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Hi there,

This is a dumb question but am I able to change the text content that says support center to whatever I want?

Please let me know

Yes you can change this through admin panel, thank you.

Hi, can I use your theme with the Relevanssi-Better-Search Plugin? Best, Chris

Hi, I have just added an option to disable the live search in the options panel (will be available within few days on TF) so there shouldn’t be any issues with the plugin but no guarantees, thank you. Ivan

Great theme! I was wondering if there is a way to override the fonts that are provided in the them and use Typekit? Thanks for your help!

Hi, thank you. You will need to customise options-functions.php in lib folder to disable Google fonts and then use a plugin to use your Typekit fonts. Ivan


Great theme! I’m really pleased with how easy it is to setup and it looks amazing.

Could you please tell me how I can edit the text in home page search input box that says “Find Help! Enter Search Term here.” It would be useful to have this in the Admin panel.


Thank you for your comments, much appreciated. Edit search-hero-live.php file located in templates folder (line 3). Ivan

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

Hi -

The theme looks great, but I had a few questions. How does it work for visitors on the site? Can users login and add posts and then comment on others? I would like to find something were users can create posts on a topic of their choosing and be able to upload videos.


Hi, this is not a theme feature but you could use a plugin, thank you. Ivan


Kindly share the steps on how to add the Icons for each Category/ Page in the Menu.

Thanks in advance.

This would require customising the theme, get a developer to do this for you if you dont have the skills.

Just bought the theme and I love it.

I did have a question though, how do I change the search bar text that says – Find help! Enter search term here??

Please let me know

I already figured out the last question I asked so disregard that but I did want to know if I am able to have different sidebars on different pages? From the looks of it I am not able to, please let me know.

Currently there is only one sidebar, there should be a widget you could use for this. Ivan

hey , just installed the theme, looks nice , may I ask if it is possible to have more than 3 boxes and more than 4 featured articles ? I don’t mined if I have to add code. thanks

Sure it can be done,you will have to modify page-home.php and options.php fies.

Also I would like to add a top logo on the left ( as it is on the right ) where should I add the code for it?

Sorry I not sure what you mean, the logo is already left aligned?

i would like add one logo on the left and one on the right , where would be the section to add that ?

Modify header.php file located in templates folder.


I haven’t purchased your theme yet. I had a quick question to ask before I do.

Is it possible to set the knowledge base page as the homepage?

Thanks, Matt

Hi, yes you can set it as home page, it is a page template. Ivan

Awesome, I’ll pick up the theme shortly then. Thanks for the quick response Ivan!

Hi guys, i have purchased the theme and im very impressed about it, nice theme. The Theme is based on bootstrap framework as i see. But when im try to use on of the javascript features of bootstrap, it dosnt work. For example i try to add some Modal or Dropdown, nothing happens. Why?

I have added this line of code (with the corresponding div) in the content-single.php but nothing happens – the modal isnt comeing up :-(

(angle brackets removed) a href=”#” role=”button” class=”btn btn-mini” data-toggle=”modal” Report error! /a

Hi Thank you, go to bootstrap site: and use the code just under “Live demo” to get you started. I just tested that and it woks fine. Ivan

I have tryed it again, and now it works. No idea where was the error. Thanks for your fast answere :-)

Thank you all for your comments. Any feedback or feature requests are always welcome as they greatly help us to improve the product.


This theme is amazing but I have one question, how can I do for see this part of my site in my index like front page?

because in my index the website look like of this way

Hi, can you post your site link again… both links are the same, thanks.

sorry, my mistake.

I want that my front page look like of this way: and that doesn’t happen, my website look like of this web (index)

how can I do change that front page for the other?

Set the page under: Settings >> Reading Settings >> Front page displays >> Static page >> Front page


I’m having trouble with my Google Analytics. I’ve added the code, but for some reason Google is telling me that the tracking code is not installed. Is there a fix or another way to add the code?

Thanks, Matt

Hi Matt, I have checked the code but all seam fine. This might be analytics issue… I have seen some reports of this issue on the web and despite the “Not Installed” message analytics works. I will do some checks on this. Can you check analytics after 24 hours (set the code in theme options panel) if any tracking has been recorder by analytics and let me know, thanks.


I’m still not seeing anything. However, I don’t have any traffic to my site yet either, so not sure if it’s a Google issue, theme issue or if the tracking actually works even if it says it doesn’t.

It’s possible that I have added the code wrong. Do I just need to add the GA numbers in the box and that’s it? In other words: UA-12345678-9 ? That’s what I’ve done.

Thanks, Matt

Hi Yes just use the UA-12345678-9 code in options panel, I have tested it on my demo site and after setting the GA code I got the same “Not installed” status, next day I checked and the analytics was tracing visitors fine and this morning I noticed the analytics status has changed to “Status: Receiving Data”. You could also check tracking under “Real Time” in analytics, open your site in a new window and browse your site. You should see one visitor in analytics. Ivan

I am using this theme and have an Articles Section that is displaying all the posts. Is there a way to only display just the posts category of “articles”? Thanks in advance for your help…

Hi, yes sure, under Menus >> Categories select your category and add it to your menu. This will only display one category of articles. Ivan

Does the theme support multiple languages? Perhaps with qTranslate?

Hi, the theme is translation ready (Poedit) but I havent tested qTranslate plugin.

Hey guys – Just wondering which of your themes – this or ‘Knowledge Desk’ will receive future support? And if it’s this one only, is it possible to get this theme with the look of ‘Knowledge Desk’? I much prefer the font choices, layout, etc. of the one on Mojo-Themes. Thanks!

Hi, both themes are and will be supported, please check the item descriptions and demos because there are some differences between the themes. Ivan

Hi guys,

On the internal navigation and top bar navigation, I’ve set this menu up as a custom menu. Each menu item is either linking to a page or a category.

The issue I have is when I had sub-navigation items under a first level item, the main item no longer links through to it’s page. Well the link is there, it’s correct if I view source, it’s just when I click on that menu item it doesn’t work. The sub pages work fine.

I notice on these particular tags extra classes are added: data-target=”#” data-toggle=”dropdown”

Is there anything within the theme that could be overriding this link from working?

Thanks. Btw, fantastic theme – the project I’m using it for is making my life very easy. :)

Yes it’s just like the ‘Shortcodes’ option.

Basically, like on your Shortcodes example I would still want the user to be able to click on Shortcodes (and go to that page/category) or any of the sub-menu items (Typography, Icons etc).

I’ve added the suggested code to my main.js file and the issue is still happening.

Try coping it from here, in the above code the single quotes have been replaced by some other character… or retype all the single quotation marks.

jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
  $('nav > ul > li:has(ul) > a').attr('href', function (i, val) { this.removeAttribute("data-toggle"); });
  $('nav > ul > li:has(ul) > a').attr('href', function (i, val) { this.removeAttribute("class"); });

Ah, great. This has fixed the issue.

Hi, Could you let me know if there is a limit to the number of FAQ items I can add to a FAQ Category? I have created a Category called GENERAL and added in 30+ items but only 10 are appearing on the default FAQ page and no option to goto page 2, 3 etc. Hope this makes sense?

Kind Regards

Hi, thank you for bring that up, I will include this fix in the next update. Email me at and i will send you an update straight away. Ivan