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Hello! I tried to contact you via private messages (been waiting for replies for more then 1 month). I need to know:

1. When is the next update scheduled? 2. Will the next update contain new design demo? 3. Is there a login / register page in Salient? 4. Can I install more then 1 demo design on a wordpress multisite network? Personal project, but I need to have “Corporate 2” installed as the main website, then I need to have sub-domains for 3 more websites, installed in multisite network with the following demo designs: “Dark Blog”, “Startup”, “Project Slider”. Do I need to buy a license for each of the installs I intend to do? 5. In my multisite network, I need a user to register only one account, and then be able to login on any of the websites from the network. For this, I need to make all the registrations form the main website. Is there a registration page in Salient? (I know I asked this at #3 but apart from being able to login/register I need to make that registration available for my users across the network) EG: You register an account on but then navigate to or etc… and you use the same credentials to login.

Thank you!

Hey avrcata,

The major update that you had asked about in the past was released in November (8.5), the new demos are already visible. 3. Salient doesn’t offer custom styling for a login page beyond what comes with default WP. 4. The Envato license permits this as long as it’s under the same domain (sub domains are fine). 5 There is not additional registration functionality Salient adds beyond a default WP install – getting further functionality would require the use of a plugin



tolisven Purchased

Hi ThemeNectar,

How can I have the header like your new Demo : “Blog Dark” which has the search button also in mobile version. I would like to have the search button also in mobile like your demo.I am searching on salient settings but I can’t find anything.

Thank you in advanced again for your support!

Hey tolisven,

You can get this by switching your theme skin to “Material” in the Salient options panel > general settings tab :)


I would like to make the menu on mobile transparent but with a background upon scroll exactly like it is on Desktop. How can I do this?

Hey philljasmith,

Unfortunately there is no such feature yet – the mobile menu removes the default transparency from that kind of setup. Custom javascript development and custom CSS would be required


Ok, Thanks, The other things that I’m running into is that when I select “Header Hide Until Needed” under “Header Navigation > Animation Effects” in the Salient Options Panel. My navigation is pushed down by a 33px top padding. As soon as I uncheck the “Header Hide Until Needed” the padding goes away. I would like to not have this padding while the “Header Hide Until Needed” is checked.

Please advise, Thank you,

Hey, could you kindly share your URL in regards so I can take a further look to assist?



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I am attempting to update the Salient Theme using the Envato Market plugin, but it’s not allowing me to do so. Is there an alternative way to update the theme?


Is there any error that’s being shown to you in regards? You can also update by downloading the theme again directly from ThemeForest as mentioned in the



FittMedia Purchased

Currently the price is only visible when you hover on the product. How do I move the price next to the name of the product?

Hey FittMedia,

there’s a few different product styles available – some show the price at all times. Please see the Salient options panel > Woocommerce tab in regards at the “Product Style” field.



moth3r Purchased

​I finally managed to track the bug with anchor tooltips.

So far it’s only happening on the pages with animated (fadeup etc.) H3 element used as title inside a text field. Tooltip become too jumpy considering something happens with its padding-margins. When I am using Split line heading everything seems to be fine. Default Onepage imported page works fine by default. Also it’s such a shame you cannot use any of that new tech like one-page full height row functionality on portfolio items. Portfolio items look really ugly and deprecated compared to the rest of the theme. Design wise portfolio mixed with one pages looks so inconsistent. I would like to have portfolio items looking the same just wih featured image support on top. I hope you would be able to do something about it because Salient was always the best choice.

Hey moth3r,

There was a new project style added in 8.5 that looks how you’re describing. Please try out the “Meta below thumb w/ shadow on hover” option in regards



zacht111 Purchased

Hi. I just renewed support with you but every time I try to submit a ticket I’m still being given a message that says that my support has expired. My paypal account has been charged and in my envato profile it says I have 6 months of support remaining. Why can’t I get support?

Hey zacht111, Ticksy stores user’s purchase code so if a new purchase code is given from a support renewal then it might not be working properly. Can you try submitting using the purchase code instead?

PLease, I´ve found that on mobile, you see a white block in the right margin (never had before), it does not makes scrolling, some elements are uploaded to each other and most importantly … Nothing works on !! I cannot go through menu, or navigate or…nothing. … I do not how to fix that! We would need to fix it please! Could you help me? Wher can I solution it? I do not know since when, but I need to fix it. I submit a ticket on suport, but no one answer me. And its very urgent. I tried on many mobiles (Iphone, Xiaomi y Android), no works

At least I found a page, the only one that works on mobile) I put it like a home page temporaly. Please, take a look on my ticket! Thanks

Hey holacarlosabril,

Please check on the ticket in regards :)


Hello, do you have some demo with WMPL? I would like to see the language switcher style. Thanks.

Hey crcentrum, unfortunately there’s no demo showing that as of now


Is there a way to get rid of the main menu on just one single page?

Hey silverlithomes, yes – there’s a page template for this called “No Header”


how to mobile device screen zoom?

Hey metalshout, you’d need to alter the header.php file this in regards. See the line:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, user-scalable=0" />
and alter it to be:
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, user-scalable=yes" />

I would love to have the ability to specify the text color for shortcode buttons. We can specify the button background color but not so much with the text color.

I have a question. My website is built with the salient theme by a developer some months ago. Now the website is completed and functional but unfortunately I am facing some issue while saving any content on the website. Save button is not working properly. I want to submit the ticket but as i am not the purchaser of this theme that is why i can’t submit the ticket. Secondly the developer who built this website has no longer contact with me and this theme was purchased by him. What is the best possible solution for this? Please reply to this comment.

Hello, I noted the Page Transition BG Color option in the Salient Options Panel under Transitions. I’m wondering how I might affect the opacity of this as using something like rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5); simply reverts to #ffffff instead of giving me a 50% opacity on the color white (so that you can see what’s under it when transitions are occurring. Possible?

Sorry, actually it accepts the code rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5) but doesn’t seem to affect the opacity from what I’m seeing.

Is it possible to to use Ascend but have the search function like it does on the original? So basically Ascend with the search being full width but constrained to the height of your header navigation

Hello, when i put the element blog (with the option “List With Featured Row”) to include my last posts of the blog in the home of my web, the images are bad cropped and the text of the image can´t be read because the element change the dimensions of the image