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Hi guys, next theme update will include shortcode generator. I am considering whether to leave the shortcodes built in the theme and add a generator or create a separate shortcode plugin, any thought on your preference would be appreciated, thank you. Ivan

Loving the theme so far, just installed it a few hours ago.

On the “Articles” page, it’s sorted by “last updated”, but I want it to sort by the date of the Posts instead. Any way of doing that? :)

Thank you, the Articles page template is already sorted by post date not by last updated. If the articles are being sorted by last updated check if any plugin could be causing it.

Ahh I see now, I just want to remove: Last Updated: 22 hours ago because I’m putting in a lot of old knowledgebase material and some haven’t been updated in over 10 years, so the content looks like it was just updated, when the information is old if that makes sense? (I just want to display the correct date that I have set in the actual post, rather than when I last updated it)

Sure, open lib/template-tags.php file and edit “Last Updated” on line 6

Is there a way to add “tags” to the live search? When I type in a subject, it’s not showing up as any results (have it set to title & content) but I realize that I need it to search for tags as well.. (if possible.. )

It is possible but you will have to modify the theme to achieve this. The search query is located in lib/custom.php, you may need a developer to do this for you. Ivan

Found a plugin that will do the trick (Relevanssi) – thanks :)

Hiya again,

The knowledgebase won’t display categories that have sub-categories with posts.

ie: I have a main category called ‘social media’ and the sub-categories are ‘linkedin, twitter, facebook, youtube’, etc. Unless I actually put a post physically in the ‘social media’ category, it won’t display in the knowledgebase.

What I expected: that it will show the category “Social Media” with it’s sub-categories beneath it

It also doesn’t display the correct post-count, because it doesn’t count the posts that are in the sub-categories, so it will say “see all 2 articles” when there are actually 30+ articles if you count all the sub-categories of that particular category..

(Hope I’ve explained myself good enough?)

Yes you are right, I will get on it tomorrow, please email me at and once done i will email you an update, thank you. Ivan

No worries, I’ll wait for the new version, in the meantime, I’ve removed my sub-categories, it’s a new site so probably no traffic at the moment, so no urgency. :)

Great theme. How do I add another post-format. I want to copy and modify the standard post format to show a calendar icon instead of the default page icon then have an “event” format (in the same way that you can choose image or video posts) thanks

Hi, I have done what you said above by adding event category to function.php (add_theme_support(‘post-formats’, array(‘image’, ‘video’ ));

and then copied the loop.php to create a loop-event.php file, and changed to icon-calendar.

However the new event format doesn’t show in the Format sidebar when creating a new post: only Standard, Image, Video.

What else do I need to do? thanks

Wordpress doesnt support “event” post format. For supported post formats see wp codex

thank you for that explanation, I have used on of the supported post formats.

Hello, Another question: Is there a way to select which categories appear on the knowledgebase page? By default it will display all categories.


I is not possible using the wp admin panel you would have to modify the theme to achieve this.

Hi Ivan, I’m having the same problem as Happyches – Categories that have sub-categories with posts aren’t displayed unless I link the post to the parent category as well – I see you mentioned working on a fix, could you please email to me? Will inbox you at the email mentioned.


Hello, is it possible to add shortcode icons to Category names? This would be a nice feature. thanks

Thank you for the suggestion, i will review this.

Great theme, I really love it so far. It is very easy to work with, and responsive didn’t need too many tweaks. Thanks for the good work.

Quick question: in the sidebar navigations, it appears the link is on the word, not the • list item • itself. The result is that the sidebar nav items light up on hover, but only the text is clickable. I am using an A-Z Index as one of the menus, so that means only a single letter of the navbar is clickable…. it seems like the whole bar is not linked.

How can I make the whole • list item • a link instead of the actual text itself?

Where in the template files is this located? I can make the edit myself if I only knew where to locate it.

Thanks again for the great work. I am quitting Genesis themes for this theme.

The navigation is a default wordpress widget “Custom menus” it is not part of the theme, only the css styles have been modified. Either use more then one letter or search on for alternative plugin that you could modify if required. Ivan

I figured it out within the theme…. for anyone else who has this problem, add:

display:block; to #sidebar .widget li a


Those bullets in my question are LIs (list items) ..... it stripped out the html

Great theme! I’m interested in buying it. Can each search result be placed under specific categories and allow the user to see the category that when reading the result?

Thanks, AJ

Hi, thank you for your interest, the live search currently doesnt display the categories. The posts are categorised but it is not displayed in live search, you would have to modify the theme. Ivan


I have the “Live Search” set to search the “Title and Content” option. When I do a search using the Live Search, it shows the Post Title and the first line or two from the content of the post. Is it possible to change the Live Search to display the Post Title and the Post Excerpt instead the first line or two from the content of the post?


Hi, changing it to post excerpt would require major modification but you can easily change the output length in lib/custom.php on line no. 133 change “100” to what you need. Ivan


How do you change the default text in the search box on the home page? Example: “Find help! Enter search term here”.... to whatever we want.


Yes we already tried that… same problem?

Add the following code to assets/js/main.js.
jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
  $('nav > ul > li:has(ul) > a').attr('href', function (i, val) { this.removeAttribute("data-toggle"); });
  $('nav > ul > li:has(ul) > a').attr('href', function (i, val) { this.removeAttribute("class"); });

Ok that worked!

Hey Do you have any plans on adding buddypress or bbpress support to this? Also what would be nice is option to add multiple background option which can refresh/change on every page reload.. Regards

Thank you for the suggestions, bbpress is supported by the theme but not buddypress and i am not planing on adding support for buddypress at this point, thank you. Ivan

And what about multiple background option?

I am trying to keep the theme light so no, thank you.

Hi, I was trying to use custom sidebar on several pages with no luck. I used 3 different plugins, none of them can override the default sidebar. Do you have a solution for this?

Thanks a lot!

I had a quick play with the above plugin and… it works fine.

Would you mind sharing a screenshot? I tried to change the sidebars manually in 1.) page menu itself (bottom right dropdown) and also 2.) under Appearance > Custom Sidebars > Default Sidebars where I can assign a specific sidebar to certain category posts, pages, etc. None of this works. Thanks!

I have already removed it, if you need plugin support please contact plugin developer, thank you.

What is the recommended size for the logo on the home page? Thanks!

Height 70px, width any.

Is there a easy way how to “turn off” the 3 boxes on homepage without messing up the layout (mobile as well)? Thanks!

No, you will have to edit the code to remove the boxes (page-home.php)

This template was first created in January 2013, so it is new and it’s understandable that the feature set is not as complete as it could be. For your future release list, could you kindly consider adding the ability to display the FAQ categories, filter the FAQ by category, and also to sort the items? Please remember that FAQ are typically sorted alphabetically, and the theme only sorts by date right now. There is a WordPress plugin called Q&A that does all of this beautifully, if you want an example. Thank you!

You can set categories to faq post see the demo site and you can use the Post types order plugin to sort the faq posts. Ivan

Our wiki is being set up as a troubleshooting reference, and it would be easier to organize and find information if we could sort the listings by title, rather than by date. There is a handy Wordpress plugin, WP Post Sorting, that I have been able to use with other themes to enable sorting by post title, but even though I have installed this plugin on our wiki, and set it up to sort key categories alphabetically, the posts continue to sort only by date. That leads me to believe that there is something in your theme that specifically requires sorting by date only. Is this something that can be adjusted, either by me or perhaps in a future upgrade? Thanks!

Sure, use the following plugin it is being used by number of customers: