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Hello, is compatible with Wordpress 3.8 ?

Hi, yes it is.

Can you have an icon inside of a shortcode infobox or alert?

Hi, no there is no icon options.

Without sounding too stupid…

Does this include the modules that are listed on CodeCanyon? (Wiki, FAQ etc)

The theme includes FAQ plugin only.

Thanks for the fast reply. So this include a seperate knowledge base module? or if this theme the FAQ plugin that has the ability to be used as a knowledge base, faq, wiki.

Not sure what you are asking but the KnowledgePress theme uses default WP post as knowledge base post + you get a standalone FAQ plugin that uses “faq” custom post type.

The Knowledge Base Plugin is a standalone knowledge base plugin for those who already have theme and want to add KB functionality, the plugin uses “knowledgebase” custom post type.

I just purchased the theme and tried to install it from the Zip file. I get the following error:

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please help

Hi, thank you for your purchase. Unzip the download package zip file, read the documentation and install only the theme zip file.

I have the knowledgebase setup. How do I create the FAQ, and Forum as shown in your demo? It does not seem to be detailed in the documentation.

I found it – dont worry


Is there any possibility to change the order of the FAQ list it’s currently working by last date, i wish I could be able to rearrange them manually from wp, is that possible ?

Thanks Cheers UOU

+ could you please explain how to have the FAQ appearing in the live search ? if I type anything from the FAQ list in the search it simply doesn’t appear Thanks CHeers UOU

Hi, for the faq order either use a plugin such as or modify the query in function.php.

Ref the faq in live search, open lib/custom.php and change the line 37 to:
$post_type = "'post','faq'";
Regards, Ivan

Thank you Ivan and sorry for the late reply, I lost track of this question…

Hello, I am trying to add custom log in and registration pages. Can you please tell me in which item within the theme I can find the following <?php echo wp_registration_url(); ?> so I can redirect the default registration page to a custom page. Thank you!

Hi, the theme doesn’t contain the above function but you can certainly add it if you want for example the header file is templates/header.php

Regards, Ivan

I like this theme, but would prefer if it was updated to WP 3.8 and BootStrap 3.

Ii is both WP 3.8 ready and built on BS3.

Will this theme support multiple FAQ pages?

Yes you can create multiple FAQ pages.


Thinks I will nab this beauty then

We are wrapping simple HTML with the “code” tag and it isn’t rendering properly. Any ideas on how to fix?

Hi, insure your editor is in Visual mode when pasting the HTML code, ie ”<” has to covert to ”<”

Is it possible to have it wrap in the “pre” tag so that it formatted in a modal box? It allows me to wrap the CSS, but not HTML.

Yes, you can use “pre” it works with HTML as well but it wont display in modal box.

Hi, I purchased this theme a couple months ago (using a different account). I am wondering if it is possible to add a print.css function to the theme? How would I make this work with the existing file structure? Thanks

HI, the best way is to create a child theme and add the function there:


Is there a PrettyPhoto / Lightbox effect with your theme ? If not, is there a way to implement easily this functionnality ? If I buy your theme, I would like to be able to insert zoomable screenshots with captions.


HI, no there is no lightbox feature but you could use one of the gallery/lightbox plugins from, you can test them on default WP theme. Ivan

Hi, I was trying our your demo preview. I clicked on the knowledgebase page and click on the menu on the left in that page, it doesn’t seems to work? Can I configure this menu on the left to be a menu of its respective categories instead when I clicked on the categories? E.g. after I clicked “Administration” and enter that page, the menu becomes a menu list of the articles in the “Administration” category. Thanks

HI, the menu is a default WP menu widget, it doesnt have the feature you want but perhaps there is widget plugin on that does what you need.

Hi I bought it and managed to get most of it up. The categories widget on the side lists the categories from the knowledgebase, may I know how can I add another categories widget that shows the FAQ categories, especially on the FAQ page? Also how do I make the Contact Form more spam proof? I worried the simple form would get picked up easily by robots. Thanks

Hi, either get a widget that displays custom post types from or create a menu and use the menu widget. Ref the contact form you will have to modify the template-contact.php file or just use third party form plugin with spam proof feature. Ivan

Hi Is there a post type for opening a link?

I have a number of PDFs that I would like to incorporate into my KBank and can’t see how embed them or attached them to a post which then opens when the user clicks on the featured image or opens the post?


Hi, no there isn’t link post format. You can upload and attach your pdf files using default WP “Add Media” button on the edit post page. Ivan

Hi Again,

I’ve noticed the text editor on pages and posts seems to be your own theme version.

How do I switch this off and go back to the WordPress standard editor with the Visual and HTML views? The reasons I need to go back is a number of buttons from 3rd party plugins is missing when the theme’s editor is on.


Sorry … please ignore … I figured it out


We’re running into a problem where shortcodes are displaying in the live search. Here’s an example:

The shortcodes are displaying correctly when viewed on the post. Is there anyway to get rid of them in the live search?


HI, yes the shortcodes wont display in search excerpt, either dont use shortcodes in the first 100 characters or change the excerpt length in lib/custom.php on lines 37 & 39 decrease 100 to what need. Regards Ivan.

Hi, Thank you. I figured it out with your help.

Your theme is causing the editor Insert Media button not working properly, check this article

wp_register_script( ‘cmb-scripts’, CMB_META_BOX_URL . ‘js/cmb.js’, $cmb_script_array, ‘0.9.1’ );

Hi, thank you for bringing that up. I will have look through the script, so far I am unable to replicate the issue locally or on the server using firefox.

Greetings, The live search from the home page is broken; for some reason it is linking to what looks like CSS Code. It work for other stories, but I wondered if you were aware of anything that could break it. You can see this in action here:

Start typing “reprocess” and you’ll see the stories in red. If you click on one of those you get code. Thanks!

Hi, the link is not working but If you use shortcodes or links in the first 100 characters it could be the issue. Either dont use shortcodes/links in the first 100 characters or change the excerpt length in lib/custom.php on lines 37 & 39 decrease 100 to what need. Regards Ivan.

Is it possible for the knowledge base column to display categories AND sub-categories (in a nested fashion?)

You can display 2 subcategory levels, it displays the sub category links but not the containing posts within. see the screenshot:

Any ideas why text wouldn’t be showing in chrome?

Update: It seems this isn’t a problem with the theme but a bug in chrome. See:

Thank you for that.

Try adding the following to assets/css/app.css
        -webkit-animation-duration: 0.1s;
    -webkit-animation-name: fontfix;
    -webkit-animation-iteration-count: 1;
    -webkit-animation-timing-function: linear;
    -webkit-animation-delay: 0.1s;

@-webkit-keyframes fontfix{
    from{     opacity: 1; }
    to{    opacity: 1; }