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Hello, Very nice theme! ... but I have an issue on my navigation bar. When I’m in a portfolio page and try to click any item on the nav bar (excluding “Home”), nothing happens… same portfolio page, no move! I’m going crazy! This is the website ->

Thanks in advance

Glad you like the theme. We have fixed this issue already. Please make sure you update the theme to the latest version. Besides, nice website. Thanks!

I cannot log into your support site (not sure why) so I am asking it here. I’m an owner of the theme.

In the support site, to change the web site URL on the single page template website, if I do not enter http:// you cannot submit the form. Your answer was here

You wrote “Pls change the name from contact_url to contact_company to disable validation. If you have the child theme loaded, you need to make the change in framework/shortcodes/contact-shortcodes.php file in the child theme for changes to take effect.”

QUESTION: Where is framework/shortcodes/contact-shortcodes.php?

You can find it inside the child theme folder <agile-child> / <framework> / contact-shortcodes.php

Besides, what problem are you facing with the forum login system? If you forgot password, you can regenerate it and you will receive the new password through the email. Thanks!


Can we create more than 1 App Showcase?

Also will we be able to list Apps in a Directory page?


Thanks for your interest. If you are referring to App Showcase Page, you can build any number of them. You can create multiple single pages, one for each of your apps, if that is what you have in mind.

I am not sure though what you mean by listing apps in a directory page. Are you trying to build some kind of portfolio of apps that can act as an index to all your apps like below -


Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I was wondering if we can have an index to that show the apps like the link you post in the reply.

So when visitor see the app that they want to learn more, they can click and visit the individual app page.

The way we did for our earlier theme Appdev was to change portfolio pages themselves to represent apps – each portfolio item would represent an app and the portfolio page would act as an index into the various portfolio/app pages. It is just a matter of replacing the strings in the portfolio pages to appropriate ones for apps and these pages can describe the app in detail with screenshots/videos etc.

Another way is to hand code a app index page – feasible if you have just a few apps and not going to see an increase in app portfolio often.

Hope this helps.

Hey, very nice theme! Really like your work ;)

Thank you!

How the hell do I replace the main slide images???

And when I replace the portfolio images, my images appear super small. F—k!!!

Can you email me the URL please with a temp login if possible. Pls use the bottom right box on my profile page –, to email me.

Pls replace the slider slide images either in the revolution slider admin or in the showcase slides section in Wordpress admin. Pls go through the documentation which explains this in detail with screenshots. Thanks

Hi, Could you help me to hide - AUTHORS” - “OUR PORTFOLIO” sections on the sitemap page at

Thanks for your help.

You may delete the contents of the div element from line number 67 to 95 in the file framework/partials/sitemap.php file. Thanks

Hi, I have an issu using contact form 7 on the following page

Email is sent correctly but

there is no succeed message on the page after sendind message (“button “ENVOYER LE MESSAGE”).

Thanks in advance for your help.

I hope you have specified the message string in the field “Sender’s message was sent successfully” in the Messages section of the page where you configured the Contact Form.

If you still have trouble, pls email me a temp login to your site (bottom right box in my profile page - . Thanks

Hi, thanks for Great theme. Everything was fine, except ” Join the Conversation ” . How to set same with demo. Please guide me. thanks

Thanks for purchasing Agile. Appreciate it. For “Join The Conversation” to work in the footer please follow these steps.

1. In the theme options set the footer columns to 1

2. In the Appearance > Widgets drop a text widget to the “Footer Widget Area One” and put the following code into the text widget

[wrap class="center"]
[heading2 title="Join the conversation"][social_list facebook_url="#" youtube_url="#" twitter_url="#" linkedin_url="#" googleplus_url="#" include_rss="false" align="center"]

Hope that helps.

THANKS!!! Problem solved. Great theme. Great support.

Glad it worked :)

Awesome theme (i.e. don’t be put off by this necessary warning), but:

Be careful with the built in Contact-form… it uses an explicit email address (hidden field that includes the literal address), so prepare to be spammed to oblivion ;)

Authors: a bit of a noob-error, but am still happy with the purchase, I suggest using honeypot security instead of the rudimentary Captcha you have added (or at least offer it as an alternative)

Will look into this. In our recent update we added a sample contact form 7 for import which functions and looks exactly like the built in contact form but is much more extensible. You can use recaptcha as well with the same. Thanks for the kind words of appreciation.

I can not install the sample pages of the site

Pls have a look at this video for help -

If you still have trouble, pls send me temporary access to your site through email (bottom right box on the theme profile page of mine – Thanks for your purchase!

Great theme, just ran into a few small things I can’t seem to find…

I used the basic setup from you and imported it and started playing around with it.

However, this website should be in Dutch, and I can’t seem to find where I can change the words “About” and “Connect Now” with the team slider.

Hopefully you can shed some light!

