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padesco Purchased

Hello- Im trying to install the uncode.zip but, i Keep getting this message afterwards- “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.” Ive tried several times and ot does not install at all.. What do I do? Please help – we payed a lot of money and we cant even use it..



undsgn_team Author Team

I’m afraid it only means you have to increase your media upload limit. To check it, go to “Media -> Add new” and take a look under the upload area: http://undsgn.d.pr/qA3ihi

What value do you see? Consider that “uncode.zip” is about 23MB so you have to set a value higher than this. There are some ways to achieve that: https://goo.gl/Khrxrh

Let us know. Best :-)

Hi undsgn! I have an issue about media gallery. In some media items i set links to another websites and choose “target-blank”. http://joxi.ru/eAORk8jU4vzDz2 When I click on image it opens in a new window, when I click on the title – it item opens in the current window. http://joxi.ru/eAORk8jU4vzDz2

Why? And how to fix it?

Website is http://bezhynov.com/

Hello andrew131290, sorry for the lare reply. However, if you need dedicated support please, as I said, contact us through our Help Center and provide your WP and FTP details there: https://support.undsgn.com/hc This is not the right place to ask for this kind of support, since there’s no way to track tickets, check if they are solved, who your ticket is assigned to etc.

Your YouTube video unfortunately doesn’t work however, sorry :-)

Do you have any problem to use our Help Center?

Best :-)

Ok, sorry, I’m gonna use Help Center. Thanks.

Thank you so much! Best :-)

Hello, I am unable to use the options themes because the tabs wont display (tabs like footer, header, content, etc) so i updated to last wp core and last uncode theme but still not working

I really need help !

Without seeing your page is hard to understand what’s wrong? Do you see any error in the browser console? https://developers.google.com/web/tools/chrome-devtools/console/ Or in the source code of the page? (Enable WPDEBUG please https://codex.wordpress.org/WP_DEBUG ) Do you have any red message in your System Status page? http://undsgn.d.pr/DkcL1K

Let me know, best :-)

Hi, I am using the “Portfolio Carousel” as one of the pages in my new website. Is is possible for the columns to slide automatically? I tried to edit the header of “portfolio carousel” and changing the values of “Auto rotate slides” and “Navigation speed” but none of them worked. I’m not even sure if these are the options I’m looking for

Could you share your page URL to allow us to better understand?

Better, if you prefer, contact us through our Help Center, there we have a completely dedicated support team, please drop a few lines, add your details and we care to support the solution! Thank you! :)

Best :-)

Hy undsgn =) How is it possible to change the grid on mobile from 3/12 on desktop to 6/12 on mobile ?

I am considering to buy Uncode. The thing is that 7 Jan 2017 I bought one and built one website with it (vrdust.org.uk). Now I want to build the second website with it. Do I have to purchase an additional license?

When you buy a theme on ThemeForest you need to buy a single license for any final websites you want to create with a specific theme, here you can find more infos: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/articles/115000880409
Let us know if you need more info! Best :-)