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Discussion on uDesign | Multipurpose WordPress Theme

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Tengo el mismo problema que el anterior pero ya hace 1 semana que lo compré – El código de compra de mi artículo no funciona. Revisé espacios en blanco e incluso intenté eliminar el ”-”. Ninguna opción funciona. ya contacté a soporte pero aun no me han podido ayudar porque indican que no pueden acceder, me urge

Hello, @marcoar1,

Could you please contact us via our support system with your site WP Admin URL and Credentials so that we can look into it for you on your site and help you out.

Regards Andon-Design.

Good day,

my item purchase code is not working. I’ve checked for blank spaces and even tried removing the ”-”. Neither option works. Please assist (I was also double billed for this theme, but I have emailed support and am waiting for feedback)

Hello, @vertigo_21mystery,

Could you please contact us via our support system with your site WP Admin URL and Credentials so that we will have a look into it for you on your site and help you out.

Regards Andon-Design.

Hi all, I like your theme, before purchasing I would like to ask a couple of questions if I may :) Since I consider some plugins necessary, I’m interested in their compatibility or a suggestion for an alternative plugin, because I couldn’t find it in the comments. I’m interested in the compatibility of these plugins: All In One WP Security, WPForms Lite. For caching I saw that W3 Total Cache and Fast Velocity Minify were recommended? The most important one for me is this one for security (AIO) if you have experience with it and your theme?

Also, does the theme have any plugins that are mandatory to install? If we don’t use templates and build the site from scratch? Revolution slider and its updates come with the theme? I’m also interested in whether the purchase package comes with a child theme or does it have to be installed through a wizard? From the other comments, I read about updating the theme, do all the steps have to be done every time when updating the theme, such as deactivating the child theme, deactivating all plugins, activating the parent theme… or is it only in specific situations? And the last question, can we have an activated theme at the same time on the live and stage site with the same license? Or can it only be on one domain/subdomain at a time?

Thank you.

Hello, @znanje99,

We would like to express our gratitude for your expressed interest in our theme. Allow me to address your inquiries comprehensively.

The plugins “All In One WP Security” and “WPForms Lite” are fully compatible with our theme. A significant number of our theme users have successfully integrated these plugins into their websites. For effective caching, we recommend utilizing “W3 Total Cache” and “Fast Velocity Minify.”

The sole mandatory plugin required for our theme is the theme core plugin known as “UDESIGN CORE.” However, should you wish to utilize our pre-built demos, please note that specific demo installations may necessitate additional plugins. These additional plugins will be specified according to the chosen demo.

In regards to the Revolution Slider, we include it along with its updates as part of our theme package. Each new theme update is bundled with the latest versions of the included plugins. Consequently, you can seamlessly update both the theme and its associated plugins to their respective latest versions.

The installation of the child theme has been streamlined through our theme setup wizard, requiring just a single click to complete.

When updating your theme from one version to another, it is advisable to follow a systematic approach. If you have been postponing theme updates for an extended period, a different set of steps will be necessary to bring your theme up to the latest version. We recommend referring to our documentation for detailed instructions.

It is important to note that our Standard License is valid for use on a single standard website. It cannot be simultaneously applied to multiple sites or domains.

Should you have any further queries or require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are committed to ensuring a seamless and productive experience with our theme.

Thank you for choosing our theme for your project.

Regards Andon-Design.

Hi, Thank you very much for your answers. Just to follow up with a couple of additional questions, when you mean a systematic approach when updating a theme, do you mean the standard updates that you mentioned in the documentation (if not, can you send a link to what you mean), because according to the comments I see some steps when updating a theme: Here is the recommended way of Automatic theme update from us:

1. Take a complete backup of your site before updating the Theme for avoiding any inconvenience. 2. Deactivate all the third-party plugins before updating the Theme. 3. Take a Backup of your Custom Code and remove it from the site before an update of the Theme. 4. If you are using a Child Theme then Activate the Parent-Theme before updating the Theme. 5. Remove all the cache from your server, site and finally check back your site after removing the browser cache and check deeply what are the changes that occur on your site after that… 6. After that go to Appearance >> Themes and update the Theme One-Click automatically from there. 7. After that go to Appearance >> Install Plugins and update the Theme required/recommended plugins from there one by one. 8. After that check back your site after removing the browser cache and check deeply what changes occur on your site after that and if all goes well then. 9. You have to again Activate the Child Theme. 10. Again activate all the third-party plugins one by one.

