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Any chance you can list which options this one has over the KnowledgeDesk one at Mojo? Personally I prefer the visual appearance of the other ‘KnowledgeDesk’ one (fonts, no box around ‘knowledge base’, ‘faq’, ‘contact’, etc.), and what like to know what I would be losing if I purchased that one.

Also, I find the live search to be very slow compared to other themes (the KnowHow theme as an example) – are there plans to improve the search speed? Thank you!

Hi, i checked the speed and i havent seen any difference, the live search that i used i one of the best out there. For the theme design and options please see theme descriptions, thank you.

both of those themes are really nice, :) I prefer more this one than another one at Mojo:

This one have better look, for example when You clicks on the “Knowledge Base” the first thing I noticed that is better in this theme is the “buttons” on the left side, colorized according to the Theme color, and there is 3 colones of the Categories while the one at Mojo have only 2 colones, so I prefer these things in this Theme..

However I would like to add a background picture on the HOME page right behind the “search field”, because it can be to much of the same color over all HOME page, so I think that Developer should add an option so we can change background on the HOME page, and of course keep this options for those who prefer to use the same color over all at the HOME page..

keep them updated, I would pay much more for them ! they are just Media-Wiki killer :)

Thank You for these nice themes !!

Thank you Amel, i will give a thought… maybe as an additional page template.

Hi again, You`re very welcome !

please if You could do it I would be very glad !! Anyway let me know either via comments here or send an email to me..

Thank You for very quick responses and great support !

BTW: You could make additional “home” page as an additional “template” as well and let us add the background behind the search field …

Hi. Look perfect for our need. We do have a wordpress website with our own design. need something like this for our support page. Can it be installed on same site and show up on our help/support page or its stand alone theme?

Hi, it is a theme so it requires either multisite enabled or stand alone wordpress install. You can implement it either as subdomain or subfolder for your existing domain.

Easiest way to fix footer to bottom of the screen irrelevant of content height?

There are few css hack you can find on the internet to achieve this (not always 100%) or the jQuery approach, both will require customizing the code and testing. The simplest way would be to add some content to the page or sidebar.

Hi GuerillaThemes

I have just purchased your theme, I am building a knowledge base site.

I am the 100th person to buy your theme! Do I get a prize? :)

Keep up the great work.

P.S I am an advanced user of Joomla but never used Wordpress before but I wanted your theme so much that I have no choice but to start to learn how to use WP. I wish you had developed this for Joomla :chuckle:

Thank you very much, much appreciated.


I want to make a knowledge base site and I like your theme the most. However, I have some specific requirements:

- I want to have multiple sections in the KB (Installation, Usage, Advanced Usage, etc.) and every page will be part of one section. I want to display left sidebar menu with all the pages that are in the section. The pages will have parent pages (like 1., 1.1., 1.1.1, etc.) and I want the child pages to have indentation. Is this possible?

- I want to have image gallery on some of the pages and the images should be clickable. After the click the image should open in lightbox (e.g. FancyBox or similar). Does the theme support this?

- I want to include the bbPress 2 forum. Is this compatible with the theme?

Hi Your section can be a post category that would display like this: If you need a custom category sidebar widgets there are quite a few on you could use. Lightbox is not built in so you would have to use a plugin or customize the theme. Ivan

Yes the theme supports bbPress plugin

Hello GuerillaThemes, I want to buy this theme today….but can you please add bbPress integration and support for this theme and make the forums and topics display really nice when we are using bbPress and release this in a new update.

I would be very grateful and it will help your themes sales with another great feature every support theme needs, Thanks, I will await your reply.

Hi, thank you for your interest. The theme supports bbPress by default. I havent done any custom styling for the plugin as it integrates fairly well. I will consider creating a custom page template to style bbPress depending on demand but no promises at the moment. Regards, Ivan

Thanks for the fast response to my question, thumbs up.

That is great it supports bbpress by default, I will test it out as I have just purchased the theme :)

I will message you if I have any more queries, Cheers

Thank you for your purchase and please let me should you have any issues with bbpress.

