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royzzz Purchased

Hi, do you have any information about the new “Automatic Heading and Subtitle also available in page/post content” option? Can’t find it anywhere, besides in the changelog. Thanks!

Hi royzzz! The Automatic header is the option that was available for Content Block header (https://support.undsgn.com/hc/en-us/articles/214006505), now you can also use in the page/post content (please check this video http://undsgn.d.pr/7m8BL/20WTOFB4). The subheading is a refuse (thank you for notice), we have not inserted this option at the end (this will available in next updates and will grab the page excerpt).

Hi guys! Compliments!

The theme would be perfect for my client, but would also like a split slider layout/effect like this. It’s possible with your theme? goo.gl/MeV5OY


Hi emanuelezenoni and thank you for interest! No sorry this is not an actual option.


Fmax Purchased

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Hi Fmax! Uncode is super tested and compatible with PHP in fact if you read these are warning not errors (it’s pretty normal). Moreover most of these waring come from original files of Visual Composer. PHP 7 is the best PHP version and it’s also the one we suggest: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000560529
Please note that Uncode is one of the ThemeForest top sellers themes, it’s first severely tested by Envato to grant functionalities and trusted by 21.000+ users, this mean you can really create hi-quality professional standards websites as you can see from our showcase.
ps: can I kindly ask to remove the HTML on this comment? It’s a bit “explosive”: http://undsgn.d.pr/NJX4N/11t3ryFa
Anyway we remind that if you need dedicated support is offered in our Help Center, there we have a completely dedicated support team, please drop a few lines and we care to support the solution! Thank you! :)

Hello, I’m installing de ‘uncode’ theme in wordpress ad in system status, the section of product registration says ‘not verified-please register your copy of uncooked’. I complete the gaps on the top but when I click on submit button it doesn’t finish.

Hi loreaespada! You just need to activate the Envato Toolkit plugin (packed with the theme) to comunicate with Envato servers, please read infos here: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/articles/115002308845
Anyway if you need dedicated support is offered in our Help Center, there we have a completely dedicated support team, please drop a few lines and we care to support the solution! Thank you! :)

Thank you very much!! All is ok now :)

Thank you for confirm!

Hello! I’ve updated WooCommerce to 3.0, and followed all the patch instructions to replace files & re-save theme options. However, there is a large issue that i’m experiencing now: with any Variable products, I can NOT turn off the inventory. All attempts to either add inventory to get the product to become available OR turning all settings off for inventory ends up with the same results. Therefore no products are ever available to add to cart. IF I change to simple product, the page simply doesn’t load any content.


undsgn Author

Hi! Please note that this patch is only for the 1.4.2 while the new 1.5 doesn’t need any patch so the suggestion is to just use the new 1.5. Unfortunately after one month that users use this patch no one have reported these issues so we cannot help in words. If you need dedicated support is offered in our Help Center, there we have a completely dedicated support team, please drop a few lines and we care to support the solution! Thank you! :)


Odddude Purchased

Hi, I’ve just trying to install this theme (https://www.undsgn.com/uncode/homepages/blog-magazine/) and this never happened. The installation process took 10 min and ends up saying that it is not possible.

I have install these Plugins:

Akismet Anti-Spam Aviso de Cookie Hello Dolly MailChimp Forms Social Pug

And Wordpress version is 4.7.4

Do I have to uninstall some Plugin?


undsgn Author

Any updates? We have not received any support request from you…


Odddude Purchased

I will try what you propose


undsgn Author

Ok anyway you have 6 months of support included, so if you have some problems you just need to open a support request.


metanaut Purchased

We’re using Wordpress multi-site. Do we have to buy a separate license for Uncode for each subsite if we want to use the theme across our subsites?


undsgn Author

Hi metanaut and sorry for delay! The Envato policy states that you are allowed to use a single license as far as its all under same domain. You shouldn’t be using external domain redirect to the network. If this not helps and you need more clarification you can also ask the Envato support detailed infos for your scenario: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


heyerok Purchased

Hi. I’m experiencing issues with your Support system for Uncode. I can initially load the site, but after attempting to log in, the site fails to load.

