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Hi, How can I achieve the tooltip + line-text style that is displayed in your app demo ( Many thanks!

A couple pre-purchase questions:

1. Can I apply different navigation headers per page?

Example: if I wanted to use the fullscreen menu on all my portfolio pages, but say, the classic header on my homepage, is that possible?

2. If the answer to question one is yes, than I have additional questions: Is it possible to customize, or display different links per header type? What about creating multiple version of the same header type but applying unique links or color to each version and specifying which version you’d like to display on a page—is this possible?

3. Finally, does your theme support Advanced Custom Fields?

How do I remove the padding at the bottom of the full width portfolio page… see bottom of page here…

Hi, I have two questions please.

The page I am having issues with is

The icons and place holders on my custom form are not showing up, and the form is not clickable. Do you know why this is happening? I’ve tried disabling all plugins and it still didn’t work. I switched to the default wp theme and it was working fine.

Also, on this page you’ll see that the animated titles for Tab #1 show up fine, but if you switch to Tab #2, no titles show up. Everything is set properly in the page builder so I’m not sure why. Is this a bug that you know about?

hello. love the theme – my site is

drop down 2nd level nav background is black and I am hoping to make it semi transparent. Thanks!​

I had an old version of salient that I just upgraded through FTP and now the site wont load. I get a spinning orange circle., but nothing loads. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I deactivated and reactivated all the plugins. Works great now, please disregard. Thanks!!

HI, one simple pre-purchase question: in a single page of a portfolio – the content image is stretched / scaled to the container size. Would be possible to disbale scaling or just keep the original size of the image? Thanks.

Hello, Great theme. What are the fonts you use for the Agency demo? I would like to set them properly to be exactly as the demo.

Fullscreen Rows

How do I make the “default footer” appear alongside the “LastRow” footer simultaneously?