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Hi mates, it’sm possible to do something with this functionalities ? https://www.garciadepou.co.uk/en/disposable-products/paper-bags.html https://www.garciadepou.co.uk/en/open-pack-open-bag-for-morsels-hot-dogs-173-87.html

I’m worried because this is for items with lot of quantity. Example: i want one product, the minimum of order is 1000 unit’s. I have to calculate the number of unit’s to calculate the total price of shipping and that depends wich country is selected. Price of shipping for X country is different than Y country.

Thanks mates :)

Yes, sure. No matter which theme you’re choosing, you’re being able to set different shipping classes per country. The quantity shouldn’t be a problem either. So, stay worry free :)


Does anyone know why the “For Sale” badge stretches out? Screenshot in link. My theme is updated. It goes away for a little while when I clear the cache. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ah2fKXxmmlA6gZ1lhuVTFc2Xt5qAZg


This isn’t a known issues with The Retailer, sounds like a site-specific one. Can you please share a link to your site, maybe that can help us figure out why is that happening.

Cheers, Adrian.

Hi again, This issue could be caused by a conflict with a third-party plugin. Could you do me a favour and try deactivating all third party plugins one by one to see if that improves or solves the issue you are experiencing? I would start with Autoptimized.

Let m know after that.

Cheers, Adrian B


Tanaka_ Purchased

Hi ! What is the typography of the logo with the bag ? “The Retailer”

HI @Tanaka_,

You can find the font used for The Retailer logo here: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Arvo

Cheers, Adrian B


higg_dpi Purchased

Hi, My support has run out and i can’t afford to renew :( I’m having font issues – i only have a very minimal amount of google fonts to choose from in the custom heading element, is there a way of adding extra fonts somehow?


Hmmm…I’m not sure what could be causing that. Please make sure you’re using the latest version of the theme.

Cheers, Adrian.


sntwebdev Purchased

Hey, there is this weird bug when the price range gets bigger in size more then 4 characters, it starts to overlap. Is there a way to fix it? Thanks! https://prnt.sc/myn1fe


I’ve forwarded your note to our developers, I am positive that that’s something they can easily fix for the following update.

Cheers, Adrian.

Hello, I want to ask you a question. When I click on one of the categories of the portfolio, it takes me to a page that has the title of the category (https://www.shooters.es/portfolio-category/angel-puigdelliure/), but does not show any item of the category. portfolio How can I solve that? Thank you very much in advance.

Hello Adrian, I’m sorry if I’m interested in another template on the site. The problem that commented can be seen in the same demo:

For example on this page:


You click on the category photography and:


The items are not shown under the category.

Thank you

Hi again,

It’s weird, as I can see that part is hidden indeed. I have opened a support ticket for you, please check your inbox. Our developer will also fix it in the next theme update.

Cheers, Adrian B

Thank you very much

Hi team, where to set the “Number of Products” on shop page in theme options ?? There is not in “Shop tab”, kindly advise asap. Thanks.

Hello there,

WooCommerce introduces those as native options, you can now find them under Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce.

Cheers, Adrian.

Do you know if this will work with WP Shop (the new shopify integration plugin for wordpress)?