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In income, is it possible to get hover box shadow effects in ‘icon box’ ? https://codepen.io/ovdojoey/pen/BomKyZ

Hi inkarnating and thank you for interest! :)
This is not a native option but it’s pretty easy with an additional line of CSS code in case we can suggest in our Help Center.

Great thanks… If this kind of help can be provided.. I will buy theme…

Hi inkarnating! Yep don’t worry this is super easy, when you have bought Uncode just open a ticket in our Help Center and notify here the ticket ID: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/en-us

Hello, are this current version is compatible to latest version of Woocommerce 3.2.1? I had problems, the product title doesn’t appear everytime I make new product. And also I can’t access the Product menu on admin panel. Thanks. Website http://gadgetyzer.com/

Hi and thank you for confirm! :)
Here you can read more about out of date WooCommerce files, as you can see the only error (the other are notices) is with MaxMind GeoIP Database that is not part of Uncode: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004005069
So what happen if you deactivate Uncode and you enable the native WP theme? I think you have the same issue that is not Uncode related.

Ok let me re-check. Anyway thanks a lot for the support, great themes and great team!

Thank you for confirm!

Your latest version 1.6.4 can’t install the plugins properly. It says “Download failed. Not Found” Can you update the files please?

An error occurred while installing Uncode Core: Download failed. Not Found. An error occurred while installing Uncode Visual Composer: Download failed. Not Found. An error occurred while installing Visual Composer Clipboard: Download failed. Not Found.

Tried to copy the files manually to the plug ins folder and it installs but the css styles are not linking.

Hi! The Uncode version works like a charm (otherwise here you should see hundreds of similar messages). It seems you are facing some server side problems with this new installation. Please follow this article that explain how to intake plugins with alerebarive methods or ask your host why you have this problem with a popular theme: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004307525
If then you need our help, support is only offered in our Help Center: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/

How do I disallow one of the user roles to edit other users’ content sliders? Something like edit_others_posts but for content sliders. I looked into the theme’s code (using grep) but couldn’t find any custom capabilities defined!

Hi, I can’t get bullet points to show on any of my portfolio pages. Is there a reason for this? (e.g on top left of https://www.taschmehrabi.com/portfolio/ecoeats/) Thanks.

Hi, Could you tell me what layout is used on this page? http://davport.com/journal/ floating text area look right or left with a full background that then stacks when viewing on a mobile – Is there an example layout provided by uncode?