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Hello PressApps! I purchased your KnowledgePress theme and it’s working great except one issue I’m having with the live search.

The live search was working no problem until I had to move the website and theme to a new domain. I copied and moved over the database tables as well. I figured this would allow the live search to work as it had been before the domain move. However, nothing happens when searching for terms now.

Do you have any suggestions or insight on how I can repair the live search and have it working again?

Thank you for your help!

Hi, can you email me your site url at thank you.


How can I shortened the preview of blog posts?

When someone searches a blog post in the website, the entire blog shows up. I would like to do this without having to add a “read more” link in like 100 blog posts.

Is there somewhere in PHP where I can shorten the summary of the search results, as well as the individual blog posts – to lay like.. 200 characters?


Hi, why don’t you just use the theme option for this in Theme Options>>Post Settings>>Post Excerpt Length?

Does your theme RECORD what people are searching for, so I can keep track of things I should add to my content?

No, it doesn’t.


I bought your great Theme month ago. Now there is a new version or updated version. I want to update the theme.

Are there any points i have to be carefully with?


Hi thank you. If you are already running 2.x version I don’t expect any issues, I have just added a second home page template. Ivan

thank you!

Hello, I am customizing this theme to serve as a support wiki for my company, and wanted to have a knowledge base setup for 2-5 departments. Is there a way for only specific categories to be pulled into pages that are a “knowledgebase template” that serves for each department? I can pull in category feeds no problem, but I’d really like to take advantage of the knowledgebase layout without switching to a multisite instance, etc..

Thank you,

Hi, this would require some heave modification and decent php/wp coding skills, I would suggest the wp multisite, this will also allow you install updates.


I’ve just bought your theme. It’s absolutely great!

It was impossible to check it out on the demo version, so when I installed my copy of the theme I quickly noticed, that “knowledge box” template displays posts in all categories.

How can I choose somehow only few categories to be displayed in “knowledge box” page?

thank you. you are doing good job with this template.

Thank you much appreciated. Yes the knowledge base template displays all categories, if you have the coding skills you can modify the template-knowledgebase.php file to exclude some categories.

Shortcode generator doesn’t seem to work for some reason… When I click a shortcode from the list, nothing happens. What could be the problem?

The only shortcode that does work is [divider]. All other are not doing anything…

Probably a jQuery issue as it does’t load the modal window. Use your browser inspector window to check for any errors.


In your live demo, you show a forum page I didn’t see in your documentation how set it. May I install another plugin? May I didn’t see a “forum option” in theme settings?

thanks for your help, and thanks for your theme which is usefull.

Hi thank you, bbPress is a third party plugin the theme only adds custom styles for it.

thanks a lot :)

I would like to purchase your knowledge base theme, please is it possible to import word documents that we have already written into the site?

Or how do we import these documents into the theme?

Also, how do we create new documents?

Regards Toyah

Hi, you can paste Word documents into post/page which is a default wordpress feature (not theme) and you find out more on the web, perhaps there is a way to import the document but i am not aware of any so you need to look it up. There is no custom build in feature to import multiple word documents within the theme. Regards, Ivan

Thanks…. is there a add button on the main page for user to add or type out wiki directly into the site and get saved & tagged?


No there no such functionality, only what you see on demo site. Ivan

Just upgraded from a previous version and noticed the shortcodes changed with accordions being moved to FAQs exclusively.

Is there anyway to active the accordions to be used elsewhere throughout the site?

Hi, the accordion shortcode has been removed completely, the faq plugin is using custom script not the Shortcodes plugin.

Hello, how can I add search functionality to include topics and posts from my bbPress section of the site? I need the main site search to display keyword results pulled from forum posts and topics. Thanks!

Hi, you will have to modify the live search query, you will need some coding skills or get a developer to do it for you. Live search query is in lib/custom.php starting line 18. Regards, Ivan

Hello PressApps,

thx for this nice theme! I want for using it as a child theme. In your documentation there is a point in table of content but nothing to find in the answer section…

can you help? thx

Hi, please email me at and i will send you a childtheme template.


Please tell me how can I turn on display of article excerpt in live search results?

Regards, Micha?

Sorry my mistake it is in file lib/custom,php, set it to 0.

Ivan, thank you. Now it works :-) However, instead of article excerpt I get ”...” or “nul…”. How to get rid of them?

File assetes/js/vendor/autocomplete-plugin.js line 25


Can I exclude a post category from knowledge base page? actually it seems knowledge base display all post categories.


Yes the knowledge base template displays all categories, if you have the coding skills you can modify the template-knowledgebase.php file to exclude some categories.

ok thanks

Can the responsiveness be turned off easily ?

Can the responsiveness be turned off easily ? No, you need to modify bootstrap css. Also can subcategories be displayed ? Knowledge base page can display up to 3rd level child category.

Do you do Custom work ?

No, thank you.


I am interested in purchasing the theme, but was curious to know if there was [code] shortcode to show code for ease of copy and paste?

Sorry, I see it has the shortcode. Did not see it at first…

Hi, I bought your theme. It’s great, but I need a small feature – a possibility to choose with checkboxes which categories to display in a page ‘Knowledge bas’.

I know, there’s no such option in default theme, however I’d like to commission it to you. It’s a small stuff, and many of your customers ask about it.

Kind regards, Michal

Since this template hasn’t been updated since 3.6 I need to know if it is going to be updated for 3.8 of if you know if already works? I just need to update a site using this template but don’t feel like breaking it.


The theme is 3.8 ready, you can update, thank you.


Is it possible to remove the live search box from the home page?


Not in options panel, you would have to modify the page template.

Hi. I did not see breadcrumbs on the articles. Can we add it?


Hi, it is not a theme feature so you would have to modify the theme.