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Hi, great theme!

Just a question. Is it possible to make the search icon clickable, so that search doesn’t work only with [ENTER] ?


Yes, it’s possible.

Hi Zerge I’m david, i want disable the comments description in this category page, is possible ?



Yes, i want disable this line.


in all category pages

You can do this via Theme Options.

Dear Zerge, quick questions:
  • 1: can theme colors be changed via theme options?
  • 2: can responsive behaviour be switched on/off via theme options? If not, can it be easily deactivated?
  • 3: can the search button be activated easily? atm, you need to hit Enter-key to list all search results.
  • 4: does the theme require plugins installs?
  • 5: do you provide support for at least the next year?
  • 6: will the ajax-search consider all meta-fields? or can we tell the search functionality easily to also search the content of a custom-metafield?
  • 7: search results pagination-view:can the search results per page amount be changed easily?

Thank you,

Hi dumdeldidum,

1. Yes.
2. Yes, it can be deactivated easily.
3. Yes. Need to make some minor changes.
4. No.
5. Of course.
6. It works as standard WordPress search.
7. Yes.

Great theme, I managed to change the colour of the theme headings, and enabled the drop down header when scrolling down – However the drop down menu is black with a stacked appearance in the links. Can you help in correcting the colour and formatting?

URL http://ask.wardwat.ch



Support for all our themes is conducted through the ColorTheme Support Forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

That’s great thanks!

Techdesk v 1.02 Available for Download [2013-12-12]


- Fixed: Minor bugs
- Fixed: Issue with option to turn on/off responsive layout
- Improved: Localization
- Improved: Pagination
- Improved: Menu
- Improved: Styles for RTL
- Improved: Contact Form
- Added: Compatibility for WPML
- Added: Option “Default Background Color for Articles”
- Added: Option “Count of Articles in Search Results”


I’m a little upset… above you answered that this theme does not require plugin installs. I purchased the theme believing this to be true, however now that I’m installing the theme I see now that it DOES require plugins! AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild & CT Shortcode, both of these are external resources and do not belong to the wordpress repository. Do you understand my frustration and how I feel as though I’ve been misled into buying this theme? Please let me know if these two plugins are in REQUIRED for this theme to function.. if so I will have to request a refund from Envato and site your above misrepresentation as reason for this. Thank you!

Hi dsanders212,

These plugins not required and you can see it on screen – http://d.pr/i/FIe4

AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild” – this plugin from the WordPress repository and it’s true.

Thus this theme will work fine without these plugins and there is no deception.

Thanks for clearing that up Zerge, I was just concerned because on the next screen of the screen shot you posted it says “Install Required Plugins”, taking a closer look the ‘Type’ of this plugin on that screen says ‘Recommended’ so I suppose they are not required. I understand what CT Shortcodes is, but how is the ‘AJAX thumbnail rebuild’ used by the theme?

AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild allows you to rebuild all thumbnails on your site. It’s sometimes necessary for the old articles.

Hi Zerge, I love this theme and am going to purchase. Some questions before I buy:

1. If I use bbPress with the theme, is it possible to make all the bbPress pages/posts full width? 2. Is it possible to make the live search also look up bbPress posts?

Thanks a lot! Z.Wang

Hi ZWang,

1. Yes, it’s possible.

2. I think, it’s also possible. In any case, if you have any difficulties, we can help you on the Support forum.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need further clarification.

During the past years, we have bought approx 50 themes on TF with different accounts, and were not always happy with post-sales support. However, this time the experience was outstanding. Zerge provided immediate support on issues we had. Also, bugs were fixed within 24h and he even provided us updated theme files in advance due to a tight deadline we had. And all of this for the price of the theme. So thank you Zerge.

@Zwang, yes it is possible. The plugin Search Everything will do this for you, we did this as well.

Thanks for the kind words :)

I wish to purchase this theme for my technical education website as I feel it is very nice to put contents live. 1. Will you provide future updates for this theme as well once it is purchased? 2. Will you provide help docs on how to configure this theme? If problem encountered, will you provide support?

Hi ashmanmalhotra,

1. Yes, of course.

2. Yes. We provide support via our Support Forum

Let me know if you have any other questions or need further clarification.

hello i would like buy this item, My question is this theme contains multi color theme and customization area widget ? and Menu ( color, icon add ?) i like pinned menu


1. What do you mean by “multi color theme and customization area widget”? Please clarify.

2. This can be done after some modifications.

3. “Sticky” menu is available, as you can see on the demo.

1 Exemple: widget area in live demo preview color static blue,green, can i choose color on area ? it’s possible the widget area change dynamic color ? blue to green by exemple ?

Stycky article can contain side article animation?

1. Of course, this can be changed. It based on the category color or manually selected color.

2. Yes.

hi is it compatible with wordpress 3.8? and can i change the color of theme easily?


Yes, it’s compatible with WP 3.8

Yes, you can change colors via Theme Options.

hi how to change text Search the knowledge Base, in search box?

In the file archive-ct_faq.php

how to change order in FAQ? i have set my first faq with 0, second with 1, is it true? i want to view my first input in first FAQ view

By default, ordered by date.

how to make this Post in front of such as your demo, i see the color orange, i cannot make the color like your demo

this is the category that i mean, Wordpress WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website …

Giving WordPress Its Own Directory
Can I rename the WordPress folder?
How I Can Upgrade WordPress?
How WordPress Processes Post Content


To set the color for your posts, just set the colors for your categories (menu Articles -> Categories)

thank you..

i see this page http://wp.color-theme.com/techdesk/faq, how to make sidebar widget like this page? thank you

oh i have found that..thank you


I am having problem on increasing the number of characters on the title of sticky widget. I want it to be set to full title.

I am hoping for your immediate response.



You can change it easily in the file /functions/ct-sticky-widget.php

strip_tags(mb_substr(the_title('','',false), 0, 22 ) )

Very NICE!!! Want to know if you will be adding “BADGES” to recognize TOP answer contributors, BEST questions submitters, and per category? This will allow users to identify influencers and contributors and will incentivize people to submit questions and respond to questions.


Thanks :)

We will consider such possibility.

Hi, do this theme support text anchor plugins like this for exemple: http://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-smooth-scroll-links/ Thanks!!



Hi there,

I really like this theme but before I purchase it I need to know:

1) If it is possible to install additional widgets?

2) I’m not sure if this is as easy as changing a setting in Wordpress or something that needs to be configured in the theme… I’d want to be able to print articles. Is this possible?

3) Does this theme allow user login?

Please let me know ASAP. Thanks in advance Richard

Hi Richard,

1. Yes.

2. Do you mean a special layout for print? If yes, then you can use third-party plugins for this.

3. Yes.

Hi Zerge, thanks for your reply. I have purchased the theme but i’m having difficulty with something. Can you tell me how to get 2 posts side by side like you have on the home page just below the sticky article? Or can you tell me what widget type was used to achieve this?

Thanks in advance Richard

First and foremost, thanks for purchasing one of our themes, we truly appreciate it! :)

It’s CT: Categories With Sub-Categories Widget

well done bro u said it’s support rtl , i will use it in arabic so do i need any coder to edit something or it’s will made up automatically ? thx for the great awesome effort .. :)


Yes, it’s automatically.