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Hello Starshade,

Ok, that’s sound great. I love you theme layout, but to be honest the flexibility and advancedness of another theme. However I do not need an very complex theme/website, you theme would be just fine for two points:

must-have: twitter feed, last 3 of 4 on the right. nice-to-have: dynamic gmap instead of static/popup image

I’m however not in a hurry, will need do start my content work first. So please let me know as these can be incorporated and if not when the next release will be.

Kind Regards,

Yes the theme concept is rather old and is not so flexible as these days themes but I kept on updating it the way I could.

About dynamic gmap, no worries, you can always insert the correct google map code in a normal text widget and that would work. I will give an example in the documentation.

Also, the update is now finished, I’ve corrected a lot more bugs and I’ve also included the twitter widget. I still have to update the documentation accordingly and after that I will send it for approval.

The theme has been updated to version 2.1

Make sure you check the item description to learn what’s new.

Important announcement

From now on, support to our themes will be handled only via Goldenworks forums – http://www.goldenworks.eu/support/

Is there a way to hide sidebar widgets on certain pages?

I have a shopping cart and other pages that I don’t want them to display.

Please help.


Hello Jamil,

As fas as I know, this should be possible – at least if you use the fullwidth page template, you can do it. Otherwise, with little tweaks, different page templates or posts detail can be adjusted to eliminate the sidebar.

Please head to our support forums, ask your question there and our staff will handle it:


mjr Purchased

Hi, I just purchased the theme and had a quick question. How do I make it so that when a user clicks on an image, I get that lightbox pop-up similar to the demo site. Currently when I click on an image from my portfolio it goes to the images page, instead of doing a nice pop-up display of the image.

For support please head to our forum – http://goldenworks.eu/support/ and our staff will handle your questions.


mjr Purchased

hi, i posted my question to your support site and I haven’t heard anything. I really need an answer as soon as possible (today) as I am waiting on this in order to get this approved by my client.

same problem with dweisburd . i download the wordpress theme innova construct but it fails with css. well because i do not like to pay wothout doing my work, pls send me the correct file immediately

same problem with dweisburd . i download the wordpress theme innova construct but it fails with css. well because i do not like to pay wothout doing my work, pls send me the correct file immediately

Like I stated in the html version of the file, you have purchased the wrong file – please contact themeforest support staff for a refund.

Does this theme have a mobile interface?

Unfortunately no, no mobile interface has been created for it.

Well then is there a way to implement or use one without breaking the custom shortcodes your main Innova theme provides? I’ve tried several third party mobile templates but they don’t display the custom portfolio types and don’t render the custom shortcodes properly.

This should be possible, but along with the custom template there should be created separate css styles for shortcode classes for the mobile interface too. Currently we don’t create themes for mobile interfaces so your best choice would be to hire a developer for this kind of job.

Hi there

Is it possible to get the dummy content from your sample site, so that I can populate the site and work from there.


Well, to my knowledge when you update WP theme or WP itself, the content is not altered or deleted. So I am not sure why a WP template developer would not have latest WP + theme installed and unable to share dummy content.

Ok, i have cooled down and spend last 2 hours to get the template to work! I have quick question:

Sample site: http://goldenworks.eu/demos/ic_wordpress/vote-for-your-favorite-modern-building/ My demo site: http://betaoverseas.com/wp3/?news=vote-for-your-favorite-modern-building

There is a date for the post, but in my demo site it does not. Why? Thanks

Theme has been completely reworked and architecture completely changed, that’s why there’s no dummy content.

About your issue with the date not showing up, like I stated, head to our support forums, we are not responding to support questions here anymore.

I downloaded the theme over the weekend and I’ve been playing with it for most of the day. When I previewed before I bought, I noticed the text menus on the upper right hand side ( Home, About Us, Templates & Contact ). I can’t figure out how to get that menu up so I can navigate to other pages. Can you tell me where to set this up?

We offer support only on the forums. To setup your menu, please read the documentation, it contains a whole chapter about how to use the wordpress 3.x menus.

For more questions, please use our forums – http://goldenworks.eu/support/

As a follow up to my comment above, I also have an issue with the template. This is what i’m being told in my Dashboard.

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description license Stylesheet is missing. psd Stylesheet is missing.

Can you please elaborate ASAP on both comments above. I need this problem resolved quickly.

Thank you.

Please make sure that you installed your theme properly. You can find a complete guide here:


Also, for more questions, please head to our support forum – http://goldenworks.eu/support/

Hello starshade, I want to buy your wp theme, but I would like to know if is it possible to have the blog in the front page under the beautiful header and in two columns at the left and a widget area to the right.

Thank you.

cipriana SAYS Hello starshade, I want to buy your wp theme, but I would like to know if is it possible to have the blog in the front page under the beautiful header and in two columns at the left and a widget area to the right. Thank you.

Hello Cipriana,

Without customizations to the theme code it’s not possible to have the blog on homepage. Also I don’t understand what are you referring to by “and in two columns at the left and a widget area to the right”. It will help if you could detail a bit.

I mean to have the blog in two columns instead of one, in the front page. And a third column for widget area at the right side of the front page. Thank you.

I understand now. This would be possible, but only by editing the theme code because you actually want to change the way the blog entries are displayed.


Has development and support for this theme stopped? Will there be a new version made to support Wordpress 3.3? If so when?

Also will there be a mobile theme attached with this theme?


This theme, like all our themes are all supported and the current version supports wordpress 3.3. We haven’t update it lately because it was not necessary.

However, we currently don’t plan to release a mobile version for this theme.

Hello so far i like but the homepage sidebar widget does not display…the others do but not the homepage sidebar


Drop us an email via our form from our themeforest profile(http://themeforest.net/user/starshade) with user / pass and link to your site so we can have a look at your settings.

How long does it normally take to get a password to gain access to the support forum please? I tried to register a few days ago and have heard nothing. I really need to get access to that I can get some questions answered please.


You simply create an account and wait for the confirmation email to arrive. Sometimes the confirmation email can arrive a bit later, other times within seconds – make sure you also check your spam folder.

You can also send us a message via contact form from our profile with the username you have created and we will send you manually the login details.

We’ve sent you the login details.

Hi Starshade, I really like your theme, and found it easy to work with but I do have a quick question, how do I change the font colour to a custom colour… I’m guessing that its in “cufon-yui.js” but as I don’t have any programming skills, I don’t want to mess about with it! Thanks and keep up the good work!! ;)

Font color is changed from the associated skin you are using. If you are using the white red skin, then go to styles folder, open white_red.css and edit the color code:

body { color:#7a7a7a; background:#fff; }

For more support questions / issues, please head to our support forum – http://goldenworks.eu/support/