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The schema review for products is not working on our website with The Retailer, I see it has been acknowledged weeks ago. When will the update to fix this be released? This is hurting our seo in a serious way!

Hi @julie_hewett,

A theme update has been released yesterday and it addresses this issue, please make sure you’re using the latest version and it should be fixed.

Cheers! Adrian.

Awesome thank you! We are getting this error though – PHP Notice: Undefined index: behance in public_html/wp-content/themes/theretailer/inc/widgets/connect.php on line 34 for each social button, is this something that can be easily fixed? We don’t have any support left, but this seems like a basic function thing…

Hello, i would like to know if the theme can be used in “Traditional Chinese”? how to add the theme localization?

Hi there,

Sure, the theme shouldn’t be stopping you, you wouldn’t be the first one to translate it into another language.

Cheers! Adrian.

Hello. I have a question: dropdown menu theme The Retailer disappeared from dashboard (updates plugins section and the license activation page is not visible). And in the update section in the console does not displayed the theme update. How can I fix it to get the theme to work correctly? I have the Wordpress version 4.6.1 Screenshot

Hello @adrian_getbowtied, thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I don’t have any information in dashboard about Get Bowtied Tools and I didn’t find it in the plugins directory in WordPress. Can you send me zip-files of this plugin to install?

Hi again,

If the plugin is not installed, you should see a notification in your dashboard that should help you install it: If you don’t see it, just navigate to Appearance > Install Plugins. That’s the way to go.

Cheers! Adrian.

Hello, Adrian. It works! Thank you very-very much!

“The demo importing process failed. Please check the System Status. It should help you understand if some of the requirements aren’t met.”, though system status is all checked and ok.

Hi there,

Thank you for choosing The Retailer. I see you’ve opened up a support request and I just got back to it. We will continue our conversation via email and I’ll do my best to help.

Cheers! Adrian.

Hello, I’ve got a question regarding the Dark Footer.

I know there is the possibility to choose 3 or 4 grids. But is there a way to change it to 2 or 1 grid(s)? That would be awesome.

Thank you! Love your theme.

Hello @blaubeerfuchs,

No, regretfully not, at least not at the current time. The best I can do is to +1 the exiting request for such feature.

Cheers! Adrian.

is there a page where customer can create an account?

Hello @erwin_kitao,

Yes, sure, if you’re logged out and you visit the My Account page, you should see a Login / Register instead, it case it’s turned off, you need to turn registration on via Woocommerce > Settings. Here’s everything you need to know about user accounts:

Cheers! Adrian.

“Great theme. Easy to use and excellent functionality.”

5 star rating from Ribsbh for Feature Availability.

Dear Support team, we are getting some error messages concerning visual composer.

PHP Notice: Undefined index: portfolio in xxxxxxx/www/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/include/templates/pages/vc-settings/default-template-post-type.tpl.php on line 27

How can we solve this?

And some more: PHP Notice: Undefined variable: related in xxxxxxx/www/wp-content/themes/theretailer/single-portfolio.php on line 100

Hello @GhyczySelection,

Please make sure both the theme and Visual Composer are up to date. You shouldn’t be seeing it. It seems to be working fine at this end.

Cheers! Adrian.

Ecommerce Theme:

1) Is This SSL ready?

2-1) Can I have a single product parallax on the home page? 2-2) Can I have a single product on the home page and then also other products below it between 2 to 4 number of columns with categories as headings for each row? 2-3) I want to control the size of product images and column widths in 2-2) is this possible?

3-1) Have a built-in unlimited product options w pricing? e.g.

Main product = Laptop = 1500 usd Option = titanium = 100 usd Option = SSD drive = 200 usd Option = etc. Auto calc the Total =

3-2)Also when any option above is clicked, the photo of that option appears?

4) does each product page have built-in social share = pinterest, instagram, facebook, twitter? 5) built in payments that’s ready to for paypal , ccard transactions? OR i need to install plugins? 6-1) Do you have a built in newsletter sign up? 6-2) Do you collect the emails inside the wordpress dashboard? I don’t want to integrate with any 3rd party, I want to collect the emails inside the dashboard.

