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Hi LiveMesh,

I’ve been following your YouTube video of how to set up this theme, which has been excellent up to the point where it tells me to import the slider This file isn’t contained in the theme folder that I purchased. Can you tell me where I find it?

Thanks, Andrew.

The was removed since Revolution Slider had issues with video sliders (performance is slow and controls show up even if you disable them in the options). Hence we created our own shortcodes for this. Pls have a look at page sections with name starting with video or youtube video. You can still find a sample rev slider video export file provided by Themepunch in the revolution slider instructions folder of the theme bundle.

Thanks for choosing Agile :-)

Thanks for the quick response LiveMesh! Got the theme up and running now, really impressed with it. Had just switched over from another theme we bought from a different provider and we’re really glad we did.

Could you tell me how I remove the shopping cart link in the top menu? I couldn’t seem to find a setting for this.

Glad you find the theme helpful. If you deactivate WooCommerce, the cart icon should get removed automatically. It should not show up if WooCommerce is deactivated.

Hi LiveMesh,

I just asked this question in my reply to my last question, but given it’s a completely new topic I realised I probably should have posted it as a new question.

I’d like to remove the shopping cart from the top menu of this theme. Is there any way to do this without modifying the theme files themselves?

Thanks, Andrew.

If you deactivate WooCommerce, the cart icon should get removed automatically. It should not show up if WooCommerce is deactivated.

Hi, I have purchase your theme… and I ask a password to you because I want connect me on your support forum… But I don’ receive the password to my mailbox… Can you send me please ? My Id : b-Enjoy Thanks

It ‘is Ok, I just have receive password. Thanks.

Great. Thanks for your purchase :-)

Hi, On my homepage, I put a “blog” section. But on this one, I want to add just the posts inside a single category instead of adding all the recent posts. How can I do ? Perhaps may I add a value in your shortcode ? But how ? [show_post_snippets post_type=”post” number_of_columns=3 post_count=3 image_size=’medium’ excerpt_count=100 display_title=true show_meta=true display_summary=true show_excerpt=”true” hide_thumbnail=”false”] Thanks

Hello, I have installed the sample pack 2.0. The dropdown menu is different from the demo site. I have the dropdown menu always show up on the right hand side which cut off by browser window, it doesn’t change to left hand side to fit smaller resolutions. Please advise how to fix it. Thank you!

Have not been able to reproduce this so far. Can you pls open a support request in the forum – and we will be able to assist you there if you provide us the URL (you can leave a private reply to your post there with the URL and preferably a temp login to the site as well). Thanks for your purchase.


This is a beautiful theme, well done on the design. I’m busy setting this up and it needs to be up in a few hours, I’ve encountered a problem with the Home Page, it is completely blank. Please can you email me the content for it and I’ll just slot it in – in code view. I don’t want to do another import because it looks like it duplicates the menu items every time you import.

Looking forward to your urgent response.

I have setup the theme on your site. I have rectified the button issue in the slider. Have replied back to your mail as well. Thanks!

You’ve been great man, thank you. I’m one of those people that like to know how to resolve issues themselves – just in case I need to set this up again (e.g. disaster recovery). Please email me resolution steps.

I’m testing the contact form and it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve added my e-mail to the ’’to:’’ field in Wordpress. I then went on the front end of the website to test the contact form by filling it and sending, but I never got a notice in my inbox about having received a message from the website. Please help

Pls follow the instructions here -

to configure the receiver’s email address. Thanks!

HI, I’ve bought the them, great job you’ve done. Can I integrate buddypress ?



Thanks for your purchase! The theme should be compatible with BuddyPress, although some elements of it may need custom styling to make the look/function to be consistent with that of the theme itself.

Hi, interested in buying, however, there seems to be a bug in your Woocommerce shop.

When I visit a product page, e.g. , the shop automatically adds an item into the cart, without me clicking on ADD TO CART.

Please remove the bug,


Pls see my reply below. Thanks!

The bug is still there…

Thanks for you interest. WooCoomerce uses cookies to track cart items and when you have the frame on the top open , it can lead to wierd behavior when visiting multiple sites since the URL on the top does not change. Pls navigate directly to, clear the cart and check if you can reproduce the bug. We have not been able to reproduce the bug nor have anyone reporting it till day. Thanks for reaching out to us on this.

Bumped into something weird…. When I set the default page setup to have 2 columns with the sidebar to the right, and I set my page I create to Default Template, it somehow doesn’t show the sidebar on the right..

I does show a nice sidebar when I change the page template two Two Column Left Sidebar

Any ideas??

Thanks so much!

Do you have the latest version of the theme loaded? We had a small change which caused sidebar issues in 1.6 but was fixed in the next version of the theme. Thanks


I was wondering whether you’re planning to add an installer (so we could have a template site looking and working like on the demo)? If not, would be possible to get a export of the demo? Obviously without the images. It’d be really handy to import all content and edit rather than do the whole thing from scratch.

Many thanks

Thanks for your purchase. Did you get a chance to look at this video?

If you still have trouble , pls email me a temp login to your site and i will take a look. Pls use the bottom right box on my profile page to email me. Thanks.

I see that Agile 2.0 is out as of March 14 as listed in the change log. How do I update from 1.6.? I haven’t received a notice or found a link to download. Must I purchase again. I just bought 1.6 on March 7, 2014.

