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I’m considering buying this theme, but I have a few questions first…

1.) I see that you include Typekit. Does this circumvent the need for a Typekit account, or would I still need to pay a fee to use Typekit fonts on my site?

2.) According to the developers of Use Any Font (custom font plugin) this theme supports their plugin… is this indeed the case?

Thanks a bunch in advance!


Hey There,

1. Our TypeKit extension makes it easy to integrate TypeKit into your site but we do not provide you with any account so you will still need your own account with Adobe.

2. We do not have any experience with that plugin but if the plugin author is supporting it you can get in touch with him if something is not working and I am confident they will be able to help you out!


I have 2 questions :

1. Is there a way the Woocommerce can be used as a catalog and Not show price and to disable or hide the “add to cart button?”

2. Does this template work with latest word press version ?


Hey There,

1. Yes you can set no price at all and use it as a portfolio to some extend.

2. Yes we support the latest WordPress version.

All the best!

Greetings! Is there any easy way to have multipe footers across the page? for example I mean footer variation 1 on homepage, footer variation 2 on subpages and not have any footer on landing page? Thank you for your answer :-)

Hi There,

This wouldn’t be possible out the box with X without custom coding, you would require some template modifications to make this work.



jdfesta Purchased

Hello! I’ve been using X Theme for a while, but recently changed my business name and created a re-direct to a new site. It says I can change “revoke and re-assign within your Themeco account.”

I cannot for the life of me find where/how to do this. Any input would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for writing in! You can read up about product validation in-depth in our online Knowledge Base: Also, in addition to our Knowledge Base and plenty of other resources, we provide all of our official support via the forums in Apex. You will need an Apex account anyway to register/manage your licenses, so you setting it up to do that will also give you access to the forums for any future support needs you may have. If you do not yet have an Apex account for any reason, you can register for one here:


Awesome looking theme !

I am very interested in this theme and plan to make purchase decision after your reply.

The Main purpose i plan to use this theme is for Online Catalogue for several products. (possibly auto parts).

1. Will you show me how to change or set Wocommerce pricing to show no price, and instead of “Add to Cart”, can it say “Call us for price” ? Is that a bunch of CSS tweaks or ?

2. How hard or easy is it to change Main theme color schemes ? is CSS coding needed or is there a place to change the main colors ? For example: change the current theme colors of red and black to blue and black?

3. 2. is there option to show slide show instead of video ?

4. Do you provide demo install files>? and if so does the demo install include icons and images used in your sample themes so we can then just replace for our purpose ?

Look forward to hearing from you :)


Hey there,

Thanks for writing in!

  1. We offer extensive documentation in our online Knowledge Base on how the theme functions, and how to make updates to the theme when necessary (e.g. In our support forums, we often assist users by providing them a bit of direction if needing to make updates to their website beyond out of the box product usage, but keep in mind that all implementation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of custom development must be kept up on your end and. We are happy to point users towards resources when necessary and give examples where appropriate, but if your needs to update the site start venturing towards custom development, we have a team onboard who can assist you with more involved updates that you do not wish to make yourself.
  2. The colors you’re mentioning here specifically are able to be updated with the click of a mouse. More involved tweaks can involve the use of a child theme at times (or we also have an in-built CSS editor for middle of the road CSS updates to your website).
  3. Yes, you can setup any sliders you want with Revolution Slider (included with the theme) and assign it to a page as you desire).
  4. All of our Expanded Demos are available once you validate your purchase in our online community, Apex.


Hi I would like to use this theme for a shop. I am wondering if I can use cornerstone and then add the e-commerce shortcodes is this possible? Ie make a normal cornerstone page and add a shortcode that displays new items etc?

Hope this makes sense!

Hey There,

Yes that’s possible. You can use any shortcode in conjunction with Cornerstone so there are no limitations to embeding 3rd party shortcodes into elements.

Hi, I was wandering if your theme support iframes? My customer wants to implement stuff like this:

<iframe src=”” width=”800” height=”600” style=”border: none;” webkitallowfullscreen=”” mozallowfullscreen=”” allowfullscreen=””></iframe>

Probably it is possible, but I just want to be sure :-)

Thanks for answering my question!

Regards, Richard

Hey There,

You could place this into a raw content element of Cornerstone or create a custom template for it. Hope that helps!

Hi, Okay, I see I can use a raw content element. I will test that to see the result. Thanks for your help!

Most welcome!


JCAE Purchased

hi, my support was overdue. however, I have a major issue after updating to the latest version. The header, menu and layout are all messed up. We already tried rollback from 3 backups but nothing helped. What should I do?

Hi there,

Reach out through your Apex account ( If you open a new topic with a link to your site we can advise a solution for you.


JCAE Purchased

thanks for your reply, I already did. I explained the issue further here. Need urgent help as I have spent 3 hours troubleshooting this to no avail.

Great, a member of our team will be happy to help just as soon as your thread is up (all questions answered in the order received).


Hi there! I bought the the theme but I have a question: I was considering to find exactly the same theme as on the Live Demo(With X Logo) but I cannot find that. What should I do to get the theme like ?

