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Great theme, congratulations! I have only one observation in Firefox version 26.0 the Customer logos disappear on hover accessing directly

Thanks for your purchase and glad you like the theme. Will have a look at the issue. Thanks for reporting this. Appreciate your help.


There seems to be a problem with the Gallery used on the single page template; I’m thinking maybe a maximum of categories allowed?? I have 4 categories and everytime I add an image to my gallery, the images from the previous category I added disappear.. Very weird. See the béton estampé category:



Yes, I would like you to send me the fixes for both requests.

Thanks you so much! :)

Sure will do in next few hours. Thanks for getting back to us.

Here is the tweak for both the issues -

Portfolio section – Just put this CSS into Custom CSS tab in theme options panel or in the custom/custom.css file -

.single-page-template .showcase-section .image-area { 
opacity: 1 !important; 
-webkit-animation-name: none; 
-moz-animation-name: none; 
animation-name: none;}

For enabling back to top button in the mobile devices, you will need to make a small change in {theme folder}/js/main.js file. On line number 593 – change value 768 to 300 and the button should appear on the smaller devices too.

On the portfolio page the “next project” call to action would be better suited at the top opposed to the bottom. From a user stand point you dont want have to scroll down; you should be able to view the image and from the same spot on the screen be able to view the image and click right to the “next project.” Is there a way to change this?

You can do so easily by editing the single-portfolio.php file and moving the line number 92

<?php  get_template_part('loop-nav'); ?>

to line number 52 or 54. If you do not want to modify the core theme file, just create another file with the same name in your child theme, copy the contents of the parent theme template and then make the above modification. That way change will stay across theme updates. Hope this helps.

hi! I don’t understand how people get back to the whole portfolio from a single item page.. Is it possible to:

1- add the whole portfolio again, underneath the item OR make a huge back to portfolio button?

2- can i change the aspect ratio of the images in the portfolio?

3- can I change the blog layout to horizontal, image + text?

4- can I make multiple portfolio’s OR show different categories in different pages?

thanks! Marije

Thanks for your interest! Can you please email me your queries (see bottom right box on my profile page – ) and I will get back to you in detail as soon as I can. Thanks again.

Great theme, just a question. You can use a video background in parallax? Thanks.

Thanks for your interest. At present, there is no parallax option for video backgrounds. Pls let us know if you have any other queries.

I love the template and picked it specifically for the video homepage. That said, My video in the revolution slider shows in preview, but appears as gray box on site. The video does display on the other WP templates. I have spent a lot of time trying to solve on my own but am giving up. Can you help? The video is or I posted on the forum but have had no response.

Log in sent. Thanks for the quick response.

Thanks for the help! Looks like the problem was me not the slider. Really appreciate your assistance and looking forward to moving forward with this great theme. Thanks again.

You are welcome :)

Hi I have uploaded demo data ( agile-sample-data.xml ) but when I view example in wordpress, it only shows the blog page? Please help urgently!

Thanks. All Ok. Just one thing. How do i change the video in quote 3? Can i not just point a youtube domain to it?

Hi. I have downloaded a video from youtube & uploaded to wordpress. Its working fine however is it possible to mute the sound?

If you need to point a youtube video, I would recommend you use revolution slider for this or just embed the youtube video directly into the page. There is a video sample available from revolution slider that you can have a look (revolution slider directory in theme bundle). Revolution slider comes with quite a few options for youtube video embeds.

You may have to use a simple video editor to remove the sound if you want to remove the audio from the file.


We have purchased your theme and cannot import the example setup via the xml file. I have followed your instructions but cannot see where we are going wrong.

Is there any way you would help us set this up? We are keen to get our new site live with your theme asap and the demo content would really help.

Cheers, Ian

If you are logged in as admin and if you open the home page, you should be various page sections laid out on the home page and with edit links to each of the page sections. If you press edit button on the page, you should be able to see the backend code. Or else, on the admin screen, go to Page Sections tab and you should be able to see all the backend code. Page sections are quite powerful and very helpful in breaking down the complexity of coming up with a single page site. Pls go through the first section of the documentation to know more about these.

For menu links, pls change the links to point to your domain manually. If you go to Appearances->Menus tab in WP admin, you should be able to edit the links manually. Again, pls go through the very first section of the documentation which provides some more information on this. Pls let me know if you have trouble (you can just open a support request in the forum) and I will be glad to assist you.

Hey, thanks for getting back to me. I am loading in some Page sections and they look great. Is it possible to edit them in terms of background colours? I can see how to add in text / images etc but it would be great to understand how to change the background colour. Also, whenever I click on the Team section WP crashes. Do you know why this might be? Also, are you available for custom tweaks? Nothing major, just a few things outwith our knowledge base. Cheers, Ian

You can edit the background images, colors, set parallax backgrounds and its properties etc. with the help of the [segment] shortcode. Pls have a look at the documentation for all the options that this shortcode provides and how best to use it. The sample data has numerous examples of this shortcode and how it can be used.

For the team section, pls send me a temp login through email (through the bottom right box on my profile page – and I will take care of this for you. Not sure what’s going on there since we have not had anyone reporting this so far.

About customization, sorry – our hands are full at present. Thanks for checking with us.


Is there a multi-page demo?

Kind Regards

Thanks for your interest. The demo preview site has a menu item named Pages (top right of any page) under which many pages are listed. And under the Home menu you should see additional home pages App Showcase and Video Home which are additional single pages – all running within a single instance of WordPress created by the same user. Hope this is what you were looking for. Pls let me know if you have more queries and I will be happy to answer them for you.


