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Fresh and fantastic job, good luck Zerge!

Thanks Vicky ;)

Hello, Is the FAQ system can group questions by tag or catégories? Is it possible to creates more than 1 page of FAQ? Thanks! dB.


1. You can use articles as FAQ with categories. On the demo site: Envato, WordPress, Microlancer, etc.

2. No, only one page.

this is a unique design as a regular user of themeforest i have seen this the first time.

Thank you :)

Very nice theme! :)

Thanks, louiejie :)

hi great theme!,

is it possible to import a news feed from another website, so it would appear on the homepage under where ‘wordpress’ or ‘envato’ are displayed?

I’m thinking like this site: http://bit.ly/XGULap




Do you mean RSS feed? Please clarify.

yes rss feed of latest articles etc.

This widget (on the demo site), only displays the posts.

Does it support multiuser and does it have a front end submission for subscribers?


1. Yes.

2. By default no such feature. But you can use any plugin to add this functionality.

Do you recommend a specific plugin? (I was thinking of Gravity Forms)

Gravity Forms – good choice.

Hi how do I change the colour of the header (above homepage menu, where the logo sits)? I’ve looked into the documentation but can’t find a solution anywhere.



This can be changed in the file style.css:

#header {
background-color: #5b7a93;

In the next version it will be available via Theme Options.

Any plans to add multi-column footer to the theme?


Yes, planned in the next update.

Great and purchased :)

Thank you :)

I can add slider for homepage (full wide)?


Yes, it’s possible.

I want to use the theme for two types of posts: 1) Questions. 2) Articles. How can I do that?

Note: The categories will still be used for for both of these two types of posts.


For this you need to create a new custom post type.

Great theme ! very easy to set it up … , was able to get it up and running very fast.

Thank you prashant500 ;)

I would appreciate if you rate our theme
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i have given you 5 stars :-)

Hello Zerge

Allow me to say “Fantastic work”!

Next let me ask, is it possibe to use the files with bootstrap 3? Because I don´t want to use wordpress

Hi kboysen,

Thanks :)

No, it’s WordPress theme.

great theme and was easy to install but when i refresh my page i dont see the little arrrows and the icons

please take a look



What the icons do you mean? Don’t see any problem at this moment.


Is it possible to implement a payment scheme on your template (ie in a private part accessible only with id)?


Hi egrange,

Yes, it’s possible.


Can this theme be used with a BBpress forum? Asked differently: to which extent a BBpress forum would inherit styles from this theme?


Hi julienalw,

Of course, you can use this theme with BBpress. By default this theme not inherit BBpress styles.


I have purchased your last theme Pravda and really like this. Want to purchase this and install it on a established website, before that a few questions.

1. Does this theme have any specific TechDesk based options? Can I use it on a non-tech news site? 2. Do you plan to support this for at least a year or two with regular updates? Because I have noticed that sometimes, a few themes with fewer sales dont get updates. 3. Google Pagespeed is throwing up a few issues http://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwp.color-theme.com%2Ftechdesk%2F

“Your page has 8 blocking script resources and 8 blocking CSS resources. This causes a delay in rendering your page.”

Could you fix this? Its important for me that the page loads quickly :)

Also, waiting for the next update with columns in the footer.

Hi :)

1. Live Search and Custom Post type(FAQ). But of course, you can use these features on any type of sites.

2. Yes. This is doesn’t depends on sales count.

3. 92/100 points. Don’t see any critical issues.

“Your page has 8 blocking script resources and 8 blocking CSS resources. This causes a delay in rendering your page.” – It’s just theoretical issues.


I noticed that when I type a search term into the Search Box and click the search button, The site tells me “nothing found”, but if I use the live search function it DOES pull up some articles.

So, it seems like the search function is NOT working.


Ok I just sent …

Same issue on this site, http://wordpresssecuritygroup.com/

Type “Wordpress” in search box and hit enter, pagination shows up but still no posts show up..

Thanks man :)

Thank you Serge … Everything is Perfect :):)

Hi, i m David,

Why my homepage colors are only blue and not multicolor ? I want change the numbers items (in homepage box) with star icon. Is possibile ? In finish is possibile change the category_box with page_boxs. equal the “Sticky Article” box

theme: albertocapitanio.it

Many thanks !

It’s possible, but not without development work.

OK, but where can I set the color of the social icons in the top bar. Now are white and stand out a little

In the style.css:

.follow-block a {
color: #FFF !important;
font-size: 18px;