Discussion on The Retailer - Premium Featured WooCommerce Theme

Discussion on The Retailer - Premium Featured WooCommerce Theme

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Love this theme! How can I change the color of the hover on the Featured Products slider? When I hover, I want the color to be pink: https://www.manhattanfluteemporium.com/

Hi, please contact us on support, our team will definitely help you quickly: https://www.getbowtied.com/support/


The Retailer Version: 3.2.8

in blog post with wp bakery 2 colom set up. my 2 image overlap it look like the problem come from WPbakery.css page_full_width .products_slider, .page_full_width .wpb_revslider_element.wpb_content_element, .wpb_alert.wpb_content_element, .wpb_single_image, .wpb_wrapper #map_container, .wpb_wrapper .gallery, .wpb_wrapper .wpb_gmaps_widget { margin-left: -15px !important; margin-right: -15px !important;

i am not able to fix it in the back en editor everything is at 0 px for margin

Hi, our support engineers will be happy to help you, please contact us here:



I a need a subscription for support ?

Hi, sure, you need a support subscription in order to contact our support team. Please log in here: https://www.getbowtied.com/support/


Hello, I have a 1.9 version of this theme from a few years ago, I would like to update it, it is compatible with this current version of this theme, thanks.

Hi, I recommend that you do this update in a safe place, not in production. Your version is very old and some things might not work correctly. Once you fix them, you can go live.


Hi, how can I upgrade WooSwatches plugin? The version included with theme is 3.3.11, but the last version is 3.4.6. How is it possible to keep it upgraded? Thank you.

Hi, please go to the support area, there we can give you a zip with the new version of this plugin. https://www.getbowtied.com/support/ We will also include it in the next update coming soon. Cheers!


How can I disable the comment counter in ‘The Retailer Recent Posts’ widget? I have it in my Dark footer but I don’t want the comments number to show.

Hi, sure, please open another ticket here: https://www.getbowtied.com/support/ Thank you!

Hi, please how do I disable ‘Additional Information’ on my product page and activate ‘Reviews’?

Hi, our support team will be happy to help you with this request. Feel free to contact us here: https://www.getbowtied.com/support/ Cheers!

Good evening, i just extended support for this theme. However, when i enter my purchase code, i still get the message the support has been expired. What should i do to contact you? Thank you, Anthony

Hi, please go here: https://www.getbowtied.com/support/ and follow the steps. Thank you!

Hi, i wrote a comment by contact in help center about a problem with my bought but i haven’t response. Can any read and help me with my trouble?

Hi, what is the email you sent the message from? Thanks!

Im trying to refund because there was some problems but i haven’t responded. I write a form through themeforest to do it…


stfnet Purchased

Hi all, I like your theme but I also need a good loading speed for mobile and desktop as well. can you share any performance result at least with demo pages ? (gmatrix, pingdom, page speed, ... ?)

What caching plugin do you suggest to speed up your theme ? anyone more compatible with your code ? thank you SL

Hi, if you need help, we are waiting for you in the customer support area: https://www.getbowtied.com/support/ Thank you! Cheers!


stfnet Purchased

I didn’t buy any theme yet…thinking “The retailer”, “Shopkeeper”, “The Hanger” It’s a pre-sale question, so I don’t have any purchase license. Thank you


aksteve Purchased

What version number is this theme? I can’t find this info ANYWHERE! Plus your theme still never auto updates. I have had to do it manually for years. No matter what, I always have to manually update. Very frustrating. So please, tell me what version number you are on, because since you don’t autoupdate, I never know how far out of date I am. Ugh.

Good evening,

I have a question about the badges. At the moment, i only see a sale and out of stock badge. Is there a “new” badge available?

Also, can we change the color of the the badges? This would be extremely usefull.

Thank you, Anthony

Good morning, can you please reply? Thank you, Anthony

Hi, there is only “Sale” and “Out of Stock” badges in this theme and yes, the color can be edited, we can help you if you come to the customer support area: https://www.getbowtied.com/support/


Hi, i understand that this plugin WPBakery is included in the latest version, will this builder be able to edit demo pages and data in within ? I tried to edit with this builder on the demo imported pages but demo data didn’t show up on builder. So was wondering if there’s an issue with this version?

Hi, there’s no issue. The pages in the demo are built with Wordpress Block Editor, not with WPBakery. But you are free to build your own layouts with WPBakery Page Builder. Thank you!


TSIR Purchased

Hi, I updated the theme. I haven’t done it for years and now I have some problems with the portfolio.

- I can’t remove /portfolio-item/ from the URL. I couldn’t find a way to change or remove the portfolio slug. - The portfolio items don’t have a template as before. I can’t move to the left side the title and categories of each single portfolio item, as it was before.

Thanks in advance.


TSIR Purchased

Sorry, I don’t need anymore to remove the /portfolio-item/ slug for URLs.

But I do need a template for the portfolio item. Right now the content of the portfolio item page is just title/category/images one over the other. Previously, there were 2 columns. In the right column, there was the title, category, and excerpt that is missing now.

How can I replicate the previous item portfolio page?

Thanks a lot.

Hi, please feel free to contact our Support Team for any inquiries you may have. To open a ticket, please write an email to support@getbowtied.com. Our team will be happy to assist you! Cheers!

hello, i am running into an issue with the footer, why the footer is not like i expected. and i don’t find the way to change or customise it. please help me.

Hi, please feel free to contact our Support Team for any inquiries you may have. To open a ticket, please write an email to support@getbowtied.com. Our team will be happy to assist you! Cheers!

ianyates Envato Team

Hello! Just to let you know that we included The Retailer in a new form of roundup post where we select a few WP themes and review them in-depth. Take a look and let us know what you think! 3 WooCommerce Themes for Fashion and Clothing Stores: Test-Driven

Thank you very much! Cheers!

Good evening, i am running into an issue with the homepage. I created a ticket at your support desk 2 days ago, but i didnt get any answer. The support ticket number is 119783.

I am getting an error on the homepage when i try to edit certain elements/blocks. This is the error: This block has encountered an error and can not be previewed, and: This blocks contains unexpected or invalid content. How can i fix this?

Hope to get a quick reply because i need a sollution urgently now.

Thank you, anthony

Hi @Anthony78,

I’ll do my best to help you get to the bottom of this issue. Please check my reply on the support ticket you’ve opened (119783).

Cheers, Vanesa

Hi, is the last version of the theme compatible with WooCommerce 5.9?

Hi @Golobolbol,

Yes, the theme is compatible with WooCommerce 5.9.

Cheers, Vanesa

Hi @getbowtied, can someone tell me how I can disable Blogs section on the bottom of “Home – Classic Simple” page? When I go to the Edit page, inside visual editor there is not option to remove Blogs block.

Hi @tillieleeloo,

The blogs block seems to be facing an issue uppon demo import. Inside the editor, click on “The Brand’s Journal” heading block, then use the keyboard arrow key to navigate down the blocks until you reach the Posts Grid block. We will investigate this issue and try to come up with a fix soon.

Cheers, Vanesa


in your Preview you have on the Search Field three Lines for My Account asf. How do this in my Theme ?


Hi @hornedry2k,

In order to achieve that, go to Appearance > Menus and create a new menu, then set it as ‘Top Header Navigation’. If you have more than 3 menu items, it automatically turns into a dropdown.

Cheers, Vanesa


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