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Hi interested in purchasing just wondering. Under “Join the conversation” how hard is it to add the Instagram Icon that will lead them to it?

Ok so I figured out that by going to Appearance>Main (Primary Menu) I can switch out the URL it redirects people to, per tab.

But on your Demo site, it doesn’t redirect to another page tho, it just smoothly scrolls down to the section clicked on, if “Work” is clicked on, it scrolls me down to the portfolio, if “Contact” is clicked on, it scrolls down to the contact section, that’s the effect I want to achieve, what am I doing wrong?

Never mind figured that out too! Now, what I’m having trouble on is getting the Instagram, Facebook Icons to pop up, I’ve put the Social Icons Widget on the footer, but I can only insert my Facebook, Twitter and stuff, I don’t see an Instagram field, but after putting in the URLs in the corresponding sections, the Icon does not load up, when I press re-fresh, I’ve tested it several times and still nothing, please advice.

Can you pls email me a temporary login to the WordPress dashboard (see bottom right box in my profile page) and I can take a look.

To provide you with more efficient support, I request all questions to be asked on the Support Forum.

Support Forum –

Register with Forum –

Hi - is there an option for a top bar built into the theme?

regards ;o

Thanks for your interest. The theme comes with a header area widget area which lets you place custom HTML into the header area. You will need to style it as per your needs using custom CSS. There is no built-in option for top bar within the theme. Hope this answers your query.

Hi!. Congratulations great theme. I am interested in buying it but I have a question Is possible to have a section at the end of page 4 service plans?


Thank you for your interest. I am not sure which page you are referring to but generally you can add sections anywhere on any of the 4 single pages showcased with the theme. Pls clarify if I am missing something here. Thanks again.

Hi thanks for replying.

My site is to offer services so wanted to know if AgileWP allows a section at the end of the page for plans and pricing (4 plans).


The theme does come with pricing plan custom post type and you can add as many plans as you want and the theme will display of the plans accordingly. In fact, this is how it looks -

Hope this helps.


can you tell me how to edit the map on the contact page and also edit the fields on the contact form? Thanks!

The map can be edited in the Custom Heading Options in the page edit window.

You can change the fields on the contact form by supplying the required parameters to the shortcode -

[contact_form class="contact-form" mail_to="" human_check=true phone=true web_url=true subject=true]

The theme also support Contact Form 7 and hence if you need more flexibility, you can give a try.

Appreciate if you post your queries to the forum – Thanks for choosing Agile :-)

Hi, could you also tell me how to accesss the short code generator in wp admin?

The shortcode generator can be accessed from the visual editor on any post/page/page section. You should see a green button on the top right. Pls refer to the documentation for more details. Thanks

On the page

How do you insert an image BETWEEN the words Branding & Services – which is right below the words THE BOLD & FLAT THEME THAT MEANS BUSINESS

I cannot fiqure that out.

PS: For example, the ‘paperclip’ icon in the theme is e6dd and on its e600 – so I have no way of knowing what the theme icons look like.

Lastly, the icons on your page appear only after the page is scrolled to a certain point. Where is that controlled?

You can find all the icon information for Agile here -

To control the animation, you can either disable the animations from the General tab of the theme options or if you want to control this particular animation only, pls have this custom CSS entered into the theme options panel -

.features-list-alternate i { opacity: 1 !important; 
-webkit-animation-name: none;
-moz-animation-name: none;
animation-name: none;

Great theme! Can you tell me how to duplicate team section functionality to other page with different content?

I hope you have the sample data loaded. If you do, you can navigate to one of the page sections named Team in the WordPress admin and just copy the contents in the editor over to another page. It is basically a simple one line shortcode derived from the data you enter in the Team custom post type backend UIs. Hope this helps.

I see but I need team section and another page with the same functionality but with different content. So I need two in total.

Duplicating the team is simple if you have the Team data entered into the backend Team Profiles area. Pls use one of these shortcodes depending on your requirement [team] or [team_slider].

I have purchased your theme. I know that i can use it only for one website. But, what about installation on localhost ?

Can I install firstly the theme on localhost on my computer for customization purpose, and when this job is done, duplicate my entire WP website with the theme on a website production ?

Yes. No problems with that. License only states that you must not use the same copy for more than one client project or more than one online site.

Thanks for your purchase.

Just purchased your theme and sign up for forum & support will not recognize my purchase code, so can’t sign up. Need some help here.

cheers greg

Any chance of this getting addressed today?

Thanks for your purchase. Email me the purchase code, email id and your user name and I will see what’s the issue. Thanks!


I purchased this template, I was wondering if you can please install the files for me as I am not so familiar with installing files into WP?

NOTE: I have just bought the domain and installed a “coming soon” page and that’s it. So can you install WP and the theme…

Thanks a lot

I hope you did follow all the steps in the video I sent earlier -

If you still have trouble replicating the demo site, pls send me a temp login and I can have a look. Thanks

Yes I have followed all steps. I already sent WP login details via email yesterday. Thanks for your help

I have fixed the issues. I sent you an email, pls check.

