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how can Import templates, i can’t see it in the visual composer. and How can i apply a template demo?

Hey gtrujillos,

They all exist In the Salient options panel > demo importer tab :)


Hey there. Is there a way to have the arrows on the Nectar Slider above the bread crumbs instead of on the side of the view port?

Better yet…Can we hide the slider arrows on mobile but have them visible on desktop?

Hey dacamov!

Add this into the custom css box in the Salient options panel:

@media only screen and (max-width: 690px) {
.slider-prev, .slider-next {
  display: none!important;


Hey salient! Very nice theme, love it!

Just one question, is it possible to display just two porfolio columns instead of three or four?

Thanks in advance

Hey muskha,

As of now that would require some custom css – if you can share your portfolio URL I could provide some example code for you


Thank you for you reply Salient, This is the site I’m building:

I’d like to have the option to show two or three portfolio columns

Thank you!

Hi TN!

Do you have any idea how to hide any (variable) price information from the shop (and categories) archives?

I tried this CSS, but the variable pricing still is shown…

.cart_totals p small { display: none; }

top .price { display: none ; }

.single-product .single_variation .price { display: block!important; }

.woocommerce-variation .woocommerce-variation-price {display:block !important}

top .price .from { display: none; }

Hey hookieoalo! Could you please share your variable product page in regards so I can take a look why that isn’t working for you :)

ho i am trying to get hamburger mobiel menu working in ipad lanscape. any hint on where to change stuff to make that happen?


Hey jerweb,

This would require custom css and js development as of now – however if you’re just trying to get your menu items to fit on that screen size, css could fix it. Please share your URL in regards so I can take a look


A couple of questions on performance -

1. I’m not seeing the W3 Performance plugin installed with my theme (nor do I see it in the Plugins on Wordpress) – – should I be? Using latest Salient theme (just set it up yesterday).

2. Is there any option to remove unused files? For example, I noticed the site CSS is 600kb+ and would like to trim that down.


Hey bkrall!

1. You have to install it separately, Salient doesn’t automatically install or activate it for you

2. You can minify the file using however further performance related updates are coming, removing styling for specific shortcodes would require manually deleting that section in the style.css

Somebody asked this previously, but didn’t post a solution since he/she had found it in the options – well, I can’t find it in the Salient options:

Where do I change the path name for the /portfolio/ items? I’d rather change it to /work/...

Dooh! “Custom Slug” under “Portfolio > Functionality”.

Hey nadworks, glad to hear you’ve sorted it :)


I’m seeing the mobile icon (hamburger) both on mobile and the desktop pages. Any combination of theme options that could have caused this?

Hey bkrall,

Not unless you have the off canvas navigation option on – could you please share your URL in regards so I can take a look?


How can I get rid of the header/title on a single portfolio page?

love the theme.

Hey unoffish, try adding this into the custom css box in the Salient options panel:

.project-title { display: none; }


Hi Nectar – just wondering if the current salient version will need to be updated to be compatible with WP 4.7? Thanks!

Hi there,

I’ve added the social icons I want to include under the salient options panel, but they do not appear in my footer and I’m not sure why..?

How do I put the content of the copyright section at the center of it?

Good morning, I bought the theme even a year ago and a few weeks ago I updated and I made changes to my site. I have a problem I can not solve. I created a page where the first line there a title and an animated text and in the line below a gallery of images. Both the animated title that the gallery does not open up, I have to reload the page and then I display them. You can solve this problem? Can you help me? We report the link of the page that contains the button with the link of the page that gives me problems, press the center button (rendering fotorealistici). thanks

Hi, I’d like to made same contact form there is in your exemple but it doesn’t works with demo importer : Can you explain me how to do ? Thank you !

Hi, wondering how I can get the titles to show up on mobile in your new business template portfolio section:

I’m using an iPhone if it matters. Thanks!