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I have fixed the Live Search once and for all. If you go to the 2 Step fix is there.

You’re welcome world.

Any chance you can update this theme to be compatible with IE8?

I have no plans adding support for IE8.

Do we know if IE11 is something in works??

The theme is IE11 ready.

Hi. Can we expect an update in the near? I am interested in support for Google fonts with Cyrillic.

Yes, currently working on an update, still few weeks away.

All Google font will be included.

Hello, I want to ask about this theme. Does it support rtl lang like arabic or not?


The theme doesnt support rtl. so you would need to modify it. Ivan

will I have any issues adding a memberships plugin? I want the site to be for paying members only

There is nothing within the theme that should cause an issue but I can’t guarantee your plugin wont cause an issue.

Hi This template support unicode utf 8 (persian (farsi) or Arabic) ?

Unicode utf 8 yes but not rtl.

I am creating a knowledge base, and I want to clean up the look of that page. I only want the page to display the last 10 posts in any 1 category. Right now it is displaying the total posts -1 – and then giving a button to see the rest in that category. Obviously this is a little odd. I have categories with 15 posts that display 14. I also have categories with 3 posts that display 2.

Thanks for your help!

Best, Tom

Insure you set correctly “Articles Per Category” on the KB page template. If yes please post the page url and theme version. Ivan

Changing that setting did fix the categories with lots of posts. Categories with less than the prescribed number are still showing all entries -1. Small issue – not worth fixing.

Thanks for your help

Hey PressApps, we’re having issues with the live search options. We have text in the content of the posts that link to pdfs. The Live search returns html in the address bar. Have you guys ran into this by any chance, or have any thoughts on a fix it? Thanks

The live search displays 100 characters of content and if there is a link and 100 characters run out before your link closes, You can either decrease the excerpt length, modify the search to extract html or move the link bit down the content. Let me know what you want to do at and I send you the details, The excerpt will be removed in the next update altogether. Ivan

Hi there,

I just updated the theme and tried to install the pressapps-shortcodes plugin but I got a fatal error…

Cannot redeclare column_full() (previously declared in /wp-content/themes/knowledgepress/lib/shortcodes.php:181) in /wp-content/plugins/pressapps-shortcodes/function.php on line 138

Could you help me on that? Thanks a lot. S.

It seams that you are still using an old theme version that used to included shortcodes (built in) and you are also installing a shortcode plugin. Remove completely the old theme version and install the latest one. Regards, Ivan

My landing page is not displaying in a Chrome browser. Go to: Chrome Version 33.0.1750.149 (running on Mac)

Can you help?

Your demo page also does not display in my Chrome browser

Can you please email with details of which pages and what content is affected, screenshots would be helpful as I an unable to replicate the issue. Ivan

I have a problem with my theme. It seems like if you open page first time in your browser – website will load but there will be no text at all. But when refresh browser – it will reload page in a proper way (with text, images and so on). Any ideas how to fix that? this problem was noticed in chrome and opera. And seems like IE and Firefox doesn’t have this problem. I have attached screenshot to show you how this problem looks like. In same time I don’t see that problem on your demo website

This seams to be a Chrome bug, try adding the following to assets/css/app.css or email
        -webkit-animation-duration: 0.1s;
    -webkit-animation-name: fontfix;
    -webkit-animation-iteration-count: 1;
    -webkit-animation-timing-function: linear;
    -webkit-animation-delay: 0.1s;

@-webkit-keyframes fontfix{
    from{     opacity: 1; }
    to{    opacity: 1; }

LOVE the theme!

But… I’m having trouble getting the contact form templates to work. I’ve made 2 pages with contact forms on them, added the email address, tested a few times and nothing comes through. I’ve checked the spam folder and nothing is there. Have you seen this issue before? I’m on Rackspace and never had an issue with contact forms in WP before. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi, thank you for your purchase, I have just tested the form and all seams fine and I havent had any issues reported either so would suggest looking into the hosting and perhaps disabling any other plugins. Ivan

First i have to say thank you for this nice theme.

Is it possible to set more then one knowledge base with different articles/categorys? I want to have different bases for different Devices. Every Device has another articles. I can set more knowledge pages but is it possible to set another Sidebar with other category?

Can you help me please ?

Hi, you can have multiple KB pages, you can select which categories to display for each of them. Currently there is only one global sidebar. Ivan

Thanks for your fast answer ;) That sounds good, but where can i select the categories? On the KB-Page i have seen no option like this.

Please email me at

Hi there, how can I turn off your snippet to use another multi-language code highlighting library? thanks you!

Actually I would like to use this script : <link rel=”stylesheet” href=””> <script src=””></script> But, I don’t know where to write this in your files. I put it in head.php, but It didn’t work… I mean… al the code I wrote still looks grey and not colored…

Yes that usually needs to be in the header, you can add it directly to templates/head.php (nor a recommended WP way) or enque in lib/scripts.php. You may still need to trigger the js script. I would suggest getting a developer to do it for you if you dont have coding skills. Unfortunately we dont provide customisation as part of support. Ivan

I cant confirm full integration with third party plugins. Ivan

Hello PressApps, Do you have a login to test the admin interface of your theme? Cheers,

Hi, unfortunately we dont provide dashboard access. Ivan

Hey Guys,

is there any possibility to get the rows on the KB-categories wider? Now its just by the class “col-sm-4 kb-category”. I changed the width to 50% but then the categories in the 2. row are shown brocken.

My plan: I want 2 categories in one row.

Please help me

thanks in advance Andre

Hi, you will need to modify template-knowledgebase.php change “col-sm-4” to “col-sm-6” and change “%3” to “%2” in 3 places.

Thanks alot. That worked perfectly ;)

Is it possible to implement a 3 hierarchy system? An example would be Section, Category, Article?

3rd level categories can be displayed as a category link (folder icon) but not its posts. Section, category and beneath category links and then post links.