How do I insert a page in the sidebar if defoult is Off

Sorry – I could not get your question. Can you pls provide more details on what you are trying to accomplish? Thanks

I can not disable it on a page sibebar page

If you are trying to disable the sidebar on a page, you can go to Site Layout tab of theme options and choose the appropriate layout in the option ‘Default Page Layout’ – left sidebar, right sidebar or full width. Hope this is what you are looking for.

First off, AMAZING template, so great. But, I’m having a weird issue where in Google Chrome, a lot of the text content in the sections isn’t showing up, just blank. In firefox and safari it seems to work fine.

Also, Everything is great about the Team section but I want to take off the “CONNECT NOW:” part because I don’t want to put social icons in there. Where can I go in the editor to manually remove that?

I’m building my site here:

Can you please email me these issues. I will send you the fix for these. Thanks for your purchase.

We posted a simple solution to the forum as a fix for this issue until next version of Chrome arrives (the dev version has been patched already by Chrome dev team) -

Hi, There is a wrong limitation on Gallery section.

Gallery section use”post_count” & “number_of_columns” parameters : - Exemple : with “post_count=8” & “number_of_columns=2” <=> the first “8” images of my gallery are displayed on 2 rows (for “all” categories); That’s great.

But when I select just “one” gallery category, images that not belong to the first “8” previous images are not displayed. In my case, only one image of my category (which have 10 images) are displayed. I’m expecting to see the first “8” images of my category or sub catégory.

It will be very useful to add a “number_max_of_rows_displayed” parameter. If not, the gallery section (but also portfolio) are quite useless for my website.

I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.

Can you open up a support ticket here . Our support staff will be glad to help you out. Thanks!

Also, I want to mention that I will need a little more detail on this when you post this query to the forum. It is not clear to me what the issue is above. Will discuss more when I see your query in the forum. Thanks!


I had issues when i import “agile-sample-data.xml” file.

pa_color black FAILED pa_color blue FAILED pa_color green FAILED

any idea or suggest to import them manually ?

Thanks in advance.

Can you please open a support ticket here . Our support people will be glad to help you out. Thanks!

Also pls ensure you have WooCommerce plugin loaded prior to importing the sample data if you need to get rid of this error. If you do not plan to use WooCommerce, you can ignore this error. Thanks

Ok. I have not installed WooCommerce plugin. Thanks.

in demo shop page, click in one product, bug in demo shop

Thanks so much for reporting this to us. I was unable to see a bug in this page. Can you please give us little more detail (a link to the page, browser used etc.) on what was the issue you encountered. Thanks

I am interested in purchasing this theme. I will be using it for a blog and podcast. I would like to know if there is a way for me to include a podcast player in this theme before purchasing.


Thanks for your interest. You can check the following plugins -


for podcast requirements. Pls let me know if you have any other queries.

Hey guys. Nice themes! I have 2 questions:

1. I am considering purchasing your Agile theme and while I know it is compatible with WP versions 3.6-3.8, I’d like to know if the theme has been or will be updated to support the latest point-release version of WP (v3.8.1).

2. Do you have a long term plan to maintain and update your themes? Previous themes I have purchased have not been updated which requires a lot of extra effort to maintain the theme with every WP update or requires starting from scratch. I’d like to know if you expect to support these themes for at least the next few WP updates.

Thanks in advance for your time and keep up the great work!

Thanks for your interest. Glad you like our theme.

1) All of our themes are compatible with 3.8.1.

2) Yes, certainly. We have a support forum as well where you can report issues anytime post purchase – We have a common framework running our themes and hence once we patch a theme, we can push those updates to the previous ones as well.

Hope this helps.

Thanks so much for the quick response. It is truly appreciated.

Hey :D

Is there a way to duplicate a bunch of page sections?

I have created a layout for a page using a number of page sections which I want to use as a template for similar pages on the site. It would REALLY help if this could be done and save me hours!!

Here is the page with the page sections I want to duplicate:

Cheers, Ian

To utilize the same page sections in another page, you can use the Single Page Site page template for that page and choose the page sections in the page edit window (below publish button). You can create any number of pages using this page template and utilize any of the page sections created multiple times.

To utilize in another site, you can export the page sections custom posts only from Tools->Export and import them.

Hope the above meets your requirement.

I cannot find the short code generator when editing posts, pages, or page sections. If you could help me figure this out I would appreciate it. I usually use ipage, but am using go daddy to setup a client’s site. Not sure if that is the issue or not. Just thought I would let you know.

I am also having issues with setting up page sections on the one page homepage.

Not sure what could be the issue. Can you pls email me a temporary login to the WordPress dashboard (see bottom right box in my profile page) and I can take a look. Thanks


There seems to be a problem in Chrome and I’m thinking maybe the javascript. When I’m in an external page, and I press on the About us element of the menu which is the main page, the anchor seems to point to Nos réalisations.

Go to this page – >

and then go back to ->

You will see Our realisations is underlined instead ou A propos.

Ok in Firefox and IE


In my testing, it seemed to highlight fine (highlighted the A propos). Highlighting depends on how much of the section is actually visible. In lower resolutions, when you navigate to A propos section from another site, the Realisations is also visible occupying at least half of the screen. Hence the menu highlight. In my case, I had to scroll down a bit to actually highlight the Realisations in Chrome. Hope this makes sense.