Regardless, is it possible to customize the size of the thumbnails on the product page? I’d like to make them much smaller so they all fit on one line.


undsgn Author

Hi heyerok! Our Help Center is based on the famous Zendesk support system if there is an odd issue like this we can only alert their support anyway we have dozen of users connected right now so it’s a probable local problem. Please try to access with another browser, I can only think about a cookies issue. Yes it’s possible customise the size of thumbnails but it’s not easy suggest the option without a check since you can define this both with Theme Options both with a Content Block module. Please try another browser and in case let me know!


DarkHalf Purchased

Any issues with Wordpress 4.7.4? Is it safe to update to that version? Kindly advise. Thanks!


undsgn Author

Hi DarkHalf actually no users reported any issues and also our demos is running on 4.7.4. I think you can update.

Pre-sale question: I am a designer and I have multiple clients (6-7) for which I want to use your theme. Is there any license available that allows me to use your theme multiple times?


undsgn Author

Hi itsalexfoster, sorry for delay and thank you for interest! :)
No unfortunately there is not a “developer license” on ThemeForest, if you plan to build multiple sites you need multiple license, please read more infos here (it’s the same for every themes): https://support.undsgn.com/hc/articles/115000880409

I have an issue on Uncode product registration on wordpress. Can you help me ?

Hi clement21! You just need to activate the Envato Toolkit plugin that is part of the theme to communicate with Envato servers, read infos here: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/en-us/articles/213454589
Anyway if you need dedicated support is offered in our Help Center, there we have a completely dedicated support team, please drop a few lines and we care to support the solution! Thank you! :)

Hi there. I got an email that there was an update. Where do we download it?

It just shows me install files – is the update in the zip file?

Yes is the uncode.zip, anyway please read detailed infos here: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/articles/214001205

Thank you

Thank you for this new update!! :D

Hi barreoblique and thank you for appreciate!

Hi, why when i’m selecting a variation, the picture doesn’t change anymore ? http://goodies.inwee.fr/produit/polo-manches-longues/

Many thanks

Have you updated WooCommerce to 3.0.x and now not work?

Yes, woocommerce 3.0.4 and not working… it worked few days ago

Hi andrealouis04! It’s pretty odd something is broken without any action, I can only think at some cache plugin you are using. Anyway the new WooCommerce update introduced lot of changes, I suggest to update the theme to the new 1.5.1 that is compatible with WooCommerce 3.0.4: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/articles/213454129
Find here more infos about how to properly update: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/en-us/articles/214001205

Hi, I am trying to import some demo files (single layouts) but it says import canceled. What is the reason for this? Do I need to renew my support to import demo files? I already have a license. – Priyanka

Hi! No the support expired is not connected with this, don’t worry. What it means “it says import canceled”? Sorry but this is not a native message of Uncode, can you please upload a screenshot to better understand? Thank you!

The “Workspace” admin screenshots in the Classic Startup Demo look impressive. Is this a product/theme of yours or was is just mocked up for the demo?

Is frontend editing coming to Uncode? I had read it was slated the “next big release” so had hoped it would be 1.5?

Love your work!

Hi Polished! These are screenshots from the Workspace UI Kit 2017 update: http://janlosert.com/store/dashboard-ui-kit
Here you can find infos about the 1.5 version: https://undsgn.com/introducing-uncode-1-5-anticipated-uncode-theme-update/

Hello, I’m looking for a theme to use as a home page for my new plugin that I’m developing.

I really like all the options and features you have, especially this demo:


In addition to that, I will need to create a page to display all the documentation of my plugin, and I was looking at your documentation:


And I was wondering if there is any way to accomplish that with your theme, or are custom styles that you added later.

Especially for example the part of the accordion menu.


Hi MaxLopez! Sorry for delay and thank you for interest! :)
Our support is based on the famous Zendesk but it’s a super custom take-on and unfortunately you cannot replicate this kind of accordion menu in Uncode. Our first documentation was based on Uncode and was pretty similar as layout with a classic horizontal menu on top (the page layout is one of the blog posts https://www.undsgn.com/uncode/make-it-clean-and-simple/). I can suggest to evaluate this set-up. The good part is that you can modify menu items for the homepage so you see the bog complete documentation menu only in the documentation page while use a more minimal on the homepage (menu style is the same, menu links can be different). I hope this helps and inspire you a bit.