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great job!

Great looking theme, good luck with sales!

Thanks a lot!

Hi, great looking theme. Does it support multiple page portfolios?

Thank you! As of now, all of the portfolio items appear on one page with the filtering option.

Great job , Good Luck

Thank you, I really appreciate it :)

I love the slideshow styling :) GLWS!

Looks great, GLWS :)

Thanks, I really appreciate it :)

Looks great, good luck with sales! Nice debut at the Forest, congrats!

Thanks Bedros!

Wow NICE!! Super Smooth and LUV the Parallax Home Slider Flavor!

Thanks, I’m glad you dig it!

Really nice and clean theme! Congratz

Thank you!

I wanna buy the theme but I can not find a gallery module ( portfolio galery is not a gallery) is there one or will there be ? Good luck with the sales

As of now, there is only the type of gallery shown in the portfolio & blog. However, there will indeed be an early update allowing standard galleries as well :)

Great Looking Theme. I love the sliders effect as you scroll down.

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

Awesome Work and Welcome To Forest ;)

Thanks metrothemes :)

Is there a psd file I can not see ?

Unfortunately, there is no .PSD included with the theme. This is partly because a lot of the elements you see use CSS3 to achieve their style.

Looks fantastic!

I have just one question, about the “Post Formats”, is it simple to post YouTube/Vimeo videos or Soundcloud musics?

Great Job!


It is very simple to post Youtube/Vimeo embeds as opposed to self hosted videos. However, for the audio format we currently only have the option for self hosted, which simply requires you to supply the song in 2 formats (.mp3 and .oga). This is to ensure cross browser compatibility :)

a stupid question… how can i make a theme-update? ... however; il love this theme! great job!!!

That’s a perfectly valid question :)

This can be handled in one of two ways:

FTP: simply navigate to the themes folder where you originally uploaded the theme, delete the old one and upload the new one.

WordPress Admin Panel: Navigate to appearance > themes and deactivate the theme. Then simply click the delete button next to the theme and upload the new theme.

Hey there, great theme brother!

Just one question before I purchase. Scrolling down the demo of the theme is a little weird, is there smooth scrolling enabled on the demo or am I just seeing things?


Smooth scrolling is indeed enabled. This feature was added to compliment the parallax effect on the home slider in all browsers. However, if it is not to your taste you can easily turn it off with one click in the admin panel :)

Nice design, love the effect on slider when you scroll. Welcome and Good luck!

Thanks, I really appreciate it :)

I love your theme! Thinking about getting it but two comments that I think you’ll agree:

1) On iphone 5 in portrait mode the description should be below the image and then comments. right now its visa versa

2) Have to add social sharing icons in the portfolio pages and your blog!

That is all. Love it. Love it.

Really glad to hear you love the theme!

I can definitely agree with you on item number 1. This is actually something that I planned on fixing very soon! As for number 2, I will see what I can do about adding that in a future update :)