You don’t have to purchase the theme again. After you login to themeforest, go to downloads tab ( ) and download the package again. This way you will download the latest version of the theme.

The bug in your theme’s shop section is still there – on there is a statement ””Flying Ninja” was successfully added to your cart.”, even though I am on a different product page ad I have never put any items into cart.

This happens also when I navigate to this product page via your site’s main page with my cookies cleared. I checked it several times with the newest versions of Mozilla and IE, restarting both browsers, in both all tracking data (including cookies) clear automatically upon closure.

My guess is that it is you who need to – once logged into your site’s Woocommerce admin – do some clearing.

Please let me know if this bug has been removed, I want to buy your theme ASAP after making sure there are no obvious bugs in it.

Thank you.

We typically don’t cover smaller details in the video since that can make the video painfully lengthy for some.

You can activate Contact Form 7 and post type order plugin any time you want. They are not required for theme to function. And you cannot register the revolution slider plugin since this is extended license and the purchase code is limited only to the purchaser – the theme author in this case.

Pls use support forum for all queries once installed. Thanks

Thanks. I wrote my previous comment because I have tried to install the demo content without the Contact Form WP plugin installed and activated, and I got an error importing just the contact form. Then, I erased all data and database from the server, created a new database, installed WP and your theme anew, and installed the demo content with the Contact Form plugin installed and activated (and all the other plugins for that matter), and the import ran without any error.

OK, now I got everything up and running – it really is a nice theme!

There only is one thing that still needs to be fixed – the Woocommerce shopping cart in the top right corner shows up on my title page and all other pages as well, not just on the shop page as in your demo. Moreover, when scrolling down the (any) page, the shopping cart is shown overlapping the “Shop” navigation menu, partly covering the actual menu item. This obviously is a mistake.

Can you tell me how to stop the cart icon from appearing on all of the other pages except on the SHOP page, and making it appear separated from the “Shop” menu item (the top smart menu) when scrolling down the SHOP page ??

Thank you.

I guess you skipped reading the README.txt file I mentioned above which outlines the steps to import with or without errors (errors can be ignored if you do not need the plugins – many of our buyers do not want to install WooCommerce, for example). Anyway, I am glad you have everything running now.

For further queries, please register and open a support request here and we will happy to help you over there. Thanks

Hi, I just purchased the theme and want to thank you for such a nice and customizable theme. The only thing I am unable to change is the header of the blog section – I can’t find it anywhere. – the image and the text “We love writing. Lorem ipsum…” Thanks for help!

Thanks you very much for your purchase and glad you like our theme. When you edit the page for the blog, at the bottom of that page edit window, you should find a field group named “Header Options” with the option to enter header background (field named ‘Entry Title Background’), description etc.

Perfect, I’ve got it – I had to be blind :-) Thank you

Hi, I really like your theme and I want to buy it. Do you have any trial period in which I can try and see if it really fits my need?

Secondly, Where do I look for the images for my website created with this theme?

Thanks for your interest. Demo site is the one that you get a chance to play around a little bit before purchase. Other than that, there is no option to actually go for a trial period.

On purchasing, pls send me an email and I can send you to source for the specific images you want to use.

LiveMesh, I haven’t received the confirmation email for your support site so that I can login and ask a question about centering the social icons.

I’ve followed a post from your forum using the code below but it’s not working.

Code used:
[wrap class="center"]
[heading2 title="Join the conversation"][social_list facebook_url="#" youtube_url="#" twitter_url="#" linkedin_url="#" googleplus_url="#" include_rss="false" align="center"]

I see that you already have widgets loaded in the footer. So the above code will only work with the footer columns set to one. If you want to make your footer look exactly like the demo site then you need to set the footer columns to one in theme options and use the above code inside a text widget.

Regarding the email conformation you haven’t received from the support forum, pls send me a message through my profile page and I will create a login for you.

You should now be able to login to the support forum. I have provided the required rights. Thanks

Hi, I would like to ask you a question before to purchase this theme: Is it possible to insert some links in the texts of the “BRANDING SERVICES” section of the homepage demo? Thank you in advance. :)

Thanks for your interest. Yes, it is possible to insert links into the text shown below the heading “Branding Services” by providing the anchor text to the shortcode.

Hi, I would like to ask you another question before to purchase this theme, please. On the Homepage demo is it possible make one row only with three middle items only, instead of two rows with 12 items?

Yes certainly. You just have to specify number of columns and number of items. Thanks

I am getting this error : TypeError: undefined is not a function http://skitter.corporate/wp-content/themes/agile/js/admin.js?ver=3.9:31&host=

I have recently updated to the newest wordpress. When I create a new page with Single Page Site, I can not move over “Available Page Sections”. Any help?

We have been using the latest version for some time and have had no issues. I do not think this is related to latest version of WordPress. Can you pls email me a temp login to your site (bottom right box on my profile page) so that I can take a look. Thanks!

To fix the issue for WordPress 3.9, pls replace the code -

wp_enqueue_script('mo-admin-js', MO_SCRIPTS_URL . '/admin.js');

in line number 618 of framework/framework.php file with

wp_enqueue_script('mo-admin-js', MO_SCRIPTS_URL . '/admin.js', array( 'jquery-ui-sortable', 'jquery-ui-draggable', 'jquery-ui-droppable' ), '1.0', true);

I will have an update this week for this week with this and other changes but meanwhile the above should do the trick. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.