Is this necessary every time?

Regarding the license, I understand that it must not be used on several different domains, I am interested in subdomains for testing, is it allowed to have a staging site and if so, can one purchase code be activated on live and staging at the same time?

I also have a question for support, when our 6 months of support expires, we can extend it for another 6. What after that, can we continue to extend or do we have to buy a new license for the theme, full price?

Thank you!


With Elementor, the text editor ( left column ) when I want to edit a text, title or other element can’t be used. It’s impossible to write a word into the editor from the left column.

In the same time … There is a possibility to see the Elementor interface with the originals colors, etc. Your colors choices are not user friendly.

A little image about : https://ibb.co/PN6bfnd

Thank you for your help,


Hello, @ZixarMedia,

Sorry for the inconvenience. I have tested the same thing on our test site with the latest version of the theme and found no issue as you can confirm from this image: https://postimg.cc/KKShKRdm

In order to solve your issue please make sure that you are using the latest version of the theme and its necessary plugins on your site. Then disable the third-party plugins from the site and check back to your issue by clearing the browser cache.

I hope it will be resolved. But, if your issue isn’t resolved then please contact us via our support system by creating a ticket and describing your issue in detail while sharing your site admin access so that one of our customer support team members will be able to check your issue on your site and assist you further accordingly with a proper solution.

Regards Andon-Design.


i need help:

Elementor will not load for the user if their WordPress user role is ”Editor”. I had to change the user role to “Administrator” to enable Elementor to load.

Also, i notice this: When i deactivate “UDesign Core” plugin, user with “Editor” role have option to edit posts with Elementor and then is everthing fine.

Then, if I activate “UDesign Core” plugin, Elemntor stops work for user with “Editor” role.

Tnx in advance

Hello, @markojovanovic30,

Thanks for reaching us here. Sorry to say that you are facing an issue while using our theme on your site. I am pleased to inform you that I have tested the same thing on our test site with the editor role and found no issue. I have recorded a video for you as you can see https://www.veed.io/view/6740a9c7-a3d7-4952-bd93-84d2e01f9f94?panel=share the Elementor is working fine with the editor role. The issue exists on your site.

Would you please contact us via our support system by creating a ticket and sharing your site admin access so that one of our customer support team members will be able to check your issue on your site and assist you further accordingly with a proper solution?

Regards Andon-Design.


tanyjazz Purchased

Hi, I purchased the Theme, I read that you had translated to Italian language in the specifications as well as other languages, butwhen I made the download, within the languages there are only the files en-EN.po/.mo/pot the Italian language or at any rate the other languages are missing. Also I am trying to register in the support area and also sent you email, it gives me access denied error when I try to enter the password. I have not received a response yet. I don’t understand if the Premium element plugins, and the others are updated automatically, because they report that you have to register on the relevant site to activate them PRO and it asks to be updated, but it doesn’t do it automatically. Can you also explain what needs to be done to make them updated ? Thank you

Hello, @tanyjazz,

1. If you want to translate the site into single language then you have to use the Loco Translate plugin, or if you want to translate the site into Multilanguages, then you have to use any one of the below plugins which are comaptible with the theme:

1. WPML Plugin
2. Polylang Plugin

2. About support account registration issue, please write us via our email: udesignaizaz@gmail.com with your theme purchase code PDF file, so that we will check/verify and create the new support account for you.

3. About the plugins: You can always get the latest updates of the Premium plugins with the Theme update in the Theme Package.

And there is no need to activate or purchase a new license for this plugin. This plugin is already included in the theme package and already purchased the license by AndonDesign-Themes. This activation message for those who want to update the plugin directly from their website. In our case, you can receive the updated plugin always with the theme update release.

So no need to activate it, just ignore the message and feel free to use it.

You can not use the library/template of any Premium plugin including in any Theme Package, If you want to use the premium plugin library/template then you have to purchase that particular plugin license separately, this is Envato policy you may wish to confirm from them as well.

Regards Andon-Design.


tanyjazz Purchased

Thank you very much for the very quick and exhaustive answer.Also I would like to congratulate you for the Template which has a very easy and automatic installation and update wizard management.Very important is the possibility to edit every single part and use the numerous collection of templates and sections already created by you. Truly Bravo. I think I will purchase this template again for developing other sites for Clients. I would recommend you to always develop and add new templates, so that the range of choices for various opportunities is wide. Thank you very much.

Hello, @tanyjazz,

You’re very welcome! We’re thrilled to hear that you found our template and installation/update wizard management helpful and easy to use. Your kind words and appreciation mean a lot to us.

We’re always working to expand our template offerings and provide even more options for your various projects. Your feedback and support are invaluable to us, and we’ll continue to strive for excellence in providing templates that meet your needs.

If you ever have any questions or need assistance in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help! Thank you again for your kind words and for considering us for your future projects.

Regards Andon-Design.


sitadi Purchased

Hi, is the theme compatible with WP 6.3.1 ? Thank you for your reply.

Hello, @sitadi,

Yes the latest version of our theme 4.7.3 is fully compatible with the latest version of the WP 6.3.1

Regards Andon-Design.

I haven’t used this theme for more than a year and there are still reported bugs, especially in the Safari browser.

Can I install it on a subdomain and report the bugs again even though the support subscription has expired?

Hello, @MarceloTech,

One single license is for the one single live URL only, whether it will be main domain or subdomain. This is Envato policy and with all the themes on the ThemeForest, you may wish to confirm from them as well.

And about your issues, please contact us via our support system with your site WP Admin URL and Credentials so that we will look into it for you on your site and help you out.

Regards Andon-Design.

The package could not be unziped While importing Yoga Theme.

Hello, @hassanzaidi512,

If you have indeed acquired the Udesign WordPress theme, we kindly request that you reach out to us through your theme purchase account via our support system. By doing so, you will be able to access the complimentary support services that accompany the Udesign WordPress theme.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the assistance and guidance necessary to make the most of your theme, and we are eager to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Regards Andon-Design.

Hi there, I had all Google fonts loaded locally for quite a while and checking my site with https://www.e-recht24.de/google-fonts-scanner showed no fonts where loaded from Google. Now after updating the u-design theme I just realized that google fonts are being loaded again from Google. Did you change anything in on of the latest updates. Any suggestions? Thanks, Martina

Hello, @fm-envato,

I hope this message finds you well. We would like to address the issue you have encountered with the recent update.

Typically, updates do not result in such issues when the settings are correctly configured. To begin troubleshooting, kindly verify that the font you uploaded is appropriately configured within the theme settings under the “Typography” section.

If the issue persists despite the font settings being correct, we recommend that you reach out to our support team via our dedicated support system. By creating a support ticket, you can provide us with more detailed information about the problem you are facing. Additionally, sharing your site’s administrative login credentials would greatly assist our customer support team in investigating and debugging the issue effectively.

Rest assured, our dedicated support staff will promptly review your case and work diligently to provide you with a suitable solution.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Regards Andon-Design.


tommyt Purchased

Hi, I need to find the quickest way to remove all references to shop on site, i need to remove the links (track order, my cart, shpping cart etc) from the top bar, please advise

Hello, @tommyt,

Actually, the top bar is in the header is created from the Templates in our theme.

