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Hi, I have a client with Version 2 of X, and version 1 of Renew child theme. What do you recommend as a path to get these up to date? Is it necessary to update them? I’m having some trouble with woo commerce cart page template and I’m not sure if updating will fix that. Thanks! I have not used your theme yet, so I’m not familiar with how to use it best. Evelyn

Hey There,

Since you are running an older version of X the best step forward would be to make a local copy of your site and try to update there to see if anything breaks and make sure everything works as intended. You do not need to touch the child theme only the parent theme. Updating is recommended if you want to use the latest features we are offering but other than that as long as your WordPress core installation is running on the latest version and have no need for any of the new functions you could stick with your version. Since you’ve mentioned WooCommerce it would make sense to update to the most recent version as WooCommerce sometimes changes template structures and those are only addressed with the most recent versions of X.

Thank you! This is a very simple site, and we were able to fix the woo issues with css.. so if there are no security issues with the older version, I think we can stay with it for awhile at least..

Glad to hear you were able to get things working with a bit of customization!


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Hi! Here you have submenu z-index problem:

Hi there,

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll look into correcting this.


Presale questions:

1. Does it feature fullpage rows for use in single-page site?

2. Can a static fixed background be set for all pages, and load new pages and/or fullpage rows into view while keeping the background.

3. Does it a feature a floating menu style? (separated from top and sides of viewport).

4. Can all elements be animated, especially in onepage designs where animaton effects are further down the page? (load onShow).

5. Is it compatible with Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer?

6. Does it strictly follow WP guidelines? (Max compatibility with plugins etc).

6. What is your average support turnaround time? Will I be stuck for days/ a week when encountering issues?

Hey There,

1: Yes, you can use full page rows and then increase the padding if you want it to be a complete section that takes up the whole page.

2: You can set backgrounds for different pages, but when you load a new page, it won’t keep the old background, as it’s loading the new page with the new background.

3: You can set a fixed menu, or a non-fixed menu, including, top, fixed left and fixed right.

4: Any element in Cornerstone can be set as animated, where it fades in, fades out, fly’s in etc. This allows you to have it fade in as you scroll down the page with variable speed.

5: The theme should work fine with Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer, but we also include Cornerstone which is our own page builder, or you can still use Visual Composer.

6: We have a dedicated support team that works to answer all support queries as quickly as possible.


One question, does the theme allow me to use both Visual Composer and SiteOrigin?


Hi Ken,

Thanks for writing in. We can confirm X works nicely with Visual Composer, and we include a copy of it for free alongside Cornerstone our own page builder. We’ve not tested with SiteOrigin, but in our experience X works great with any plugin coded to WordPress best practices.

How do I make the social media icons bigger? Link:

They seem wayyy to small by default. Thanks!!

Hi there,

This is something our support team can help out with. Feel free to open a new thread including a link to your site and one of our developers can advise a solution for you.