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i can’t create menu for single page

Pls open a support ticket in our support forum – and provide us a temp login to the site. We will take a look. Thanks

Did I download cade agile-sample-data.xml?

The agile-sample-data.xml file location is provided in the README.txt file located in the root folder seen after you unzip the download file.

If you have trouble downloading it, pls send us an email via profile page contact form – and we will send you the same. Thanks for your purchase.

I use Agile WP on one site and my purchase code is not valid at least for the revolution slider plugin!

The version bundled with the theme is developer license one which cannot be used to activate the license for the plugin. The plugin checks for individual license only and not the bulk license.

If you need to register with revolution slider site, you would need to purchase a separate individual license. Hope this helps.

Hi, Im importing the file agile-sample-data-4.xml_ but it shows me the following error: “Home / Error 404 – Not Found. The page you requested, does not exist.You may try searching for what you’re looking for below.”

Please, help me!

Can you pls get in touch with our support person at our support forum –, provide us a temp login to your site in a private message and we will glad to assist. Thanks

If I purchase a standard license, can I install it on my dev (.net) domain then move it to my .com domain?

Sure you can. Thanks for your interest.

Hi, I have a pre-purchase question – can I add more sections on the homepage and it can be accessed from the top nav menu?

Yes sure you can. Thanks for your interest.


ajumbra Purchased

In regards to the responsive slider shortcode, is there a parameter we can use to rotate them randomly?

At present, we do not have such a parameter to have the slides slide randomly. But you can try copying our source code for [responsive_slider] shortcode in framework/shortcodes/slider-shortcodes.php, create a new shortcode in your child theme by adding just the randomize parameter as documented here –

Pls get in touch with our support person in support forum – if you need further help.

Hello I have a problem with a scrolling – button on the side which leads you to the different sections of the page, like in the agile demo example on services page. is it a special plugin which i need to download on wordpress? or how i could possibly activate that feature on agile template?

Pls upgrade to the latest version of the theme to fix the scrolling issue.


scali Purchased

How can I Deactivate and Activate again in other website?

You can just delete the theme from one website and then upload the same to another. Not sure I understand your query fully.

Hello, i´m trying to install Agile Themplate, but when upload it, the page stay white and do not install the themplate. Waht can I do? Thank you.

Sorry to hear you are having trouble. Pls open a support ticket here – and provide a temp login to your site in a private message and we will try to take care of this issue. Thanks for your purchase.

Hello, i’m considering to buy the Agile Wordpress Theme. The available preview for the mobile version doesn´t show a fixed menu/header as shown in the desktop view. The theme has an option to set fixed menu/header for mobile version? Thanks.

Thanks for your interest. At present we do not have a fixed header option for the mobile version since it can take up space. We can help you with some custom CSS to enable the same post purchase.

Hi There,

The logo is in a H1 tag, I want to remove the H1 from teh logo. As its not a good practice for SEO. Any way I can achieve the same?


Pls get in touch with us in the support forum – and we will be glad to help you with this. Thanks