Navigate to the dashboard >> UDESIGN >> All Templates >> Find the header block and try to edit it with Elementor once the editor load make the changes as per you need in the header then save your changes and check back to your site by clearing the browser cache. Your issue will be resolved.

further, here is a complete article link on header builder in our theme to understand better: https://d-themes.com/wordpress/udesign/documentation/2021/10/27/header-builder/

If still, you are not able to solve your issue then kindly contact us via our support forum by creating a ticket, describe your issue in the detail and share your site access so that our customer support team member will check and assist you accordingly.

Regards Andon-Design.


tommyt Purchased

thank you guys.

You’re Most Welcome!! :)


qcs2 Purchased

The theme is awesome. The support is even better!

Hello, @qcs2,

Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re delighted to hear that you’re enjoying our theme and that our support has met your expectations. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re always here to assist you whenever you need it.

If you ever have any more questions or require further assistance in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help make your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Once again, thank you for your positive feedback. It truly motivates us to continue delivering the best products and support.

Regards Andon-Design.


timamigo Purchased

Hi there, i was wondering why i must change the fonts and colours on a page level for Chrome, when the theme editor perfectly works for mozilla…? Or am i doing something wrong?

Hello, @timamigo,

I trust this message finds you well. I appreciate your reaching out regarding the issue you’re experiencing with our theme. After conducting thorough testing on our end, it appears that the problem is isolated to your specific site. To help you resolve this matter, please follow the recommended steps outlined below:

Ensure You Are Using the Latest Theme and Plugin Versions: Make sure that you are utilizing the most recent versions of our theme and any essential plugins on your website. Outdated versions can sometimes lead to compatibility issues.

PHP Version Compatibility: Confirm that your website is running on PHP version 8 or higher. Compatibility with the latest PHP version is crucial for optimal performance.

Isolate Third-Party Plugin Conflicts: Temporarily deactivate all third-party plugins on your website. Then, clear your browser cache and recheck your site for the issue. If the problem resolves itself, reactivate each plugin one at a time. This step will help identify which specific plugin may be causing conflicts or issues on your site.

If, after following the above steps, the issue persists, I kindly request that you contact our support team through our dedicated support system by creating a support ticket. When submitting your ticket, please provide a detailed description of the issue you are facing. Additionally, include your site’s admin login credentials in the ticket description. This information will allow our experienced customer support team to investigate and debug the issue directly on your site to identify its root cause and implement the necessary fix.

Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated as we work together to resolve this matter. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead.

Regards Andon-Design.


Can I just ask how to keep the accordions collapsed? Please don’t tell me to go to item support. It’s a simple question and many people would be wondering. It’s not in the Documentation.

Thank you.

Hello, @josh2702,

Please have a look at this video link: https://youtu.be/Sztc9DEyIwU?si=YuR-hVs9yAE7dt15 Code Link: https://filetransfer.io/data-package/TvvUGdiu#link

If I did not understand you, please elaborate more on your concern for better understanding.

Regards Andon-Design.

Hi, How I can change the menu font color on sticky header.? Thank you

Hello, @Themes-Plus,

1 To change the logo on your site, go to wp-dashboard>>setup wizard>>and there you will see the option to change the logo. You can change it from here. It will change the logo on the sticky header also.

Screenshot: https://postimg.cc/9Dj15tYB

2 To change the sticky menu font color, go to wp-dashboard>>udesign>>templates>>header builder>>edit header with elementor>>Go to that menu section>>Style tab of elementor>>and select colors.

Screenshot: https://postimg.cc/Pv5csbbx

Regards Andon-Design.

Hi, I wanted to have 2 menus, one the normal one with white font color and white logo,,, and for sticky header (when I scroll down) to have a different menu font color and different logo. Thank you

Hello, @Themes-Plus,

I see, Sorry to say, that there is no option in the theme for this that I can tell you to fix it. You cannot set different menus like this except for customization. If you want to customize you can ask your developer for this or simply contact our customization team at: https://www.portotheme.com/customization/ for their paid services.

