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Another quick one for you if you have the chance. I’m having issues with the carousel starting before I scroll down to it. It’s in it’s own 1/1 full row, but it’s important that pple see the first slides as the first thing they see. Maybe i’ve got a setting wrong. http://intrepidconsulting.net/


it’s already on a slide timing of 9000

Hey SiteTonight,

The autorotation feature in flickity doesn’t take the current scroll position into account. It will simply automatically rotate the carousel at a predetermined interval, in your case 9 seconds. You can disable that all together by simply deleting the 9000 value out of the autorotation speed field.

could I pay you to modify it? Hello@amazingconnect.net if so?


FeriaPixel Purchased

Search Box Text is Backwards

Hey FeriaPixel,

If you’re using WordPress 5.5+, you need to also be using a current release of Salient (12.1.1+) http://themenectar.com/changelogs/salient.html#12-1-1

oh! I didn´t received that email update. that´s wird. thanks, i will try that

Just purchased salient again! Love it! Does Salient have backend updates for Salient? Like notifications within the dashboard and update the theme right from the dashboard. I know themes like Avada and others have this capability. Thank you.

Hey muntzdesigns :)

As of now, the only way to get admin auto updates would be to use the Envato market plugin:


I just updated several WordPress sites to 5.5.1. I’m using the latest version of Salient but after the WP update, the Backend Editor is no longer showing. I can click on the Edit with WPBakery Page Builder on a page which the Frontend editor will show but if you click on the Backend Editor, it takes you to the page but the Backend Editor isn’t coming up and just shows tons of shortcodes using by WPBakery.

Any help would be appreciated, since I have a lot of sites that will have this same issue once I make the WP update to them.

Thanks, in advance,


A side note, all the sites that were upgraded to WP 5.5.1 are working fine on the frontend for the users. The only issue is the Backend Editor isn’t showing up in the admin, which is what we use to build the pages with.

Sorry for the trouble. I was able to track down the issue. It was with a plug called the Ultimate Footer Builder for WPBakery. That plugin needed to be updated for 5.5.1 which was causing the Backend Editor to not show.

Hey Chad,

I’m glad to hear you were able to track down the issue and resolve it :)


Love the theme by the way, I’ve been using it for years and it’s by far the best WordPress theme I’ve used!

I’ve recently switched my website (https://www.innobellamedia.uk/) to use the centered menu, but there’s an issue when the pages load – the menu first loads off-center and to the right, and then after a couple of seconds it jumps back to the right place.

It does this on every page, and in both Chrome and Firefox, and I’m not sure what could be causing it!

Any advice or thoughts would be great, thank you very much in advance.

​(I appreciate I’m out of support so fair enough if you’re unable to help me, but I’d appreciate if it’s a quick fix!)

Hey paulfp!

That is occurring due to the lazy loading functionality currently active on the header logo. You can fix it by adding this into the custom css box located in the Salient options panel > general settings > css/script related tab:

@media only screen and (min-width: 1000px) {
#header-outer .logo-spacing {
    min-width: 301px;


Ah yes, that makes sense. Fix works a treat – many thanks!

(Would it be good to include a “Logo Width” field option in addition to Logo Height in /Header Navigation -> Logo & General Styling/ in a future release?)


I am using the “Top Nav Menu Pull Right” menu, and setting the “Off Canvas Navigation Menu” to the same.

By default, no mobile menu shows up. If I enable the Off Canvas Menu, the mobile nav hamburger does show up, but shows up on Desktop also, alongside the normal full menu, so it isn’t being hidden before the mobile break point. Am I missing a setting for this?

I’ve had to add my own custom CSS in the mean time to hide the mobile menu toggle until below 1000px, but it seems like this should be the default right out of the box.


Hey efishinsea,

The mobile menu does show by default, even when you have the option disabled to keep it active on desktops as well. If you’ve already ruled out a child theme conflict by temporarily disabling it (if you’re using one), can you share your URL in regards so that I can take a look?

Thanks in advance


How can i disable the Template Studio functionality of Salient theme?

Can you please advice?


Hey toolbox101, please see the docs here in regards:



Hey! I see an answer for how to resize the “left header” menu option, however when I do that, the content in the page is no longer full width. How can I adjust the menu but keep all the body to be full?

@media only screen and (min-width: 1001px) { body #header-outer[data-format=”left-header”] { width: 200px; } html body[data-header-format=”left-header”] #ajax-content-wrap { margin-left: 200px; } }

Hey skucenski!

You’ll need to also add in the following CSS for that:


If that doesn’t work for you, kindly share the URL in regards.


Hey dear ThemeNectar-Team,

a generic question: Is there a way to add scrolling animations within the Salient theme to specific elements (images, multiple images, buttons) that revert back to the original state when scrolling up again? Would I need to implement extensive modding for that or is something like that planned for future updates?

A great example that inspired me and which I adore: https://inkr.com/

Thanks for your time!