7-1) built-in review ratings? 7-2) allows ONLY verified buyers to review? 7-3) Can I control the rating fields: add, delete, edit fields?

8-1) pages load within 2 seconds or less? 8-2) require special hosting for your theme to be fast (less than 2 seconds loading) ?

9-1) full order management system: 9-2) customer can add notes to orders during checkout? 9-3) customer can add to their wishlist? 9-3-2) if a sale on any wishlist item(s), will I be able to click on “notify wishlists” and it will email all customers automatically? 9-3-3) I can notify via email all subscribers when there’s a “store-wide sale” or “discount” ? 9-4) inventory control: quantity decreases only after I click on submit “tracking number” or “shipped” with tracking number. 9-5) tracking number box field in admin dashboard is avail, and once submitted, it will email customer with their “order number” + “tracking no.” , and the order will be marked as “shipped”? 9-6) returns for defective and “other reasons” requests avail inside customer order dashboard?

10-1) filters for searches and search results?

Hello again,

The answers provided for Shopkeeper are valid for this theme as well.

Cheers! Adrian.


qwiss11 Purchased

When I try to install the plugins, I get redirected to 404 page. I see that I can only extend support for 41.30 $. Can you help me via this way? Whenever I try to install any plugin via the activated theme options, there is a redirection. Thanks in advance.

Hello @qwiss11,

This seems to be a site specific issues and we’re not being able to provide more info without checking it so regretfully I won’t be able to help further.

Cheers! Adrian.

Working on the latest version of your theme and wondering why you’re using the short description field where the primary description field is normally displayed on product pages and for some reason output the primary description in the additional information tab? How can I reverse that?

Hello @unitednetworks,

That’s the default login of WooCommerce and it cannot be changed, unless you’re planning to build yourself a totally different template.

Cheers! Adrian.

Any help hear please!

After installing the theme (and the child one) I can’t install getbowtied tools. When I press the button ‘install’ it gets me to the home page of my domain.

Why is that?

thank you

Hello @unitednetworks,

Please reach out to the support team, we need to check your setup to be able to provide more info.

Cheers! Adrian.

why your theme has old fashioned Menu for mobile devices ?

Hello @wpranks,

I agree that the menu is dated and we already have an open request for updating it. We should see a new one with one of the following updates.

Cheers! Adrian.

Hi, just bought your theme The Retailer. Where do I found de third Home template V3-ecommerce? Or do I compose them myself in VC? Pls help?

Hello @Noortje70,

Thank you for choosing The Retailer! I am hoping you’ll be happy with it. If you’ve installed the demo content you should find it under the Pages section and you can simply edit it, don’t need to rebuilt-in from scratch.

Cheers! Adrian.

Where do I find all pages as shown in your preview?

Hello @Noortje70,

You need to import the demo content coming with the theme and that will get you the pages in the demo. Please reach out to the support team if you need any help further with it. The comments board here is for pre-sale questions only and it’s not suitable for technical support.

Cheers! Adrian.

Hi, I managed to install the theme and the plugins (The Retailer), however, I am unable to import the demo into my site. It says failed to import, the System Status shows everything is “green tick” and it matches the FAQ requirement. Where am I going wrong? Will reinstalling the theme help? How do I reinstall? Right now, I do not see anything on my site that the Theme demo says I can do, neither the options to do them. I am on the verge or taking a refund… any help?

Hello @rakeshtiw,

Thank you for choosing The Retailer!

We’ll do our best to figure that out. Please reach out to the support team and we’ll do our best to help.

Cheers! Adrian.

Hi. Is it possible to give another role access to The Retailer theme options? I’ve tried to do this with several editor role plugins but it’s not working. Cheers, Jaap

Hello @Jaap,

I am not sure about that so I’ve forwarded your note to our developers, they might want to look into that.

Cheers! Adrian.

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for the reply. Hope to hear soon if there’s an option to do this.

Cheers, Jaap