Hey There,

Our sales page is a highly modified version of Ethos 3. Make sure to check out that demo and if you need any help feel free to join our apex member area here.


Mrmsmsk Purchased

There is an announced sales features that say ” Themco is the only company on the market with our extension ecosystem. Each is a separate plugin for optimal performance” From my point of view, I think this is not fit for best performance. For example, Enfold don’t overwhelmed with dozens of plugins in its just layerslider fully built inside it. Also, even if we have these plugins with xtheme, I think some of them should be updated in the future with fees for plugin producers. Besides, i think that having a lot of plugins with the theme should not give the maximum performance for the theme or the overall website. Could you give us justification regarding our concerns and queries ?

Hi There,

You’ve made several incorrect assumptions, so we’d be happy to clarify.

1) The way we do it IS best for performance as instead of baking them into the theme and causing customers to have to have extra code in there they DON’T necessarily need, this way they are all separate plugins so the customer can choose which tools (if any) they want to use. It has nothing to do with “overwhelming” you with plugins. They are optional tools that you are not required to use. If you don’t want/need them, simply don’t install or use them.

2) All of our our Extensions ARE updated as the plugin developers make those updates available and that is included (as well as support directly from Themeco) with each license purchase of X so you are not required to purchase those plugins. Some developers may make extra resources or features available to you if you buy from them, but you are not required to as we provide updates and support for the tool. Please refer to this FAQ for more information.


Hi, I have just installed the theme a couple of days ago and the plugin Advanced Custom Fields PRO is out of date. It is asking for a license key in order to update it. Where do I find the license key? I have already input the license key for the main theme. It won’t accept the same key for the plugin. Am I missing something?

Hi There,

As ACF is included as an X extension, we manage and curate all updates for the plugin. This means you can ignore any notices with regards to licensing coming from the extension itself.

Before pushing any updates for the included extensions, we check their compatibility with X, any integrations and for compatibility with our other included extensions.

Once these checks have been performed the plugin update is then pushed out via our own automatic updates system.


Ok, thanks for the explanation and quick reply.

You’re most welcome!

Hi, I just purchased this theme but I am having difficulty uploading it to my word press site. I tried watching videos but I can’t seem to figure it out. I have it downloaded on my computer but every time I try to upload the file, it says it is missing the Also, watching the video it stated that I needed to upload the file and the child file and I cannot find those. Can you help me with this?

Hi There,

Welcome! That message only shows up if you are installing the wrong file. Make sure you are following the instructions on this article. If you need anything further, a member of our development team would be happy to assist – just head on over to the support page of your Apex account (if you haven’t registered yet you can do so here.


Thank you very much! I really appreciate this!

You’re most welcome!

Hi, please help! how do I set the Slider Revolution so that my image fits the screen width and isn’t zoomed in and cut off on the sides? Have been trying to figure it out for hours but can’t seem to get it right.

Please read the article titled How To Get Support that is currently at the top of every page in our forums. It explains how the process works. There is a tracking/watching option down at the bottom of your post that you can set if you want to get notifications.


The Watching is set but I still do not get any notifications. I have checked my spam box and there is nothing,

Hey There,

We just double checked the system and it works fine. Please reach out to your email hosting provider to see if they might have an idea why you can’t receive emails.


oachour Purchased

hey there , i just purchased x theme , first thanks for this great theme , i have 2 question : 1- i use on my site ethos home 1 demo, i need to know how i can add the product category on the home page header menu 2-how i can show some product category on the home page

Hi There,

First off welcome! It’s great to have you on board.

All support is provided in our support forums, and if you haven’t registered for access yet, you can do so here. Once logged in, head on over to this article as it explains how everything works support wise.


I posted this topic in the support forum but have received no response. Please help with how to edit “timeline” features:

1. How do I change the colour of the line used down the centre of the “timeline” feature (as seen in Integrity 1)? 2. The line has somehow disappeared from my second row in my timeline. How do I get it back? 3. How do I get the image animation to work like it does in your demo Integrity1 , where the images slide in from the side? 4. Do you have any documentation with instructions as it is extremely time-consuming trying to figure everything out with trial and error.

A member of our team will be happy to follow up with you there just as soon as your thread is up. Please keep in mind we do not provide support here on TF and that all questions are answered in the order received in our support forum.


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raynottr Purchased

I am really not impressed with this theme nor the support. They have set up their own support system which is different people replying to support messages asking the same questions over and over again! I have requested a refund which was ignored and then when i request a charge back with my bank they wonder why i have done so! This is not the level of support i expect from a so called professional provider and will not be using them again!

Hi Ryan,

You have one thread opened with us and it was responded to promptly and with detailed instructions on how to address your problem. As you can see from our testimonials, support is without a doubt the most frequently mentioned comment from customers, so if you are still having any issues you will need to reply to the thread so we can further investigate. Since you never responded after our final reply, it is assumed that everything is in order.



jtharris Purchased

Hi, thank you. I was able to purchase. However when installing to my wordpress I get this message below. Can you help me with this please? I need to get this going.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hey There,

Make sure to only upload the file inside the as the package also contains several other files and therefore WordPress won’t recognise the theme folder.