Thanks, Sjoerd

You can learn from here about translating your site into your language. Use the agile.pot in ‘agile/languages’ folder as a template to create .po files. Poedit is the popular free editor for creating .po and the corresponding binary .mo files.

You may need to do an update in POEdit to see all the strings. Do reach out to us in case you find something that is not translation ready.

Hello, I bought the theme but I don’t have the agile sample data.xml archive with the documentation. Please, can you help me with that!

Thanks a lot Silvia

Thanks for your purchase. Pls find the sample data link in the file README – Importing sample data and replicating demo site.txt. This file is included in the main bundle, available once you extract the zip bundle.

Can you update Revolution slider in the pack? I have this error: View (slide) Error: setting layer_caption not found

It is fixed in the latest release.

Will issue an update soon. Meanwhile, pls email me through the bottom right box on my profile page – and I can send you the updated file right away. Thanks

Hi there, I’ve visited your support site but I don’t see how to Post a question there.

I only have one very important question:

I have created a “Home” single page and have added my “Page-Sections” as well as ordered them by number.

But I can’t get the menu to function as scrolling to the sections and not redirecting to a page. Also, when I scroll down my “Home Single-Page” the menu does not follow with the orange underline.

I have watched your videos over and over and re-read the documentation several times. If I could just figure this issue out I would Totally Understand your Theme Layout!

What I did was go to each page-section and copy the link and then go to Appearance> Menu and create a link with the page section URL…But, of course this isn’t working.

Please help me understand. Thanks, Todd

You just need to change the URLs from the current prefix of to There is an unwanted /home prefix attached to the URLs which is perhaps the issue. Pls check.

Thanks, that worked:)

On my Portfolio Section I can’t make it display more than 6 projects and the “More” button doesn’t work, it just reloads the website. Can I show ALL of my portfolios within the website, without a “More” button?

I might want to display up to 10 websites in “portfolios” section, but it doesn’t display them on my main page. Thanks again…Todd

Nevermind, I seemed to figure it out.


Hey there,

nice theme. Is there a support for opt-in forms, especially within the blog section? Furthermore, is it possible to adjust a height of the menu bar? During scrolling down it looks fine but at the top it’s too high and looks quite disruptive.


Thanks for your interest. You will need to install a plugin of your own for opt-in forms. Height of the header should be adjustable with minor custom CSS that can be input into the theme options panel. Hope this helps.

great, thanks for reply. I hesitate between both AgileWP or AppDev themes since both of them look fabulous. Which one do you personally recommend me since they have almost the same features?

Agile has few more features on top what Appdev has to offer. Given a choice, I would go for Agile over Appdev. Hope this helps.


having trouble installing your theme. getting “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet”

any ideas?

downloaded via themeforest.



no worries. I got it. derrrr….

Hi, livemesh team

I need that the menu on the responsive design (mobile) stay on top and that it stays visible when the user scroll down like the normal one. Is that possible wiht AgileWP?


Thanks for your interest. At present, it is not possible with current theme options. The way I handle this in iOS is to touch the top bar of the browser to navigate to the top and then use the navigation menu.


I’m looking for an App theme and comparing AgileWP with other themes. I like the Smartphone slider option, but do you include layout options for tablets?



Thank you for your fast response!

Do you also have an Android tablet Slider? My app will only be available for Android devices so I don’t want iOS frames.

One other question: I see this theme has some flexibility in the Home Page layout, so can I not use the Main Slider and instead use Blog posts with the Slider short-codes?

@mdriess – I agree completely. I would reply to your comment directly, but that doesn’t seem to be an option. I have been reviewing many themes and I certainly agree – the responses here have been far and above better than any other. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I am leaning toward this theme. Even though the other top theme has many more purchases and features I’d like (like QR Code), the comments/responses are not so great. It makes a difference.

NightSkyDev – We do have sliders for Android Smartphones like Samsung S4 and HTC One. If you need one for tablets, you may need to modify the iPad slider a bit (just use a different image and slightly tweak the CSS to make the images fit within the tablet image).

For home page layout, you can disable the main slider entirely and instead of use any other content including static HTML content of your own. Hope this helps.

LiveMesh has gone above and beyond on this theme and the support. I haven’t experienced the level of fast & one-on-one support they provide on their support site so far on ThemeForest. I’ve had good sellers, but these guys take the cake (and the client loves the design). Thank you so much!!!!

Thanks mdriess for the kind words. Appreciate it.

Hi, Just started working on this theme, great theme btw! Just one thing that is bugging me, how do I stop the cart icon overlapping when scrolling down the page :/ I’m a bit new to this. Thanks

Sure pls send me the login and I will be happy to resolve this for you. Pls use the bottom right box on my profile page to email me. Thanks

Thanks a lot for taking a look at the site. I didn’t even no there was an update that could be done, how do I go about doing that?

If you have not made any changes to the core code, you can just replace the existing theme files. You can even delete the theme and reupload it. The theme options will not be affected by updating the theme. Thanks