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Hi, first of all: amazing theme, great job! I just need to know if iframe is supported, i need to have some demo games on the posts or pages.

Thank you

Hi there,

Yes you can add an iframe to any post or page.

Does this template download avatars? and resize image?

Hi there,

I’m not sure what you mean by “download avatars”?

Yes it resizes images.

Hi, I love this theme. The only “issue” I’ve found in the demo is the “lost password” design. I really don’t like the original WP site showing, it doesn’t fit in when using your awesome theme. Is this something you will fix?

I also wonder if there is a language file so it’s easy to translate this theme to another language?

Hi there,

Yes the theme comes with translation files so you can translate it to another language.

There are no plans to add a custom lost password currently, but there are plugins that allow you to customize this page.

Alright, cool. Do you have a screen of how the registration page look? :)

Here’s a screenshot of the registration page.

updated to newest version, post double activities automatically!!!! ? can it be fixed?

urgent… please…

Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

awwww! i hate that ticket system.

Hi There Your theme looks fantastic and very custamisable. Looking to purchase, but have one question that I could not find a direct answer to in the help and comments. I want to build a site for twins with very similar functions as but with a paid membership, possibly several levels. I’m sure this can be done … can you recommend plugins. To create a blog/article/group/ with different prices (mthly subscription)...?

Hi there,

I would imagine you would need to use a plugin such as s2Member which integrates a subscription based service.

HEY, i like this.But i want add a link member’s profile called “member points” can i do it?

Hi there,

Yes it is possible to add a link to a members profile page. If you want to add it to the header you’ll need to edit a template file though.

Hi and thanks for an awesome theme, I’m just wondering where users change their profile/avatar etc. It’s possible if I click on memberlist and click on my own name, but how do I set a link that understands which user that is trying to access its own profile?

Like this:

Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

I have already bought a few buddypress themes, but this one is the best. I do not regret and am very pleased.

I hope you will support this theme in the future

Thanks for the comments. Yes the theme will continue to be supported. :)

Hi there,

I am interested in this theme but have a couple of pre-purchase questions.

1) How does the forum topics list and/or the buddypress list handle images in-line? I would like it if a person posts an image in a group or in a forum for it to be displayed in the [forum_recent_topics] area.

Example: can be found here

2) Can the login-in function be placed into a pop-out box? This needs to be either a plugin or easy code insert as I have no experience hence why I choose premium themes.



Hi there,

1) Images will be displayed within form posts and BuddyPress activity streams. However they will not displayed within the topic lists, such as the bbPress Recent Topics widget. However for a better answer I suggest asking bbPress/BuddyPress question since this relates to their plugin.

2) You can add a pop login box, but this will need to done via a plugin or script as you mention. Just to be clear a premium theme is premium because of the features it offers, not because of the features users want it to include. If you want a theme to include all your specific requirements you would hire a developer to make your theme which would cost thousands of dollars.

3) Yes, you’ll need to adjust the CSS to change the widths. I can help you out with this via the support site.

4) In order to get videos and multiple images in the stream you’ll probably need to use the BuddyPress Activity Plus plugin (which is what they are using). This plugin is fully compatible with the theme.

5) The homepage looks very similar to the default one, except they’ve changed some colours and added their own logo.

6) The spotlights page is using the [posts] shortcode that comes with the theme.

Thank you for the detailed reply.

I am happy that the images can be used in a forum post and activity page as this is enough…

2) I appreciate that buying a theme does not and never will give me everything that I want, and I also appreciate what theme devs do. What I mean’t is that it allows us non-programers a chance of getting a theme that is as finished a product as possible. This is why I choose to use people like you rather than the themes in Wordpress…

3) This is a big help and has persuaded me to buy the theme.

Thanks and I will put a post in your forum when purchased.


Just to be absolutely clear. The tweaks that the reference site has done is not extensive css/mods but within the realms of the theme?

1) images in forum posts and buddypress activity function (albeit using a plugin)

2) Spotlights is just a shortcode function

3) The width changes are easy and you will help :)

All this = SOLD :D

PS: Sorry for asking to many questions, I only ask them as I have bought themes on the basis of demo versions and as one of your other commenters said we cannot try the back end…

1) It’s just a case of activating the plugin, no customization is require for this.

2) Yes, just insert the [posts] shortcode into a page. Documentation for this shortcode and all other shortcodes are provided on the demo site.

3) Already answered this question for you on my support site. :)

hi I’m thinking of buying this theme for education use. I have a team of mentors that will be login into the site to help students out. I wondering if this theme will work good with other plugins that I will be using such as a calendar that mentors will be able to view and students will be able to update? Also does this theme come in other colors?

