain pretending to be one site. The purpose of which was/is to avoid plugin conflicts. .thx

Hey There,

You can only validate one installation per license as that’s what the license is enabling you to.

hi, hru

i m using the theme x , i do find it beautiful. i am using ethos 1.

can u plz tell me method to put the picture on site icon.

Site Icon The Site Icon is used as a browser and app icon for your site. Icons must be square, and at least 512 pixels wide and tall.

Hey There,

You can add a site icon via the wp-admin > Appearance > Customizer > Site Icons.