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Hi, I am using SSL so chaning my site URL from http to https…and replacing all occurences in the database… this works fine except it breaks the testimonials and the team members’ images. Can you please, let me know which file to edit so I can fix this. Thanks

You can disable once all the plugins and see if that helps. I know that Jetpack photon module breaks the images in HTTPS.

Also, pls change the Thumbnail Generation from Aqua to WordPress in General tab of theme options – that should certainly fix the issue.

If the above does not help, can you pls post a thread in the support forum – and give us a temp login to the site and we will take a look. Thanks.

Thank you! Changing the Thumbnail Generation from Aqua to WordPress fixed it!

Hi I am working with this theme and can’t figure out how to activate the mobile menu (bars icon) when viewing on a tablet in portrait mode – can you help?

Also, I have built the majority of the page content using VC rows (mostly 2 or 3 column rows) but when viewing on tablet (also in portrait mode) the columns do not stack (they show still side-by-side) and it looks terrible, can you offer some advice to get these to split when viewing on mobile/tablet etc?

Lastly – how can I change the font sizes (body / Headings) for mobile devices?

Thank you


meteorite Author Team

Can you pls post all your queries in our support forum – , we ll be glad to help you . Thanks .


Im having problems with the revolution slider in your theme. Im getting black bars around de video. Help would be wonderful Url:

kin regards

Can you pls open a thread in the forum – and provide a login to the site so that we can have a closer look? Thanks.

Hello! What could be the segments of animation and where to see them? Besides [segment class=”call-to-action clearfix”] Thanks.

I am not clear on the query. Can you provide more details on the same by opening a thread in our support forum – Thanks.


How can one add only certain categories in ‘show portfolio’?

I’ve tried this shortcode with no succes: [show_portfolio number_of_columns=”4” post_count=”100” image_size=”medium” filterable=”true” no_margin=”false” terms=”phone” taxonomy=”portfolio_category”]

Pls use the popular Livemesh Grid element part of our page builder plugin – That should meet your needs better than the shortcode. Thanks.

Thank you for your quick respons, but what should I do. I’ve the plugin installed, but I’m not sure what to to get what i want.

You can go through the detailed online help for Livemesh Grid widget in the WordPress admin Livemesh Widgets tab.

Hello, I am doing some work at a customer using this theme, it is a great theme and I want to buy a version for myself also. However before I do can you let me know how to tackle the following if it is possible please….

On the app showcase home, I want an image in the background showing Product-A, which is fine as I see it there, and in the phone I want to have a couple of sliding images, also fine as I see it there.

However, I then want to replace that first background image with a fresh one, so say slide that out and slide another in, or some sort of effect between the images. At the same time, I would like to get rid of the phone (if possible). So in other words, First image of Product-A has the phone overlaid, second image Product-B phone disappears, third image Product-C, fourth image Product-D, and now back to Product-A and the phone comes back for this one. Is that possible ? Alternatively, at least be able to have a slider going on in the background behind the phone. Preferably the first mentioned approach if possible ?

If doable could you explain briefly how please.


Thank you for the reply. However I am afraid that is not the case. If you simply go to Agile, and edit Home 2, remove the Hero widget from the top and replace that with the Slider Revolution widget, you will see what I mean.

I am not sure what you mean by slider revolution widget. There is no such widget. You just insert a site origin editor widget and then include the slider revolution shortcode for the slider inside it. We have done the same here and see no issues.

ok thank I will try the inserting shortcode method. I have installed the Rev Slider plugin. by adding the widget what I meant was in the designer, I just clicked Delete for the top row that was already there that had the Hero control, and deleted the Hero leaving the row empty. Then I clicked Widgets at the top left of that row, this shows all the addins in a list / table that can be added. Rev Slider is listed there. I clicked on that to add that onto the row,. That is where the problem starts because then in Preview or even after Publish nothing shows for that row. Anyway I will try adding the shortcode as you mentioned and will let you know.

Thank you very much for the quality support. cheers

Hi, Will you be fixing the Slider Revolution issue ? I do not want to buy this theme unless I know it works as I need it to. thanks

Sure we can help you with the same. Can you pls open a thread in the support forum and provide us temp login details of the installation where you are facing this issue? We will happy to take a look at this issue. As I said earlier, this is specific to your installation – pls disable all other plugins once, do a hard refresh and see if things look better. Thanks.