Hi there,

The theme comes with many options to change all theme colours, it does not come with predefined skins though.

I cannot guarantee the theme will work with all plugins, it’s not been tested with any Calendar plugins but I know users have used them with the theme before.

Hi there,

The lost password is using the default WP theme. Is this normal? I would like this page to have the same look as the login and registration pages.

Could you tell me what to do?

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

Yes this is normal. You will need to use a plugin such to customize the appearance of the lost password page. There are plans to add a custom lost password page in the future though.

hi! what it will cost to customise user list view! Ineed to be able to organaise users in 3 columns by drugNdrop them in admin panel

Hi there,

I do not do any freelance work, but I’ve emailed you the details to contact my developer who handles all my custom work. Please note you will need to provide proof of purchase before he takes on your requests.

After using 9 top Buddypress themes in 18 months, I am certifying Buddy-Multipurpose as the best, most usable and yet cutest Buddpypress theme yet. I’m so sure I have no reason to change this them for 2 years until GhostPool comes up with another stuff. ONE REQUEST THOUGH: Is it likely you come up with an update that will allow the latest posts widget to have thumbnail picture just like the Top Post and Pages one by JetPack or can you recommend a compatible widget. You can check how it looks like on the right column here:

Hi there,

Thanks for the comments. You can already do this by inserting [posts] shortcode into a Text widget. For more info on this please post your question on the support site at

Great theme, best buddypress theme ever! Quick question, any way to inch me in the right direction to figure out how to hide xprofile fields in the standard buddypress register page so as to not make the sign up a long list of fields?

Hi there,

Thanks for the comments.

This is more of a BuddyPress plugin question rather than a theme question, I suggest posting your question on the BP support site.

Hey there – I have been looking and trying to understand the theme and i think it suits for what i need – But before i buy i would like clear some doubts on customization -

My aim is to build a niche based community based on skills and followers so for example :

1)possible to have two separate logins ? 1 for regular members and 1 for premium members or it could also be categories like .. Teachers , Schools , Institutes, NGO’s etc – each one should have a separate sign up based on their preferences – Will be i able to customize it to this extent ?

2)Each member can make their profile/brand/business page! having some kinda markers or tags which Shows who are the premium or normal members (teachers or students)

3)I dont seem to find any social shares – icons/pugins for share or follow – twitter/facebook/youtube etc – Is any of the plugins included for Social media -

4)Is there a option for PM(private message) between members & are there options to create/make members >> moderators/admins of the groups ?

IF You understand what exactly i am trying to create here,so even if it takes me month to CUSTOMIZE IT – I want to understand the ability and complexity of the theme -

Regards N

Hi there,

1) Separate signs up? I’m not sure really what you mean. You can assign different roles to each user once they log in, so they have different permissions and see different things. You’ll need to use the capability plugin for this.

2) The theme doesn’t offer this really, you’ll need to find a plugin that does or you could hire my developer to integrate these features for you.

3) You will need to use a plugin/script such as ShareThis or AddThis.

4) Yes, the BuddyPress plugin allows private messaging. You can create accounts.

Does This Theme Work with The latest version of woocommerce?

Does This Theme Work with The latest version of woocommerce?

Hi there,

Yes the theme does work with the latest version of WooCommerce. However please be aware this is not a WooCommerce theme, so while it works, it does not come with custom styling for WooCommerce pages like a full WooCommerce does.

Here’s a real basic question. How do I add four (4) columns each with a centered image on top and content below? Similar to how you have the following Post Example on the Shortcodes page:

[posts content=”post” cats=”” ids=”” images=”true” image_width=”200” image_height=”150” image_wrap=”true” hard_crop=”false” cols=”1” per_page=”5” link=”both” orderby=”date” order=”desc” offset=”0” content_display=”excerpt” excerpt_length=”700” title=”true” title_size=”” title_font=”” meta=”true” read_more=”true” pagination=”true” preload=”false” spacing=”spacing-normal” header=”“]

Instead of Posts the images would be for Pages.


Hi there,

Please submit all your support questions at

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do point this out in the help file, item page and your theme options page.

You do and I apologize. What about Groups? Is there a shortcode for displaying random groups.


Again any support questions need to be asked on the support site. :)

PrePurch Q

  • Is it possible to made sidebar menu with submenus that will dropdown beutifuly? because i dont whant side bar menu looking just like simple list!
  • :S
  • Hi there,

    You will need to find a plugin that provides this kind of widget, the theme does not offer this feature by default.