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Hello—after updating to WP 5.3, it seems the Salient WPBakery Page Builder plugin is crashing my site. I have 5.6 version, and the most recent Salient (10.01). When I activate it the page goes blank. I’ve deactivated all plugins and that seems to be the culprit.

I see that when I deactivate Woocommerce and keep WPB activated, the site is not found. Yet when I deacivate Nextgen and keep WPB activated, it shows a black page. I’ve tried removing any custom CSS fields but no such luck. Any thoughts on what it could be?

Thank you!


Update: It seems that activating Woocommerce alone crashes the site. Activating Nextgen alone gets a white screen.

(This is while WPB is active).

Hey artblend, blank white screens point to a fatal error that will be logged in your PHP error log. Please check that out (if you’re unfamiliar with it, your hosting company will be able to assist) and look for what fatal errors are occurring so we can get to the root of your issue


Hello, I have a question regarding a big white and definitely not intended bar on the very bottom of some of my pages? How do I get rid of them? Why are they showing up?

F.e. here: https://ernstneumeister.com/wunderjahr-prelaunch-content/ (Scroll to the very bottom, it’s just above the footer…)

Thanks for your support! Ernst

Hey Ernst!

The plugin you have active relating to “mailmunch-forms” is causing the Salient theme logic to add that space since it’s the last HTML element on the page instead of a page builder row. You can fix this by adding this into the custom css box located in the Salient options panel > general settings > css/script related tab:

body .container-wrap { padding-bottom: 0; }


Please insert the arrows on the carousel to make the job easier.

All you need to do is place the arrow on the carousel to be perfect.

Hey. I put a button in the footer for: https://klad.ca/ I copied the code from another button that worked fine, but when I put it into the footer widget, the text goes to the same colour as the button on hover. Are you able to help me with this?

This is the code I put in. I’ve tried a few things and nothing is working. Thank you so much.
<a class="nectar-button large regular extra-color-1 has-icon  regular-button" style="margin-top: 30px; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); visibility: visible;" target="_blank" href="https://klad.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Klad-Lookbook-web-2019.pdf" data-color-override="false" data-hover-color-override="false" data-hover-text-color-override="#fff"><span>Klad Lookbook</span><i style="color: #000000;" class="icon-button-arrow" /></a>

Hi ThemeNectar, Can we hope to see a new demos soon? Cheers

The front-end editor isn’t working for me. Theme V10.01 and WpBakery 5.6 installed. Thoughts? I’m really pumped about this new feature.

hello. I have a question. how can I change the font size of main page for minimal portfolio demo page?

Hi, How could I build icons with a graduated background like in the Live Preview of the theme?

Hi guys,

Could you please help me out with this little issue:

Please see url: https://connectingbrands.pt/granfondo-leva-novos-publicos-a-moncao-e-melgaco/

I have activated the “Related Posts On Single Post Page” functionality but it doesn’t seem to be working correctly, because I don’t have anything appearing on the bottom of the post page.

Like in this demo: http://themenectar.com/demo/salient-blog-ultimate/be-my-guest-concert/

I have created 3 different posts, but still it’s not appearing. What would be the problem there?