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Can I remove the ugly, colored, fat “borders” that I see in the demo that appear after clicking a menu / button etc? I really do not like them ;-)

I am talking about these ones:

Hi there,

Yes, this can be removed. The reason that is showing is due to inconsistencies with how browsers show “focus” styling on elements. The next major version of X will include measures to make this consistent regardless of browser, but until then it can be addressed with a little custom CSS, and our support team could help you get it worked out.

Thanks for your answer. I want to make a multi-language site and I read that your theme has issues with this while using Cornerstone. Is this still the case or are you supporting it nowadays? If not, can you give an estimate date when it will be available? I have to buy another theme if it won’t be anytime soon.

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in, WPML works great with Cornerstone and X and they have an in-depth tutorial here: – Hope that helps!

Hi there, on spa Aqua can people book reservation by time, hour etc? If so does it update the calender? Can they also make payment once booked, via paypal etc?

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in. Our spa demo is a completed design for a spa site, but you would need to include your own plugin to manage booking and reservations.


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Hello! I would like to know how to place the background image, which will be the bg for all pages. The image I place is defaulting at the center of the image, which of course, isn’t correct and cuts off the top completely. I need the style to be force the image to the top of the page. Thank you in advance!

Hey There,

Please join our member area here and open a new topic in our support forum. One of our support staff will help you out as soon as possible and provide you with a solution to this.


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Just saw you are planning for v5 of the theme, when are you planning to launch it?

In ethos there are 3 demos, are you planning to add more?

Hi There,

More demos will be added over time, and we do not have a public launch date at this time for the update, but we’ll definitely let everyone know when it is ready to go.


Broken Version 55.0.2883.87 m

:) It is resizing properly on our end at all sizes so it may be something with your particular view port. We also haven’t had any other reports and if things are broken/not working we typically hear about them from multiple people.

In any event, many thanks for looking out for us!

I will say you didnt try very hard to replicate. Do it at the resolution I stated …happens in IE and Chrome …I am done

We did, and we couldn’t replicate it.

PRESALE QUESTION Hi, i think about relaunch my whole website (incl. shop) with your theme.

Question: Can i produce this layout with your themes cababilities or do i need to write html/css to get that done?


Kind regards Marèn

Hi there,

Sure! A similar layout could be possible with X. While anything is possible with the right customizations, the best way to see what is possible out of the box in X would be to check out our features: and demos:

It says your theme is on sale for $59 from the original $61 price. Only 2 dollars?

The original price was $64 and this is the tale end of a longer term promotion.

Hi guys, I need to update the VC and Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugins, please can you send me a link to download? thanks.

Hi there.

Thanks for writing in. Some plugins we don’t release the latest versions for until we’re certain they are fully compatible with X. You can see which versions are available here:

When X is validated, you should get automatic update notifications for any of your installed plugins that we have updates available for.

A few pre-sales questions

1) Is there import demo setup for Ethos homepage style 1?

2) With Ethos and Buddy Press and BBPress, can the homepage be setup e.g. a) Recent blog posts block b) then 2 columns 2/3 with a block for member activity Buddypress, 1/3 with a block for latest BBPress forum posts c) other blocks containing site content. – - Most important is the ability to display blocks of content from buddypress and bbpress on the home page to provide users with imediate content from the community.

3) Same for sidebar – is the ethos option optimized to easily integrate Buddypress and bbpress content?

4) Is it easy to modify colours, fonts etc for Ethos?

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in. X includes the ability to import any of our demos, including Ethos 1. However, the Ethos 1 home page is a blog layout and doesn’t include an editable content area similar to the other home pages, so there wouldn’t be a way to feature your BuddyPress or bbPress content without some customization.

As for the sidebar, this is setup as a standard WordPress sidebar in all stacks, so you could add whatever widgets you need there, or place a shortcode in a text widget.

It’s pretty straightforward to modify both colors and fonts from the global theme options.

Which of the theme layouts do you think would work for what I am looking to do then – things that are part of the theme and will not require much or no customization?

One that allows for a custom right or left sidebar (maybe both) and the relocation of homepage blocks – blocks that can auto load things like members, latest activity, latest forum posts etc (from buddypress or bbpress that is)

Hey There,

Since all demos come with our theme your best bet would be to try different ones and play around. You can switch demos with a push of a button and then after checking them out decide for one.

Hi, I want to use this theme in Spanish. Is it possible without much trouble? Is it responsive? Does it offer custom CSS option? What about parallax option? Thank you.

Hey There,

Our theme is fully translation ready so you can translate it to any language. It’s also fully responsive, has custom css options and the sliders and sections support parallax. Hope that helps!

Hi X team,

While now landing pages or lead-pages become the most popular tool for digital marketing.

1. Is X Theme possible to create many unique landing pages or lead pages? do you have any great example of landing pages created by X Theme?

2. I have seen that the blog thumbnail of blog layout is big. Do you plan to add a blog layout with small image on the left and title of the post on the right? like this:

Thank you, Sovann

Hi Sovann,

1. Yes, many of our customers create all sorts of landing pages using X. You can see just a sample of various X-powered sites here. Our upcoming new builders will allow for even greater options within landing page creation as we are re-building the architecture for this process, starting first with headers and footers but then going to the rest of our Elements.

2. Generally, that is a by-product of responsive websites. You’ll notice that if you tweak the size of your site in the Customizer it will change how images look. Adding things like a sidebar and other aspects will also change this. If you are looking for specific blog image sizes, Ethos would be the Stack to use as there are built-in sizes for featured images, and you can see some examples of what they look like in our main Ethos demo.



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I’ve been having problems with the loading time of my website. Whenever I type in my website, it takes a solid 10-20 seconds before my website loads fully and I’ve tried everything from reducing image sizes and compressing images with different plugins.

If you have helped someone solve this problem before, I would appreciate being linked to such solution. Thank you in advance! My website is if that helps.

Hi There,

That is typically a sign of something wrong with your host. I would suggest contacting them first, however we have put together this article from our Knowledge Base about some of the many user side performance tweaks you can do to optimize your site for speed. Just keep in mind if the problem is ultimately with your host optimizing will only get you so far.

If you need anything by way of the theme itself, a member of our team will be happy to assist in our support forums.


I have a quick question about the Church demo. Is it possible to make the menu area sticky to the top and add in the shop like in the main demos, or is the church demo restrictive to only what is only on the demo page?

Hey There,

Extending and tweaking theme options can be done with any of our demos. This is no problem at all. All the best!

great theme

Thank you for the kind words! :)