Hi, how can I make the portfolio categories translatable with Polylang? The portfolio items are translatable and works great but I can’t create categories for different languages. It could be great if this worked like Posts categories translations for Polylang.

This theme can be used as multi-page, correct?

Absolutely. Thanks for your interest.

Hello, is it possible to have the top menu area full width stretched please ? If so how as there is not really enough room for a number of items thanks

Pls open a support request at our forum – and we will be happy to assist you with this. Thank you.

Hi. Pre purchase questions. Template looks amazing. My most important feature is the send PUSH notifications to mobile phones + be able to categorize them ie: We have 20 schools with 10 classes each. I would like to be able to send individual notifications to those classes. Do I need another plugin for this or is it integrated into this one.

Thanks for your interest. For the push notifications, you will need a plugin for the same. You may need to create a separate native mobile app for the same since I am not sure a web app can send push notifications in mobile OS.

You can also use one of the existing apps like this one – to achieve the same.

Hii there, I’m using your theme for multiple sites and I really love it! Only now my Visual Builder isn’t working anymore? Busy for weeks now, can’t find what it is. Also google can’t help me out. Is there someone here with the same problem?

Pls open a thread in our support forum – and provide us a temp login to your site and we can take a look.

Before you do that I would urge to update your visual builder plugin VC to the latest version (just delete the reupload the plugin). I know older versions of VC are not compatible with latest versions of WordPress 4.6 and 4.7. If you haven’t updated the VC plugin for many months now, I would say that updating the plugin would resolve the issue. Thanks.

Thanks I will go to forum! Tried to install new Visual Composer, with your updated theme, but then my site is all out of proportion. Cost me 3 hours to get it back. Struggle with this for a few weeks now, also at one other site, and a lot of them no problems, just two out of 10 where I use Visual Composer. With your theme and with another one. Really want to find out what the problem is so if you can help me out you would make my day! :)

Sorry to hear you are still having trouble. Hoping to resolve this for you soon. Thanks.


JULMUST Purchased

Hello I am trying to look at the video you link to, “import the contents from xml file please see this video tutorial” but the web page can not be found?

Pls get in touch with us in the support forum – and we will help you out with any issues you have with replicating demo site. Thanks for your purchase.


JULMUST Purchased

It would save all who goes thru your manual a lot of time and your team, if you just fix the problem in the documentation, wouldn’t it?

Sure will look into it. Thanks for your suggestion. Pls have a look at the readme.txt file for the video link and import instructions on Agile theme.

Pls update to the latest version of the theme. The skin.php file has been removed.

BTW, this file is marked as a CSS file and hence scripts cannot be injected (unless someone modifies the file contents and removes the line marking it as a CSS file) but we still got rid of it anyway and use inline CSS for the same. Thanks.

OK, great, thank you for the quick response! Best Regards!

You are welcome!

Hello, I bought this theme in 2014 and built a website for a client. It has been so long since they have asked me for there hasn’t been an update made on the template or the visual composer. Unfortunately, the VC isn’t loading now. The version I have is 4.3.5 and the template version I have is 3.2. Do I need to update the template? Or can I just update the VC? What will happen if I update the template? Will that change the website at all? Thank you!

You will be required to update both since there can compatibility fixes to both template and VC to make things work with latest versions of WordPress.

To check if things will break, I would suggest you create a local website using free software like MAMP or WAMP and then import the site (export xml from production site and import into local site) into the same and check if things look ok with the latest versions of Agile and VC. In most cases, things will not break or change but still I would play it safe.

Thank you, I made the update with the theme and VC. The only difference I see is that the gallery images are now all different sizes rather than the same size in their rows and columns. This is the code:

[show_post_snippets post_type=”gallery_item” taxonomy=”portfolio_category” terms=”pindus” number_of_columns=4 post_count=20 image_size=’small’ filterable=true no_margin=true]

Would I need to change anything in the code for them to all be the same size?

Can you try image_size=’medium’ or image_size=’large’ in the shortcode instead of ‘small’? That should give same sized images generally unless the images are too small.


MAGICNTU Purchased


I followed the readme.txt and video try to replicate site. I innstalled WordPress 4.7.3 and import the file agile-sample-data.xml.gz into my localhost. But it appear a lot of error “Menu item skipped due to invalid menu slug”. That why my replcated site hasn’t showed menu.

Kindly advise, Thanks, Trung.


meteorite Author Team

Have replied in the support forum.