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Hello. nice design and wordpress theme.

would had purchased the htmt template… will you make it available on the marketplace?

thanks and all the best with sales…

Thank you, much appreciated. I wasnt planing on doing html template but I have had few requests for it in the last few days so i might consider doing it, I let you know if that happens.

Thank you very much.

Looks VERY VERY Nice, will be buying soon. I wanted to let you know something though, i think someone stole your coding if they didn’t buy the premium user license. I was browsing code canyon for ticket support and i saw this: it looks like an exact copy of yours, might wanna talk to envato…....

Thank you for comments, and the tip, will talk to envato.

yeah no problem, i know the amount of time you spent doing this, and you deserve to be payed for your work

Hi there. We are about to begin work on a knowledgebase site and although your template is set up as a helpdesk type site, I think it could be ideal in layout for what we want. Problem is that we have a current design for header/footer and also 5 “categories” in the knowledgebase that I would like to color code. Is this possible with your template (please excuse my ignorance I am not a coder… I will be passing it on to a coder to work on). Also, is it possible to alter the landing page with new background images etc.

I guess my basic question is… do we have free reign to cut this up and adjust it to our style and functionality?

Cheers Rowan

Hi Rowan, of course you chop it up and create what you need. The features you need can certainly be done by your developer (the are not standard theme features), thank you.

I keep seeing this error message at the top of the homepage when going to the root folder

Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /home/content/01/9891701/html/wp-content/themes/knowledgepress/lib/live-search/DavesWordPressLiveSearchResults.php on line 215

How do I make this go away? What is this?

Please email me the site link at, do you have debugging enabled?

Hi! Is this theme WPML ready?

I have not tested the theme with WPML plugin. I used the WordPress API functions when building the theme so WPML should work fine as there is no other requirement by the plugin.

Any reason why the site doesn’t scroll on tablet when looked at Horizontally (landscape), but scrolls fine vertically (portrait). I even scrolled to bottom with the tablet was vertical, then switched to horizontal and it shot back up to the top, and wouldn’t scroll. Nor would the top links work either (in landscape layout).

Does it only work in the tablet in “portrait” style, or is “landscape” supposed to work as well?

Never mind on the post above. That was intended for another theme on TF. Don’t know how I got it on yours. Yours scrolls fine on the tablet. Both ways.

Is there any way that you can include the PSD in the zip file?

The theme doesnt come with a PSD file as I havent used photoshop for design work (well except the logo), than you.

Great job! Although I have a couple of suggestions :)

1. Translation file? I’m unable to edit text on search-buttons, input-fields etc.

2. Every post shoud be able to have rating or just a simple “Was this info useful?” A button for ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and maybe a text-area below so customers can help keeping the info up to date.

Emailed you the file and instructions, thank you.

Late follow-up, but haven’t seen your email. Please resend :)

Hi, you can also download an updated theme version from thrmr forest. ivan

Does it have ticket system?

No it doesn’t, this is purely knowledge base and faq theme, thank you.

Hi. I’ve been getting better on WP over and over again through last years, I’ve installed many many themes and plugins, but yours has been the easiest, so congratulations.

However, I have just 3 questions/problems:

First, the knowledge base is just in blank, no content, so maybe i’m doing something wrong. I realized that if I don’t apply any category to an article, it is shown on knowledge base, but i’d like to use this section as a index (or map) of all the articles, so please let me know what to do.

The second, with -po files, I already generated the .mo files, but no changes are displayed. Also, if I look inside .po, there’s no options like “continue” (there’s a “continued”) for home, for example. Also, I’ve seen .po files is only for front-end, so I’d like to know if you have something for back-end, basically, because I’d like to have someone else updating the articles and faq’s. But don’t worry, if there’s no way to translate the theme through .po files, i’ll do it directly on php, ok?

Finally, what I see is that everything is automatically sorted, so is there a way to specify category order or even article order? Basically because I’d like to have “Basic concepts” and “After rendering”, for example, so I prefer to have non-alphabetical order. I think I can do something to respect through a plugin, but please let me know if you considered this option and if you have a solution already.

Thanks a lot, I’m really excited to publish my support site already. Thanks a lot, great theme!

Oh! I’ve seen what to do on question 1, thanks. Also, I’ve solved the post re-order through

Thanks a lot. Just one question pending.

Thank very much for your comments, much appreciated. Please email me at and I will send you updated .po file. You wont have to edit any php. Ivan

nice theme – I assume the left column is widget ready?

Thank you, yes the left column is widget ready (widget sidebar can be set to right)

is there a way to disable the “author box” on single post pages so it doesn’t appear? Love this theme having a lot of fun with it…

Thank you. You can disable the author box under Theme Options>>Knowledge Base. Insure you have the latest version 1.1 if not download from FT.

thanks whats the best way to update the theme to 1.1?

Activate some other theme in admin panel, delete version 1.0 and install and activate version 1.1

does this theme support bbpress?

Yes it supports bbpress.

Hi, love the style of this template! It would be perfect for a project, but WordPress in the background isn’t that great for a knowledge base. ;) I had read that you were thinking about creating a pure html template, is that correct?

Thank you, yes hoping to create html template but it wont be before march due to other commitments.

Is it possible for the Knowledge Base Topics in the side menu to expand/close with their articles based on if the user is viewing article in that topic?

For FAQ.. can we create multiple faq pages based on different topics?

Can The FAQ pages be put under the Knowledge Base Topics, similar to Articles?

Thank you, Anna

Hi Anna

Expand/close sidebar menu is not a theme functionality but you may be able to find a plugin to achieve this.

You cant have multiple faq pages displaying different categories but you can have a single faq page with faqs separated into categories.

Faq pages cant be displayed under Knowledge Base topics.

Thank you

How do we disable showing sub-categories from the categories list in the left side bar? I couldn’t find any reference of disabling hierarchal categories in your widgets.php file.

Please suggest.

I used on my demo site default wordpress widget “Custom Menu”. Create new menu under “Menus” and select it in “Custom Menu” widget. This gives you greater flexibility over the categories, hierarchy and order you want to display.


I did some research and I just run across the “almost” same theme on this web site:

so which one is the original ?

which one is the newer ?

is it the same developer behind them or ?

Can a developer please answer me these questions as I am planing to purchase this theme…


Hello again,

thank You for reply, I have purchased both of them, and there is some differences I see it.

Is it possible to do some combinations in my case since I have purchased both of them ?

I will use this one You have on this page, but I would like to change the background picture on the HOME page behind the “search field” as the other Knowledge Theme have, is it possible ?

i sent an email today regarding this, it`s from the same email address as I use on my account here… can You please look at it and let me know ? I also sent a screen shot to show You what I exactly mean..

Thank You

Hi, yes you can do whatever you want with the themes, modify or combine.

Hi again,

ok, great to know, thank You for reply !