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Please some help. I’m trying to style the form in my child theme’s style.css but the border keeps being overriden. How can i style my form?

Hey JimKalligas, please share your URL in regards where you’re trying to alter the form border so i can provide some example css :)

The problem is my website is not running on a domain you will have to add a line to your host file. The domain is and the ip the domain must be connect to throw the host file is Thank you

Hi, I have an issue, I have a 2 row layout, left one contains text and the right one contains a white background color and a text on it, when it goes into mobile view, the white background covers the text thats on it. How can I fix that? (when I’ve put opacity on the background I can see that it is covering it)

Hey RatioCreative,

Could you please share the URL in regards where the issue is present so I can assist?


hi, is any other shop system than woocommerce running and updated with salient?

Hey johnsn,

I haven’t personally integrated any other shop system – it’s possible that some others ones would work – but there’s no extra styling I’ve added for any other than WooCommerce


Hi, is there a way to make additional logo and menu coloring for different rows in a sliding one pager? I need them to be all white, all color, semi white and semi color (due to the background of my rows, those 2 options that are built in arent enough). How can I achieve that?

Hey RatioCreative,

As of now that would require some custom development unfortunately, because there’s only two classes that get added, css alone wouldn’t be able to do the trick fully, JS work would be needed

On mobile can I get my normal navigation to be the cool full cover overlay instead dropdown?

Hey pors, yes – enable the mobile sticky header option in the Salient options panel > header navigation tab and then you can choose what off cavas menu style you’d like in the header navigation > off canvas menu tab

Hey Phil,

-Just bumped this.. . .

•The contact section is not showing the google maps feature. It shows it for a fraction of a second and then it prompts an Oops error message.

• I was also inquiring as to how I can give the social icons in the header more breathing room. They look bunched together and I’m not quite sure how to fix it.



Hey CSMurphy,

1. The current version of Salient (7.5+) now has a field in the Salient options panel > general settings > css/script related tab for adding in your API key. Once you provide a valid API key for google maps it will load :)

2. Have you verified that your child theme is not creating the issue?


Pre purchase question. Does this theme have layout templates that can be saved? For example, if a portfolio case study page payout is designed, but it be saved and reused for other projects in order to save time?

Hey A_K,

Yes – VC offers a template system and it can indeed be used on projects set to full width


Awesome, thanks!

Hi! Our menu is fairly long, it looks ok on desktops but smaller screens like mac airs etc it wraps down. Then on phone is fine. What do you recommend besides shortening the menu? Think I could adjust the quires for it via custom CSS – to trigger mobile menu faster? Anything easier?

The most fantastic feature would be when the menu wraps, it somehow triggers the phone view automatically – that would be something for the list!!

On the blog site all images are bigger than displayed, is it for SEO reasons possible to change it to the real displayed size? The use would load a lot of data less … Best Regards!

The “Salient” Menu a.k.a. control panel seems to have disappeared from my side bar – what is the URL after wp-admin to get to the page and what would have caused it to disappear? – I’ve noticed this a 2 different sites

Hey ThemeNectar, How do you remove the animated down arrow from a full screen header image—the full screen header is being used as landing page, so there isn’t any content below… Is it possible to remove this arrow?

I apologize if this has already been reported, but I’m having an issue with the fullscreen rows option. I added a video Nectar Slide and Slider in the first row of a page and when I select the option for fullscreen rows, by default it will make the slider twice the size and cut off half of it.

I noticed that if I change the animation between rows to anything other than default scroller, it fixes itself but that’s a little less than ideal as I want to use the default scroller.

Also, I’ve noticed the fullscreen rows will in general screw with the header. In particular I’m wanting to use a transparent on load with a white logo and then when I scroll, the header to become opaque (as it functions without the fullscreen rows activated) and the logo to shift colors. As it stands the logo will change (as will the fonts) but the header will remain transparent and moreover, the logo and fonts won’t revert back to the original color scheme when I scroll back to the top of the page?

This is a brand new site, so if you aren’t able to replicate the issue (or they aren’t known issues), I can start from scratch.

Running into some wired issues with the off canvas menu.. I set up and tagged the correct menu with the correct pages I want displayed for my off canvas menu but for some reason those page I set up show but so does ever page my website has shows in the off canvas menu even though they’re not selected

Also how do I remove these when I go from Home to any page I get these (I think they’re called bread crumbs) but they are very annoying and take away from the look of my site.


Home » iPad Repair

breadcrumbs {

display: none }



{ display: none!important; }

Hi, i’m having a problem trying to update my page, first of all when i go to my page to edit, the visual composer looks empty but when i hit classic mode i can see all my page code so i make the changes by classic mode but when i hit update it takes me out from admin page and end up in my homepage.. what the hell?

I’ve been using Salient for a long time and want to change the current layout from All Purpose Clean to Corporate. Do you have instructions or a video on how to do this? I know I can go into Salient > Demo Importer from the dashboard but I am concerned about how my existing pages will get impacted. I would like to learn more about “best practices” for doing this type of demo layout change. Thank you!