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Clean design! I like it :D

Thank you!

Very nice theme! Clean and awesome. good luck :)

Glad you like it. Thanks :-)

Wow awesome theme, very clean work man, good luck with your sales :)

Thank you :-)

Great and modern concept! Keep up the good work :)

Sure Thanks!

Unique touches here , congrats!
Kind Regards,

Thank you Bedros!

Great job!GLWS :)


Love the styling! SO clean and professional. One question in the top blog blog post the gallery is very centrlaised – is this intentional or is making it the full width of the post easy? Thanks

Thanks Charlie – glad you like the theme. The gallery shortcode in WP comes with a few options -

In our case, the actual image thumbnails chosen are small but that can be changed by specifying size attribute in shortcode like below (defaults to thumbnails of size 150×150) to help occupy the entire width.

[gallery size="full" ids="4784,4596,4780,4486,4485,4484"]

Awesome thanks

You’re welcome Charlie. Cheers!

Beautiful one! GLWS! :)


Great looking theme! Nice job

Thank you!

LOVE the theme and considering buying it – but the demo is crashes when viewed on iPad. Client had same result. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks for any help – beautifully designed theme.

I did check the site the site on my iPhone ( I was away all day) and then on my iPad. Things are looking normal. The problem occurs at times only if you go through the theme preview button (which does a redirect and then pushes the demo site into a frame). You can go directly to

and take a look. Should work fine. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Will try to remedy this.

Thx for the prompt response and YES – it works perfectly w/out the demo frame. Great to be able to keep it in the short list!

Thanks for letting us know. Cheers!

Love this, does everything work the same as the other themes I bought? And is it contact form 7 friendly?

Thanks again for your interest. Yes, it actually works better in my opinion :) Yes it is contact form 7 friendly.

Great theme. Thank you for the hard work. One question, I need to change the width size of the two column layout. I’m coming from another theme and have way too many images to change at this point. I don’t see any option. Is the best solution just a custom css addition. Thanks.

Thanks for your purchase. At present the total width should be 1140px excluding the padding on both sides. There is no option as such to change the column size since I have not had anyone requesting it so far.

I am guessing you want to reduce the size (since if the images are bigger, the theme will resize them automatically to available width). The width is set via column classes we use everywhere and hence we may be able to change the PHP or add PHP to child theme to incorporate a difference column class to reduce/increase size. If the images are of sufficient quality, you can always do a img { width: 100%} on that page layout to force the image to occupy full width.

Do let me know if you need further help on this with the actual site URL and I can provide more specific suggestions.

I will try and adjust using CSS classes and see how it goes. I’m testing the changes locally so I don’t have a link to send you. But I’ll come back if I have issues.

A quick question. On the demo under more work. Are those three 3 panels made up of individual portfolios that are then put there using a shortcode. I would really like to replicate that with 3 videos. Thanks.

Those 3 panels are actually not portfolios but a section with product or services information that you want to highlight on your site. To change it to a video or a different image, pls edit the page section named “Marketing” in the WP editor. When you are logged in to your site and view the home page, you should see an edit button on the top right of this section. Thanks

To provide you with more efficient support, I request all questions to be asked on the Support Forum. If you’re still having issues, feel free to start a new thread over there and I’d be happy to help!

Support Forum | Register with Forum


Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)



Great looking theme. It’s one of two we are considering buying. Can you please tell me what level of expertise is required to implement the theme in WordPress?

Thanks, Pam

Thanks for your interest. It does require basic knowledge of CSS/HTML and good knowledge of WordPress. Pls let me know if you have further queries.

Looks beautiful. You mention 6 Custom Post types. What are they? This is often a problem I run into where I don’t want a portfolio but rather a different custom post type and I end up having to hack the theme. What post types are already built in and is there an upgradeable way to change the post type slugs?

Thanks four your interest. The six custom post types are for portfolio, page sections, team, testimonials, gallery, pricing table, slider slides(Nivo/Flex slider) with intuitive backend GUIs for easy input of data. You then use the shortcodes or page templates to display the data.

For making changes like post slugs, I do not have an option for them at present. But to make it upgradeable, you just need to redefine the specific function which declares the slug of a custom post type in a child theme. The theme is mostly child theme friendly with the required checks to enable child themes to override its classes/functions. Hope this helps.

I’ve been in the game a while and I have to say this is probably the cleanest, most elegant and full featured theme I have ever purchased. Bravo to the author.

Thanks for the kind comments! Much appreciated.

Does the contact form support custom fields? If not, does the theme support contact form 7?

Thanks for your interest. The contact form supports a few basic fields like phone, email, human check etc. For advanced needs, the theme fully supports Confact Form 7 in styling/form and function. Hope this helps.

Is there a coming soon / landing page option?

Thanks for your interest. At present, there is no landing page/coming soon page option. Pls let us know if you have more queries.