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Hello Is this the theme of RTL languages are supported?

Hey There,

Yes RTL is fully supported. All the best!

Hi I was wondering if the slider revolution included is premium or not

Hey there,

Thanks for writing in! The version of the plugin included is the full version and you can use all features of the tool itself. Do note that the author has some features behind validation, such as slider demos, so if you want those, you will need to purchase a license of the slider to unlock them. This is not something we control as it is up to the plugin author, but as mentioned the tool itself is fully functioning.



krissy28 Purchased

hi! i have purchased an x theme and it is asking for a visual bakery update.. where can i get license to update plugin? thanks!


krissy28 Purchased

another question, what could be possible reason why there is an error “you must enable cookies in your browser” and then when this is fixed, the password reset function link is not working – could be a theme or plugin issue?

Hey There,

Please join our member area here and open a new topic on our support forum so one of our support staff can help you out with this. Thank you!


larrydude Purchased

Hello. I just installed this great theme. I saw that there were currently 3 updates available for plugins however all of them deny the update as say that I am not available. I figured that I need to enter my purchase code however the code does not work for any of them. Please help. Thanks much!

An error occurred while updating WPBakery Visual Composer: Update package not available. An error occurred while updating LayerSlider WP: Update package not available. An error occurred while updating Advanced Custom Fields PRO: Update package not available.

Hey There,

You only need to validate our X theme in order to receive updates for all other plugins. We distribute and support all 3rd party plugins coming with X. As long as your X installation is validated you will receive automatic updates through us and there is no need to validate the plugins individually.

Hello, i have a Problem with the Theme. I client from me bought this theme and we were adding pages in two languages (default german and secondary english). We have WPML installed. The default language (German) is showing all the content, but the secondary loads the page but the content is empty. I have changed the theme of the site to the wordpress twenty sixteen theme and the content is showing correctly.

That is a Problem with the Theme. What can we do for that?

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in, X and Cornerstone has direct integration and compatibility with WPML. And this should be working perfectly. It’s possible there’s a settings issue or another plugin preventing this from working correctly. Can you open a support ticket in our forums please and one of our support staff will be right along to assist.


Ok Thank you

You’re welcome!


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Hello – what’s the best way to exclude a specific category from displaying on blog page? I’m comfortable editing archive templates if needed, but thought it best to see if you had a recommendation here. Thanks – great theme.

Hey there,

Thanks for writing in. This isn’t something the theme has options for, but because it would simply involve adjusting some query options it wouldn’t be too hard to accomplish with some custom development. There may also be plugins available that meet your needs. I did a quick search and this may be what you’re looking for:


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Again, thank you so much for this amazing theme!

I am having trouble figuring out how to adjust the mobile view or responsive settings.

I will try to explain as simple as possible what I am needing:

- I am using the ’’agency’’ demo. - In the section ’’our services’’ where the 4 circles are ’’design’’, ’’strategy’’ etc… - I added a second row with 4 more circles. - When you view this on a computer screen, it looks great: the 2 rows with 4 circles. - But when you view this on a mobile device, it shows one long column showing only 1 big circle in each row. - This is where my problem is. I want it to show at least 2 circles in one row. I am not a fan of having to scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll down to find the option you want. (neither a fan of huge icons covering half or all your mobile screen)

Is there a way other then messing with the code where I can adjust the responsive view on this section?

Thank you!

Is there any plans to provide nested columns (similar to Avada)? I think this would be very useful and allow for greater creativity. I know that nested columns are possible via RAW HTML, but that is not user friendly and not always responsive. Your theme looks to be the best available (with the exception of nested columns).