I really like this theme but I’d like to use it in a different language. Can you please describe me how I can change the language of the contact form?

Thank you in advance!

Glad you like our theme and thanks for your purchase. You can translate the contact form or any other aspect of the theme by adding the required translation for the words captured in the po/mo files in the {theme directory}/languages folder. You will need to use the free editor POEdit. The last section in the documentation gives some details on the translation aspect of the theme.

Hey I like the theme, the one question I have is could I have a registration page for clients to register for our camps?

Thanks for your interest. Yes, you can do the same using Contact Form 7. The theme supports/styles the Contact Form 7 elements and hence you can create a custom form and use it in your registration page. Pls let us know if you have more queries.


Great theme, congratz! I have only one question does this theme support multi language.

Regards, Nashik.

Glad you like the theme. Yes, the theme is translation ready and comes with a few sample translation files as well. Thanks for your interest.


it’s really great theme with great features and I really like it’s WPML Compatible. I have one question does this support RTL Languages (Arabic, Persian ..etc).

Thanks for your interest and glad you like the theme. Unfortunately, at this time, there is no support for RTL languages.

Hi when I register the support system with user name: haochuanlu , I didn’t receive the password email. Probably, it’s due to my Email server issue. How can I change the Email account with the support system?

I yet receive the password Email? Hav u reset?

We are currently looking into this issue. We upgraded our servers and there seems to be few minor issues with the mailing system. Will take care of the issue within next few hours and will let you know once everything is fine. Meanwhile you can post your queries here or you can email me your queries, which I will be glad to respond to.

Thanks for your patience

Thanks for letting me know about the receipt of the forum registration email. The email server on our server upgrade seems to be holding up fine from yesterday.

I want to create separate page with a gallery like the demo shown here just below the headline Bold Flat Theme That Means Business… – where the 8 images are set butted up to one another, with no spacing side to side, top to bottom row. I also want it to be a specific category of how to set ages – I’m going through the template doc but not quite clear on it – could you point me in the right direction – site is Thank you!

Pls use one of the below shortcodes for portfolio/gallery this way ensuring no_margin argument here is set to true -

[show_post_snippets post_type="portfolio" number_of_columns=4 post_count=12 image_size='medium' no_margin="true"]

[show_post_snippets post_type="gallery_item" number_of_columns=4 post_count=12 image_size='medium' no_margin="true"]


[show_portfolio number_of_columns=4 post_count=12 image_size='small' no_margin="true"]

[show_gallery number_of_columns=4 post_count=12 image_size='small' no_margin="true"]

If you want to limit to a certain category, pls use the shortcode linked to in the post below -

Perfect – this was the short code that worked per your source and allowed me to create a category specific gallery: (‘audio’ is my category title)

[show_post_snippets number_of_columns=3 post_count=6 image_size=’medium’ show_meta=’false’ terms=”audio” taxonamy=”portfolio_category” post_type=”portfolio”]

Thank you for the prompt help, I appreciate it!

Great to hear. Thanks for letting me know.

I registered for your support form but I never received a email with the password. I may have put the wrong email address. I have some problems with the shopping cart.

You can put the following code into custom css of theme options

.woocommerce-site .cart-contents {
display: none;

.woocommerce-page .cart-contents {
display: block;

Hope that helps. I will notify you once the mailing system becomes active. Thanks!

Thanks! That fixed the problem.

The email server on the upgraded servers seems to be working fine from past day or so. Have sent you an email with the login information. Pls have a look and get back to us if you need help. Thanks for your patience.

Does this theme come with a smart objects PSD template for that background


Thanks for your interest. The psd is available for download for free. Pls send me an email and I can send you the link.

I really love this theme. I am new to Wordpress and I just want to know can I rearrange the code.

If I wanted to put a section from the homepage at the top of the blog page, could I do that??

I just need to know if this is possible before I purchase.

Glad you like the theme. Yes you can do move sections to the top of the blog page since the theme comes with a customizable header area which can help you move content from the home page to the top of the blog page or any other page/post for that matter. Pls let me know if you have any other queries. Thanks for your interest.

Great. I purchased the theme today. It actually looked amazing right away with no adjustments. So, How would I go about finding the elements from certain pages and inserting them into the blog page? I actually do not see the blog page, in my pages section. I only see the about page. I am very new to Wordpress.

Thanks for your purchase :) I hope you have imported all the data and setup the demo site as seen in the preview. If you have not, pls have a look at this video -

Once the data is imported, you should see all the pages in the Pages tab – Blog, Home etc. and you should also see the page sections for each of the home page under Page Sections tab in WP Admin. Being new to WP, you will need to experiment a bit to know how things work. If you still have trouble, pls let me know and I will be glad to help.

Loving the theme, great work! I was just wondering how I can switch off the option to add comments on new pages that I create? I can’t seem to find it.

Thanks very much.

Thanks for your purchase and glad you like the theme. To switch the comments off for pages, pls check the following forum post -

The template has the functionality to put the links of social media to share the blog post? facebook, pinterest, Linkdin etc.

Thanks for your interest. For sharing function, pls use one of many popular plugins available in WordPress plugins repository. Here are few as examples -
Of course, there are many more. These authors perhaps do a better job than us in maintaining the function for all social media sites. Hope this helps.