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DavidHL Purchased

Hi! Can you tell me what’s going on with my menu items, my logo is ok, my socials still ok too but my menu items just got fixed to top?? page:


DavidHL Purchased

Sure, done!

Hey DavidHL, is this snippet sitting somewhere in your custom css? It’s what’s causing the issue.

#header-outer header#top nav {
    display: block!important;

if you can’t locate it, could you please open a ticket in regards with your admin credentials so we can take a further look into this?


I can’t open a ticket, is there other way to put in contact D;


PaulC246 Purchased

Hi Guys. I have installed an older version of Salient. I need to show the HOUZZ logo in social icons but this older version doesn’t support this. Is there a way of placing this icon in the website old version WITHOUT completely uploading the latest Salient Theme. I am very very nervous uploading the latest theme over the exisiting site.. if it crashed or lost data etc… that’s the end for me…! : ) thanks for you help and a great theme.. PaulC.

Hey PaulC246, What version are you currently on? There wouldn’t be a way to add it without custom modding if you don’t want to upgrade. Have you done file modifications to the theme itself? If not, not data will be lost during an update.

Hey Nectar! Hope all is well! Do you happen to know how to do the correct coding to match the CSS on the optin slider on this page “Join the Community” with a horizontal optin, using Salient?

I contacted the Optin Monster support team and they give me this CSS coding but it doesn’t seem to help or match what I am trying to do with Salient.

Here is the code:

@media screen and (min-width: 768px) { html div#om-snxortjvlirclphhy8ga .miami-form input, html div#om-snxortjvlirclphhy8ga .miami-form input[type=submit] { width: 33%; margin-bottom: 0; } }

Hey lnbbroductions!

Could you share the URL where you’re adding in that css so I can see why it’s not taking for you?



eplanas Purchased

In a near future, do you plan to add custom post type compatibility in page builder lists? like in “blog” or “recent posts”.

And/or do you plan activate the “post grid” button of VC? it’s a native button and allow CPTs lists.

In my opinion, it’s a priority. It’s a very big limitation if you work with CPTs

Thank you!

Hey eplanas,

It’s an item already on the wishlist – i’ve noted your +1 for the idea :)


there is a feature on a site ( half way down the page ) that is using this theme, it appears they are using your theme, the feature is the ’’how much money can i save ’’ sliding calculator, can you confirm is this a feature on the theme, or a plug in or additional coding required, the site is

Hey tomweekend,

That is the result of custom development or the use of a plugin – unfortunately that’s not a standard element



mtypplt Purchased

Hi, salient breaks the sitemap.xls running on a ngnx server. tahir from the support told me to post the ticket here with ticket id: ticket id #1491616 Please help, thx mario

Hey mtypplt, please see my response in regards on the ticket. Thanks :)


wongsamar Purchased

please include instagram feed on your next update .. looks like everyone is talking about ..

Hey wongsamar, thanks for the request


Hello, please answer some many questions my ticket 7 days ago –

1) How, I change text color (black or white) in contact form 7 in form – 2) How, I open form Off Canvas Navigation by another link instead of the menu opening at the button, is it real? 3) In a footer I have some style css, but my style don’t worked. How I can use my style in footer? 4) In portfolio, possible so that link “portfolio” opened my portfolio?, so as now error 404 5) Portfolio item have like and date. I want deleted this elements, is it possible? And I wanted post-area col span_12 instead of post-area col span_9 –

Hey vsehmogushiy,

I can see Andrew responded earlier today in regards, thanks for your patience


Is anybody having issues updating to 8.5.5. through the Envato Market plugin today?

Hey logicbank, what issue are you experiencing? Is there any errors reported that you can paste in here?


Hi, I have a problem with WPML 3.9.3 and the translation of the Portfolio item. I turn on the feature to translate Portfolio on the WPML translation Option. I create a copy of the main language, I edit the text content in the portfolio item but when I click save… the text doesn’t save! I can only duplicate the content but I can’t change it! No problem on the Pages translation, works fine, but on the Portfolio doesn’t work! Can you help me? tnx! Cheers

Hey DieMan_,

Are you using the latest version of Salient (8.5.5)?


Yes, Salient 8.5.5 & WPML 3.9.3

Hey Guys

I’ve been using the theme for at least 2 years now, and I really love it. I aways figure out a way to go towards what I want, without really adding code.

ALTHOUGH, now I’m having a small issue: > I have a Post on my blog and I’m using the full width header layout. cf:

As you can see, it shows the post-title in full screen with my bg-header, but I can’t add a subtitle and I’d love to. Have any of you guys find that a solution?

Looking forward to your replies. Best regards


Hey Will,

Unfortunately this would require custom development as the header function would need to be modded to allow the display of a new field. The blog post type header settings doesn’t currently offer a field for this, so there’s no quick fix. However, i’ve noted the idea for the wishlist :)


On a one-page layout, my anchor links in the top nav will be underlined when the page initially loads. This is the hover/active effect. How do I prevent this? I do not want that effect to appear and disappear when the page loads. I noticed your demo website does not do that.

When I scroll the page down, the hover effect will appear on the navigation links correctly. However if I scroll all the way up, it will remain on the 1st menu item and not disappear. If I add a home link, the home link will permanently be underlined.

Hey alexloganlee,

Please share your actual URL so I can take a look at your settings – also, have you purchased the theme under a different user account?


tell me how to update the theme without errors

Hey vodovarius, we have all the update methods covered in our documentation What errors are you facing when updating? Did you previously modify any of the theme directly?


Hi there, I’m having trouble getting my retina logo to display properly. Is there a setting that I’m missing? I have similar logos added in the ‘transparency’ tab.

Hey jgro1, please share your actual URL in regards so I can take a look at the setup


Google Maps Tracker / Pointer with my place is not working? I activated in the settings.. but still I don’t see it..

I found it already, I forget the Map Marker Locations.


I have an external javascript code (mailchimp) that I need to place somewhere. Where do I place it without interfering with the other code? Did not work well in the header or footer because the website did not load properly.

<script type = “text / javascript” src = ”//” data-dojo-config = “usePlainJson: true, isDebug: false”> </ script> <script type = “text / javascript”> require ([“mojo / signup-forms / loader”], function (L) {L.start ({“baseUrl”: “XXXX”, “uuid”: “XXXX ”, Member XXXXX “})}) </ script>

Regards, Martin

My complete site is ready, up and running. And at the same time, we spend the massive amount on videos and uploaded. Now we came to know that the videos don’t have autoplay option on mobile. Kindly help me to overcome this problem. If not so we need to redesign the complete site.