Hi, there are terms I couldnt find to translate:

- View all results - View all 1 articles - Last Updated


I couldnt find also the term: “Continue” in the .po

You are right, few terms were missed out, apologies. I will review the theme and update this week, thank you.

hi, can you have thumbnails show on post categories?

Post listed by category show thumbnails: The following knowledge base template doesnt show thumbnails:

thanks, is there a way to set the thumbnails from the category view to be small thumbnails to the left of the post as opposed to full sized images?

You would have to modify all the loop files in templates folder.


really like your theme – just what I was looking for.

I have a question: How can align the header and header tagline to “left”? The style.css is practically empty.

Thanks for your help, appreciated.

Best, Patrick

Hi again,

I just figured out, that it is not the alignment but the float of the search field. Here is the link:

What can I do?

Best Patrick

Thank you Ivan. I tried to correct this, but it did not work. I looked at your demo template and there it is aligned correctly. Can you send me the .css of the demo-template or check both versions?

The demo and the download package are the same files. Your is causing this issue, edit your logo so it is 70px in height. Regards, Ivan

Thank you, Ivan!!

I am brand new at WP, so bare with me. The photo of the knowledge base is a great looking knowledge base for this theme, how is this created…

No, on the sample of your Knowledge Base page, How do I create a Knowledge Base page like the one pictured on the purchase screen.

nevermind I figured it out, one more question though, how can I get the Hero image to display the full length…right now my template is boxed…

To have the image show full screen you have to customise the theme using jQuery script.

“Please fill in all the fields correctly.” and “Message” and “Name” cant be translated.

Is there a way to have footer postioned on the bottom of the screen? On big screen the footer is not at the bottom.

Yes it can be done but it’s not straight forward, there are some css hacks on the internet but not all work 100% in all browsers alternatively it could be done using jQuery. Can you post a link to the page where you have this problem, thank you. Ivan

I am missing read more button if i use more tag in articles. Could you please check this?

And there are still some missing phrases in .po files like continue, view all results, etc.

And i just realized that this theme has no comfortable shortcode generator in editor. You have to add all shortcodes manually. May you can add this in future releases?

Hi The theme uses post excerpt function for content so you can set your post excerpt length globally for all posts under options panel rather than using more tag on every post. This function doesnt display “Read more” link.

I have updated the .po file and the update will be available within few days as I want roll some other fixes into this update.

Shortcode generator is already on my list of improvements.

Thank you for your feedback. Ivan

There is a huge difference in load time if you have menu with sub entries and try to get main menu item. Let me explain: I have a shop menu with sub menu cart and categories. If i click on shop the load time was extreme slow. If i create a menu with shop only site will load very fast. Does anyone can confirm this? May i am the only one who has this behavior?

Hi Could you please email me a message from my profile with the two links if possible, thank you.

Awesome :) I love it. Only one thing i would like to know. Possible to use our own font? We do have an costum font we would like to use! is that possible and how can i do that?

Thank you, I would advise to have a developer to do this for you as you will need some coding skills. It depends on the font type and how you want to implement. You will need to either create a child theme (which will pay off when want to update the theme) or customise app.css stylesheet and options-function.php file. Ivan

This is beautiful design. Is there any way to incorporate it into an existing website (HTML) that does not use WordPress? For instance, could I copy and paste the HTML into a static page and still keep all the functionality?

Thank you, I don’t have plans for a html theme at this point.

Hi, the fold of the home page seems to end just after the button in the 3 boxes and does not show content underneath that or the full home page boxes as depicted in your screen shots on the sales page. Is this something that can be rectified as I would like the full three home page boxes to be above the fold?

Hi, you can certainly customise css for page-home.php in assets/app.css, reduce the spacing and sizes to achieve what you need. I don’t see this as an issue, generally the search field and the three boxes should direct user to the content they want and the theme wasnt designed as a landing page theme. Depending on your requirements if you want to lead a user straight to some content use the articles page template or use page template. Regards, Ivan