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Discussion on Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Discussion on Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

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srvtdmrhn Purchased

Hey there.

How can I edit or remove the mouse icon on team cards?



Hey srvtdmrhn, You can remove that by adding the following snippet to your custom CSS box in the Salient options panel > general settings > css/script related tab:
.nectar-close-indicator.visible {
display: none;

Kind regards,

PascalvanM Purchased

Weeks ago you told me that there was a big update coming with new demos and features ‘VERY SOON’. I see that this is not the case so far. Can you tell me when I can expect this?

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

Hey PascalvanM,

It’s still being beta tested so there’s at least a couple of weeks. I don’t see any emails from you in regards to getting early access, but if you’d like to check it out the offer still stands :)

Hi ThemeNectar,

I pitched this theme to my client and she is interested in buying. As usual, client have some doubts, 1. Can we use the Salient’s testimonials slider and do some smooth scrolling like marquee? see this to understand: https://www.loom.com/share/1cb65161586e42e289260d8043a62f2f

2. Can we achieve this same effect containing logos? I tried the simple logos section and copied whole code into the scrolling text element and it was working. It is some makeshift work but can we achieve this?

I am comfortable in coding so if you can help me in this even a little bit that would be great and this will also help me get this project onboard.

There are some other things too like they want a signup email form in the header top right but that I can manage.

Please let me know. :)

Hey ramanjeet_singh :)

1. Unfortunately, there’s currently no option to have the carousel element rotate in that fashion.

2. The scrolling text element does have that movement, but as you’ve noted wasn’t designed for extended content other than text. However, if you can paste the desired code into the element, it should still work.

Hello! On the mobile website: https://signguynew.vulcanstudio.co.uk/

The video background replacement image is appearing when I’ve hidden that row on mobile devices.

How do I resolve this?

Kind regards, Adam

Hey Adam,

There is no option to hide parent level rows per device viewports – only the columns within them. In order to hide the rows, CSS would be needed. You can Add this into the custom CSS box in the Salient options panel > General settings > CSS/Script related tab to achieve that on your first row:

@media only screen and (max-width: 1000px) {
.home .top-level {
  display: none;

Good morning,

I’ve just added this and although it now looks better on mobile, it doesn’t look great on desktop.

Please check: https://imgur.com/4aBNMrz

Kind regards, Adam


Scooope Purchased

Dear ThemeNectar, after setting up my WooCommerce, the dropdown button Layout of the variable products are by default design. (grey, small and not that nice white like your example(s)). May I ask you to tell me which button I need to click to turn that into the design you showed in your demo shop pages?

Thanks ..

Hey Scooope,

In the Salient options panel > WooCommerce > Single Product tab, there’s an option labeled “Product Variable Product Dropdown Style”

Kind regards,

Dear TN, thanks for your answer. Please see here: https://ibb.co/BCdm0RM the current layout on my page. But I want this -> https://ibb.co/nCS3hkQ (like in your demo) :)

and there is noch config in die Options Tab. :(

Hey Scooope, do you also have the option “Enable Fancy Select Styling” enabled in the Salient options > form styling tab?


toolbox101 Purchased


How can i have site wide links to open in a new window for the portfolio grid?

I did not find such an option here – > https://imgur.com/a/KA45eru

I was able to do with external domain, but can you please provide a function code to do the same for internal links as well?


Hey toolbox101,

You can accomplish that by adding the following script into the Salient options panel > general settings > css/script related tab in the “Custom JS Code” field.


that code you gave me did not work, I just sent you a privet message with my link. Can you please check?


MAJMonaco Purchased


How can I add a Global section to a blog post template?

Thank you in advance

Hey MAJMonaco,

Global sections can be added via the page builder element. Where are you trying to call the global section in your blog posts?

I know that the global section can be called via the page builder. What I am trying to do: 1. I have created a post template “single-post.php” 2. I inject content into it via ACF 3. I would like the footer not to be displayed (by removing the get footer) but still display a global section of my choice.

Thank you in advance


Lurkaholic Purchased

Hello, is it possible to add a sortable image gallery with masonry style element within a page?

Hey Lurkaholic,

You would need to place the image gallery element inside of a “Tabs” element to utilize that for the sorting aspect.

Kind regards

Thanks, it worked. Am I able to have an ‘All’ tab, then add new tabs that when clicked would filter from the ‘All’ images? Also, am I able to stop the lightbox from looping back to the first image when flipping through to the end of the images.

Hello, if what I asked above can’t be done in an ‘Image Gallery’ element, does that mean I would need to utilize the Portfolio feature instead? Then to get the functionality I want, I would need to add a new Portfolio item for every single image I want in the portfolio gallery and set them as the Featured Image? I am trying to avoid creating a new Portfolio item for every image I want in the gallery as it could get extensively long and messy. Thanks.


How can i disable the “close”-function on desktop for the Team member Modal view? I want to embed Buttons and videos in the Team member detail but i cant click them bcs of the close function. i would prefer a normal close button like i the mobile view.

best regards Alex

Is using Desktop Max Width for Single Images anything higher than 100% slowing down performance of the website?