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Hi—my footer reveal does not seem to work in Safari at https://thefictionstoryroom.com however does seem to work in chrome or firefox. Do you know what this issue could be?

Hey JayCarver,

I can see the footer appearing when viewing in Safari 13.1.1, and Safari 12.1 from my end. Can you let me know what version you’re experiencing the issue on and provide a screenshot?


Thanks for the response, I noticed now that this issue is only when I am logged in. The entire footer area is just blue. Have you sen this issue before?


I am looking for a way to add columns (2 or 3, to be tested) to my image gallery when it is displayed in mobile version. Currently, the gallery is displayed with a single column.

Do you have a solution ? CSS code?

Thank you.

Hey LFB_Productions,

1. Add this into the custom CSS box in the Salient options panel:

@media only screen and (max-width: 690px) {
body .portfolio-items .col.span_4, body .portfolio-items .col.span_3 {
width: 50%!important;

2. I can see that your lightbox is opening on mobile  - are you referring to the fact you have to click to play the video once it’s opened? If so, that’s because mobile devices block video embeds from autoplaying.



1. Thanks, but it doesn’t work…

2. Yes. However with your theme demo « eCommerce Creative », I can see the video played on my mobile. Not on my site.


I have a display problem on my contact form. I do not understand why my text is not displayed correctly.

I would like this (it’s a screenshot on my website > Apparence > Custom OR directly in preview of Caldera Forms): https://mariages.lesfreresbasquin.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/bug-1.jpg

But, on my site, it’s like this (home page) : https://mariages.lesfreresbasquin.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/bug-2.jpg

Why ?


Hi, is it possible to add anchor links for Default Tabs? I’d like for it to go to a certain tab for the submenu. Thank you for a great theme.

Hey jihoonheo,

If you use the new style, “Vertical sticky scrolling” it would be possible. Since that tabbed style doesn’t hide tabs, you could simply add an ID to one of the rows in a given tab and then link to that anchor from your menu.


Got it. What is the best way to add the ID when using the Vertical Sticky Scrolling? Thanks for the quick response.

Hi themenectar, we are nearly done with the site, however, i have bought Quform and it is just conflicting everywhere. The css is not behaving on our contact page, even in the backend when going through their menu, the hover doesn’t show the text as it should, very wierd.

When we apply a style of theme change, some of Quforms entries change and others don’t.

I looked at the css, looks like your container wrap is overriding any other 3rd party input :(


I know you guys only ever answer when i am asleep, timezone thing, so if it has changed by then please ignore my comment, i must have obviously fixed it.

I have figured it out, your skins don’t let 3rd party forms work. Only the “ORIGINAL” salient skin works. Ascend and Material overwrite any other input. This is such a shame as i really like the ascend skin….Please see what you guys can do to fix this.

Hi sorry one more question, when using the transparent header, why does the underline hover not change color link the sticky menu? Please see our page to verify the issue.



How can I show Title/Captions all the time NOT on mouse hover in Image Gallery?

How can I center horizontally the logos on client element? i trid all on row and column but still they look aligned to top


Any news on when the theme will be WCAG compliant?