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Anyone know how to solve the slow page load due to the portfolio images? I have 600*400 sized images, incredible optimised between 18and50kb in size, but still see here: they’re still taking near 2 SECONDS! To load, and appears to be the last thing blocking me from having a fast website.

Thanks in advance!

I have a request for a new update : implement an option to add a link to the map marker.

How can I recreate the header (social + logo + navigation as “hamburger icon”) from the App Demo? No matter what I do I do not seem to get it right. Any help is appreciated.

And the off canvas menu does seem to act weird as you can see here:

Trying to figure out how to change the size of the drop down navigation padding/space on the sides of the links. Take a look at under “Our Solutions” how the last menu item “Healthcare IT Placement” is all crammed.

Nectar Team,

Can you please visit :

If you click on one of the portfolio images to view it larger, is it possible to keep the image centered even if someone scrolls? Similar to the way this portfolio is set up:

Many thanks, Alan

I have found a CSS issue with the theme: This is preventing me from creating any above the fold CSS content as it causes a broken site I have just updated to the latest version to investigate if this was the cause, it is not, and the issue is happening in the latest version.

Hey. Small issue with the Font Awesome icons (Onin News) (Onin Access) (Find Your Job) (Hired Magazine).

They used to animate/reverse color on hover. Any idea why that’s not happening? TY

Hi, does the new full screen option support ‘Disable Transparency From Navigation’ or is it always transparent? Right now I’m not having any luck with it.

When editing and reviewing pages on my laptop they look all good as I designed them.. When I view it on a bigger screen desktop monitor it looks awful.. how can I fix that

I have WooCommerce set up on my site and it’s started adding empty divs to the cart and checkout pages:

rule_value : any_state

It adds anywhere of 5 to 10 of these divs and through they’re empty of text, the div still displays on my screen as a blank area (with each div stacked below the others) so that I end up with a large space above the cart items. How do I fix this? (if I refresh the page the divs will change in number and sometime go away entirely)

_ theme was bought by my company, can provide purchase code if needed _

I have a few questions about the blog.

1. How do I add captcha or other security checks to my blog’s comment section? 2. How do I completely remove sidebar from blog posts? Like its done here. I went to the Widgets settings and removed all the Blog sidebars but that still did not center the content. 3. How do I remove the By: Name on each blog post? I went through the Salient > Blog options and could not find any of these settings there.

Thanks for all your help with my other issue. You offer such detailed answers, that I was able to find my answers to other problems on this forum and on ticksy! I just need help with one small item that I can’t find anywhere…. I need to disable the category links on the blog slider on my homepage: I don’t want the users to go the category page at all, since all the posts are in the same category. I want that text to link to this page: or the user only be able to link on the blog post title and go to the blog single page. Is there a line of code that can help me with that? THANKS SO MUCH!

Hello, A unique ,question does when there is a new update, how to install ?