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is it possible to change the text effect used in Nectar Slider? For example, is it possible to use Fade effect on text to appear instead of typewriter effect?

Another question, can I add the down arrow I see when a create a fullscreen Page Header, also in the Portfolio section?

Also for Page Header text effect.

Thank you so much for your work.

Hey innobrain,

1. As of now there’s no option to change the Nectar Slider text effect – however if you change the “overall style” to “directional based movement” it will behave a bit differently, as seen in the slider here:

2. The fullscreen page header option is coming in the next update (which will be out soon)


I love the new full screen rows option! But really sad that there isn’t the option to do this for portfolio items! And portfolio items miss out on the option of full screen headers also. Please include this in your next update!

Hey teya_e, thanks for request :)


Hey guys!

Is there a way to change a blog post’s “Masonry Item Sizing” setting without affecting the post’s rendering in the “Blog” element I have on my front page (3 latest posts)?

I’d like to be able to set a post’s sizing to “Large Featured” to make it pop in the blog page, for instance, but have it display normally on the front page preview. Right now, it breaks the layout on the front page, forcing me to chose between blog page variety or a clean front page :(

Here’s my site, in case it’s useful:

Thanks for your awesome support!

Also, another question, how can I put a slider at the top of my blog page with only posts from the “featured” category?

EDIT: Oh nevermind! The checkbox appeared when I changed the font color. Not sure if it’s intended or a bug, but it’s all good now.

And a third one (I’m sorry!) I’d like to have my blog post headers to be set to “full height”, but with the dark layer that you automatically get with “variable height minimal”. That way, my title stays easily readable and I don’t need to upload a custom darkened version of my header. Is there a way to do that?

Hey JuicyBeast!

1. The upcoming update, which is due out very soon is actually going to add a style to the recent posts element that mimics the regular size of the masonry layout. This will allow for exactly what you’re looking to do.

2. Instead of assigning the “posts page” to your blog page in Settings > reading, you’d need to create the blog display from the blog element in the Salient VC, this will allow you to place a recent posts element above it.

Btw, your games look dope! :)

Hello team, Its always a pleasure to work and use this theme! ;)

Question: seem as update my php server to 5.6.29 all websites (include WP) work fine, but just this Salient theme doesnt work !? i could go in admin area but the front end off!?



I forgot, i have the last version of: WP, theme, plugins…all updated …maybe a conflict with other plugins!?


Hey Popsicle!

I’m not seeing anything jumping out as obviously wrong on the URL you’ve shared, could you share a screenshot and specify something specific that is not right so I can take a closer look?


How can I move the main menu under the Page Header?

Hey jasonpasquale,

unfortunately this wouldn’t be possible without some custom modding as of now

Hi how can I get the ‘Next Post’ at the bottom of blogs to link to the next one in that category?


WHY SOMETIMES ICONS CHANGE COLOUR ? it is happening maybe 3 times from 10 when you enter the page, and my site looks like this ->

And it is happening with different icons every time….

What to do ?

And why the video on site doesn’t work then you enter from safari ? my site –

Great theme! I am having an issue where the uploaded image on my home page nectar slider gets cropped on mobile. I have enabled “flexible slider height” and “display full width” to no avail. Viewing via portrait on an iPhone SE. If I turn the phone to landscape, then I am able to see the complete image. What am I missing? Is it possible for this issue to happen due to image dimensions when uploading an image to “media” via wordpress? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

So there seems to be a little bug i think on the categories. i’ve got several categories and for some reason when the page loads the default should be “All” but unfortunately it isn’t it’s preselected the second one. Is there a fix? URL is

Hi Nectar,

My web is How to add text description under title portfolio ? Or like your demo at Type Meta + 3D Parallax on hover doesnt exist.