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I love this theme, its great! Any plans to introduce mobile support?

Thank you. Not sure what you mean, the theme supports mobile devices ie responsive layout, videos.


I developed my website on localhost.

Finaly, I moved it to my hosting.

Steps taken: 1. installed Wp Migrate DB and set appropriate directories.

2. configured wp-config (db name, user, password)

3. moved my site to ftp

The website works fine, however I tried to remove background photo on home page – i clicked remove icon and clicked update to save changes. And nothing changes.

It happens only on hosting (on localhost I can do it witout a hitch).

Can you help me?

Hello, I sent an email to this email address but I get it back from mailer delivery deamon (domain name not found)

Sorry a typo, it is:

thank you, problem solved. The reason was because of hosting settings of Suhosin – they modified .htaccess for me.

Supported Google fonts with Cyrillic?

No, currently not. All Google fonts will be added in the next update (2-3 wks)

May I ask how can I add more social icons? I tried to change the social.php by editing both option and duplicating one of the existing option and changing accordingly but it did not show up.

Meanwhile, how can I edit them theme in a way I don’t loose the changes when you update it? Create an action hook?

Hi, you can edit the icons in templates/social-icons.php file. The best way is to create a child theme with the modified file.

Thanks :) Will do so


I really like you theme and I’m thinking of purchasing it. Do you happen to know how well it supports chat plugins? The two plugins I’m looking at are Lively Chat Support or Quick Chat.

Thanks so much!

Thank you. I havent tested the plugins.


Is it possible to have role permissions so that specific group of people can read specific categories?

Basically I want to hide / protect some categories regarding Administration from all the other users.

If this is not supported it would be a great addition.

Hi, it is not a theme feature. There are third party plugin you could use for this.

Regards, Ivan


How to sort all articles by it’s name in knowledge base page template?

Thank you, Mike

hi, is it possible?

Open template-knowledgebase.php on or around line 78 find:
    $cat_posts = get_posts(array(
        'numberposts'   => -1,
        'category__and'  => $category->term_id,
and replace width:
    $cat_posts = get_posts(array(
        'numberposts'   => -1,
        'category__and'  => $category->term_id,
        'orderby' => 'title', 
        'order' => 'ASC',

thank you a lot!

Hello I am really enjoying your theme and all the features you packed into it. I just have one question about the Boxes Section on the home page. How did you get it to show up in the div that overlay’s the Hero Background Image. For me it just puts them under the Live Search and stretches out the Hero Background Image. I have included a link to a screen shot. [Here]

Thanks in Advance!

Hi, thank you. There are two Home page templates so try using the other one. If still no luck email me at with the site url. Regards, Ivan

Thanks, Ivan! That worked. Great job on the theme! :bigsmile:

What is the code to change the font color of the nav menu? The nav background color is black by default and the text is white. I’d like to change the text color to black. Thanks!


Use the bowser inspector to identify css for any element. For the navigation it should be (not tested):
.navbar-nav>li>a {
color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.8);
.navbar-nav>.active>a, .navbar-nav>.active>a:hover, .navbar-nav>.active>a:focus, .navbar-nav>li>a:hover {
color: #fff;
.dropdown-menu>li>a {
color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.8);
.dropdown-menu>li>a:hover {
color:  #fff;

Thanks! I was able to change the nav links to black and the drop down menu to black and text shows up white but when I click on a link to a page, that page name in the drop down menu turns white and so does the background. The drop down menu item of the page I am on now has a white background with white text. Can you take a look at and mouse over FAQ, notice the first drop down menu is now white on white? I know this is probably a trivial thing to edit; sorry for pestering you! I’m not too great with CSS. Thanks!

Hi, i can’t access the site, the link is throwing “Error establishing a database connection” error. Use the browser inspector to find css for any element. Ivan

How do I change the Hero font size?

Use the bowser inspector to identify css for any element. For the hero title it is:
.page-template-template-home2-php #hero h1 {
font-size: 60px;


#hero h1 {
font-size: 90px;
depending on page template. Modify and add to custom css text area in options panel.

Bought the theme and my search seems to be broken, this is what I get:

Please help

No it isn’t.

it seems to pull up if I search anything that is in that icon post. IS there a way to delete that post?

nevermind. I think I figure it out. It is a page and not a post. :)

Home page not working like your demo…...

It is working fine, you just need to set it up. Go to your home page in admin (page edit) and set all the home page metabox settings.

Glad it worked for you.

I forget to change the settings – Reading – A static page to Home

No changes since 05/10/2013?

This theme support wordpress 3.8 right ?

Yes it does.


I would like to add more font options for the front end. What kind of files do I need to upload and where do I put it?

Hi, the 2.x theme versions has few hundred Google fonts available. As for adding more fonts that depends on the font type (web or local) and there is no quick single answer so you may need a developer to do this for you.. The main CSS files is assets/css/app.css, Dynamically generated CSS function is in lib/options-styles.php. Regards, Ivan

When trying to setup the Twitter Footer Widget, I receive this error whenever my Consumer Key & Consumer Secret are applied >> PHP Warning: Creating default object from empty value in … \wp-wiki\wp-content\themes\knowledgepress\lib\widgets.php on line 511

Please advise!

Replied to your email.

Hello, I am trying to customize this theme using a child theme. I see in page 3 of the User Documentation 0.1.pdf, it mentions Child Theme in the Index as item 2.7. However when I look for item 2.7, it doesn’t exist. It jumps from 2.6 Translation to 3. Support.

I tried the regular method of creating a child theme as I have done many times before, but it doesn’t work. WordPress gives me the error message below.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the index.php file.

Theme install failed

Pls suggest a fix.


Hi, it seams to work fine on my end, email me at and i will send you a child theme.

TYPO in your reply above caused my email to get rejected:

Hello, I would like to increase the header height. I think currently its about 70px. Pls let me know where I can change that in the CSS.

Also, I would like to change the color of the Main Menu text from white to another color. Where can I change that in the CSS?

My site link is below:

I would prefer to make these changes(and others) in a child theme, but I had problems creating a child theme. I wrote another support post for that.

Thanks dude.

Hi, please use browser inspector to find CSS classes, in Chrome right click and element on page > Inspect Element. This way you can find any classes you need and also modify/test live in the browser. Regards, Ivan

Downloaded twice and no documentation! Please help. Thank you .

Hi, thank you for your purchase. All our products come bumbled with documentation, for any issues with downloading it is best to contact Envato support as sellers dont have control over the download process.

Regards, Ivan

Thanks. What is the documentation file called so that I can follow up?

It is called “User Documentation”.