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Please say the name has something to do with a recent media event? ;)

Hi, What media event? :D

Very nice theme! ;)

looking great and very nice theme presentation ;)

Awesome theme! Best of luck with sales!

this site is awesome!

Wicked design but the Featured Portfolio Projects gets cut off on my laptop, you cannot read the full title and description. When I view on my Smartphone the same portfolio item (last one on the right) also overlaps on my phone.

This will be a for sure purchase from us!


Ahh, I understood!

You mean, the right part of portfolio scroller looks like it cut of on the right? Just grab the slider with mouse (or finger) and slide it from right to left.

We were just discussing should we add navigation arrows to this scroller… apparently we should :D

Its was never a big deal this theme is amazing and I know from experience with Slash and others that your themes and support are fantastic. I will get this this week just waiting for confirmation!!!

I see that you have added row styles to Visual Composer. Where do these styles come from? Are there just a few coded into the theme or are they defined by the admin somewhere in the theme options?

Thank you,



This is one of modifications that we made to VC. The best thing is all our extensions are using native Composer hooks, methods and functions. And this means that we can update VC in theme instantly without rewriting anything. So all our modifications are future- and update-proof. You can to VC docs for more technical details: http://kb.wpbakery.com/index.php?title=Category:Visual_Composer

Theme looks great!! Is there an icon list other than the social icons that comes with the theme??


Social icons are built-in. Other than that, you are not limited to any predefined lists and can upload any icon you like! E.g. we love to use services like this: http://iconmonstr.com

Question – Do you give the imported slider settings with purchase?

Hi, Yes. But we uploaded a bit wrong dummy :) Updated version of dummy .XML vill be available in couple of hours.

Beautiful! Can Layer Slider be used with this theme?

Hi, At this moment we have Slider Revolution integration (since it a bit less complicated and a bit more stable). But we were going to add Layer Slider in one of nearest updates!

Hello guys,

First of all, thank you so much for feedback!

Second, we’ve [mistakenly] packed a bit wrong dummy content :O It’ll work just fine but is not 100% matching theme demo. I wanted to inform, that we aware of the mistake and going to update dummy asap. Thank you so much for understanding!

Very clever, love it! ;-)

Congratulations Wow, Awesome work, Good Luck bro :)

Krasivo! Tochno budet horosho prodavat’sya! Udachi! ;)

Awesome work guys.

Thanks, bro! :)

Awesome folks, great theme!

Thanks, mate! BTW, your profile is the only one where I clicked “follow” button in last… 2 years :D

Great work!!

One question: in your screencast I see the option “Internet explorer color”. What is that for? Why is that necessary?

Thanks and glws! Tom


This field is required for good old IE8: it cannot render transparent colors so we need to serve individual solid colors for it :)

Ah, okay! Yes, good old IE8 :)

Thanks for your quick answer!

Like ios7 ? :D very nice!

ios7?? Nooo! :D

Hey guys,

As promised, we’re updating dummy content a bit. Here’s the download link for Revolution Slider dummy: http://the7.dream-demo.com/downloads/revolution-slider.zip

Since we’re making it publicly available, I need to say a few words about licensing:

  • For The7 theme buyers: you can use this dummy as you please (within The7-powered site).
  • For everyone else: free for non-commercial use.