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vadikcoma Purchased

Hello, my support has expired, I will really appreciate your reply.

I get 404 pages on all my site as soon as I install WPML. Theme and WPML on latest versions. Also – in admin, in pages list I see empty list for all languages, however in TOTAL it displays correct number of pages, but there is no way to open them

Hey vadikcoma, there’s no known issue with WPML so I would need to log in to check your setup. Have you tried to resave your permalinks in Settings > Reading to fix the 404 issue yet?

Yes, I’ve tried permalinks, but it still gives me 404 :-(


Namesie Purchased

Text block issues – there is a lag when typing on into textblocks. While typing it will just stop responding – after 3-5 letters nothing else shows up and the computer makes a ding noise. You have to click on your place again and start typing to get it to work, and even then sometimes it doesn’t work. This is with all textblocks on the website whether they stand alone or as part of another element.

Tabs do not update accordingly after editing them, saving and then viewing on the page builder view, but when the page is previewed or published it appears as it should. After publishing all of the tabs turn to have the same heading and content on the page builder view, but appear how they should on the actual site. ​

Logo issues- When we upload the logo (At different resolutions) Both for retina and normal, the layout is not correct. If I try and use the middle alt, and middle it doesn’t display where it should.

Hey Namesie, none of these are known issues so I would need to log into your setup to see what’s causing them. Please open a ticket in regards with your admin credentials so I can take a look at what’s going on

Hello, is it possible to display the search field in the header also in the mobile view? Thanks for your help. Frank

Hey Frank, the option for this is coming in the next update – however, there is also a way to make it display now in alternative way. If you turn off the mobile sticky header, the old legacy header shows the search in the off canvas menu. You can see what I mean on this demo:

Thank you so much! It works!


alisonleon Purchased

Can I add text/ email and telephone numbers to the main menu, or secondary menu?


alisonleon Purchased

1. also how to I style the secondary menu in terms of font sizes, font colour, wheres the options for this? 2. How do I remove the border and separators from the secondary menu? Its currently showing black. I have selected white in the backend separator option which is working for the main menu, but not the secondary one? 3. Is there a way I can add buttons and icons for email etc for the secondary menu?


alisonleon Purchased

Sorry a few more questions: I need the email and tel number to have icons beside them (mail oco and a tel icon)

When I try to change the font family to ‘Montserrat’ and the weight to ‘400’ it seems to default to a very bold or very light font, even when I have requested a weight of 400, why is this?

I think there should be more options for the secondary menu as many businesses need information at the top displaying their tel number etc.

Is there a way the secondary menu can appear after the scrolling in box?

Hey alisonleon,

1. Yes, you’d just need to make them a custom link and set the URL value to just ”#”

2. You can’t set the font sizing for the secondary menu without custom css, but the secondary header font coloring can be set with ” 2nd Header Font”. Use this in the custom css box in the Salient options panel to set the size to a custom value:
body #header-secondary-outer nav > ul > li > a {
    font-size: 16px !important;

3. Icons can’t be added into the menu as of now, this would require modding

4.Where do you currently have Montserrat set? I’m seeing raleway for most of your headings/menu


nino_ort Purchased

Hi guys!

I have just updated to woocommerce 3, and after some small adjustments everything looks pretty good. However, I am using “Product Vendors” extension for woocommerce, and vendors’ pages have turn quite weird, as they don’t load the css files or something like that.

You can see an example here:

I have contacted with woocommerce support, and they told me that looks like the theme isn’t prepared for WooCommerce 3.0 :(

Any suggestions?

Hey nino_ort!

Please reach out in regards via the contact form on my author page so I can take a closer look at your setup



alisonleon Purchased

5 Comuns: How do I create a css class for 5 columns using the information below? How is this done, Any step-by-step instructions? .col-one-fifth { width: 20%; }

Once 5 columns in set up can I have 5 icons next to one another that animate (like on your demos)? How do I do this? Again any step-by-step instructions?

Hey alisonleon,

That class is accurate, but then you’d need to manually add the HTML in your page:

<div class="col-one-fifth"> CONTENT HERE </div> 
<div class="col-one-fifth"> CONTENT HERE </div> etc

How do you do this with animated icons?


alisonleon Purchased

Recent Blog Posts i – Default - How do I add ‘read more’ text like you have on your other blog options? I am using this style because its the best suited for my website, but why no link to the page? I need the buttons to be equal heights like on your ‘minimal’ posts?


You would need to modify the shortcode-processing.php file to add a read more button to that style. The title of the posts should be linked to the posts in that style


Is there a way I can do this earsily, or can the other recent blogs ahve this style> Read More is an imortant element to have on a website but I am not a coder as have to idea how to do this?


Just to let you know, the theme has a conflict with Gravity forms. I can’t display more than 18 products on a page using the visual composer element “display woocommerce products”. As soon as it clocks over to 19, it breaks the entire page. The issue resolves itself when the Gravity forms plugin is deactivated.

Please can you fix this?



Hey Sam,

Is there any error that displays for you? If you could kindly give any more specifics about what occurs it would be useful in troubleshooting


Hello. I’d like to make my portfolio section 1 column with each image at about 16×9 ratio. How can I change the current portfolio layout to achieve this.


Could you share your URL so I can see your current setup to assist?

Cheers Is it possible for this page to automatically fade into the other slide instead of pressing manually?

Hey, this wouldn’t be possible without custom development unfortunately

Is it possible to save my own templates in Salient Studio? Design some blocks for future use?

Hey, you can save your own templates into the “my templates” tab – this features of VC is left unchanged for you



In my website I dont wnat the menu scroll together in all pages. How can I disabled this?

Hey gennialedesign, could you please elaborate more on what you’re trying to do? Are you asking how to get the header navigation to stay at the top instead of scrolling with the page?


Hi!, sorry for my english, I`m brazilian. When I scroll the page, the menu is fixed on top and scrolling. I need the menu stay on top of page. No scrolling.


1. I am using fullscreen rows on one of my pages.. Is it possible to add some rows at the bottom that are NOT part of the fullscreen rows. I think this would be a nice feature if possible..

2. Is there any way to have the header with a background image and overlay gradient?


hi guys, very cool theme, can you please give me some help. I have a full screen slider with a heading and a caption. The positioning with “right” and “bottom” in the slide possibilities brings it to the right but not to the full bottom! Can you give me a quick css tipp how to handel it? Thank you so much!

Hi, where do I control the font in the team member description text (type: meta below)? I would like to increase the size.

After updating to 0.8.5, the “Full Width Portfolio Item Layout” and “Background Type” button completely gone. is it a bug?

Is there a way to include a header message on all pages, via the Salient theme, without using an external plugin?

you support RTL??

Hi is it possible to achieve the same drop down navigation effect as per the link below under services and solutions?

DanMae Purchased

Hey guys, im struggling to get a live demo for salient. I purchased and installed it on wordpress. then he asks me to activate it, but before i want to see the live-demo. Do i have to activate first or should it work without?