Thanks for your understanding.

Regards Andon-Design.

Where can I change single portfolio breadcrumb title as showed in SS: https://shottr.cc/s/Oavj/SCR-20230821-jyt.png

and how can I change 404 page style with Elementor?

Hello, @saadulla,

Thanks for reaching us, We feel sorry that you are facing issues while using our theme on your site.

1- In order to change the breadcrumb title of a single portfolio page simply go to the Dashboard >> UDESIGN >> Layout Builder >> Choose the single portfolio layout >> click on the Page Header bar >> From there you can change the title as per you need. Please refer to the image to understand better: https://postimg.cc/K4RfX52b

2- The layout/content of the 404 page is coming from the block. Navigate to the Dashboard >> UDESIGN >> All Templates >> Edit the 404 blocks with Elementor https://postimg.cc/FY5XkRZf and then you will be able to customize the content/style, or layout as per your need. Once you made changes and save it changes will automatically appear on the page.

Regards Andon-Design.

Thank you for your prompt answer. I could not find 404 page in the location you provided. I only have 8 blocks https://postimg.cc/RN8NWjC2

Hello, @saadulla,

Thanks for the screenshot to understand it better. The thing is we need to debug the issue on your site. please contact us via our support system by creating a ticket and describing your issue in detail with sharing your site admin access so that one of our customer support team members will be able to check your issue on your site and assist you further accordingly with a proper solution.

Regards Andon-Design.

Hello again , when are you planning to update the theme?? i have many errors cause of this

Hello, @iphi,

We are sorry for the inconvenience but our dev team is actively working on the new theme update, and we have to fix some more issues as well, so that is the reason it is taking a little extra time, but hopefully, it will be released by next week, so please be patience and stay tuned, and we are really sorry for the inconvenience.

For your issues, please contact us via our support system with your site WP Admin Login details so that we will check it for you on your site and help you out.

Regards Andon-Design.

Hi, I just bought a license for this theme and I would like to know if I activate the license in my staging site, will another license be required when I port it over to the production environment?

Hello, @toocoded,

One single license is used for the one single live URL only, this is Envato policy and with all the themes on the ThemeForest, you may wish to confirm from them as well.

However, you can use the same license on local site.

Regards Andon-Design.

Dear Team, I purchased your theme and was registered in a domain name, accidently was in the position to clean the code and do a reinstall. But tried to register the same code with the same website . but its not getting registered. what to do….

Hello, @pantheraresearchcentre,

I have reset your purchase code, now you can use the same purchase code for activation of your theme.

Regards Andon-Design.

I’ve been waiting for the Woocommerce templates to be updated for last 23 days. The theme is not functioning properly and causing frustration for the customers. As you know the templates are integral part for Woocommerce to work properly and should be treated as synchronized update to keep e-commerce sites secure, and up to date. Can you provide actual timeframe for releasing the templates update.

Hello, @2TechDeck,

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced due to the recent issues encountered with our theme. We understand the frustration this may have caused and would like to assure you that we have taken immediate action to address these matters.

Following an extensive and thorough discussion with our development team, we are pleased to inform you that we are nearing the final stages of resolving the identified issues. We are committed to delivering an enhanced user experience, and therefore, we are preparing to release an updated version within the next couple of days.

We deeply regret the delay that has occurred in the release schedule and sincerely apologize for any disruption this may have caused to your operations. It is essential for us to ensure the utmost quality and reliability of our product/service, which has necessitated additional time to address multiple issues and ensure a seamless and error-free experience for our valued users.

Your understanding and patience during this process are greatly appreciated. We remain dedicated to delivering the best possible solution and want to assure you that your satisfaction is our top priority.

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us any time.

Wishing you a pleasant day ahead.

Regards Andon-Design.


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