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Hey there, I might be wrong but it seems like the mega menu option is gone under appearance/menus ? what happened to it?

Hi maxruebensal! The option is always in place (https://support.undsgn.com/hc/articles/213457169), we cannot understand if you have some local problems in your installation but the option is inside every parent menu item. Anyway if you need dedicated support is offered in our Help Center, there we have a completely dedicated support team, please submit a ticket so we can support the solution privately! Thank you! :)

Hi, I ran some tests on Google Pagespeed Insights, Structured Data Test and GTMatrix of the pages in your demo, and the results are less than ideal. Maybe because they are just mockup for visual demo and unlike real world situation? Where can I find some real sites using your theme so I can test speed and data markup?

Hi flyhead! Yes exactly you hit the point, our demo has too many addons (panels, chat plugins) and cannot be used as real life example if you use speed tests. Moreover today we were working on our infrastructure. If you are interested in this matter please review these articles:
Anyway here you can test some real life Uncode websites, note that some users don’t care about speed tests while other do and results are pretty impressive for a multiuse WP theme: https://undsgn.com/uncode/showcase/

Thank you for your answer. So have you used some of the optimisation practices you recommend in the post in your own website?

Hi, as told you above our demo as too many extra widgets, so even if we use these practice you cannot expect to see same good results on speed tests that you see in customer showcase (just to name one the chat plugins degrades speed test of several points, more we have panels, demo selections etc etc).

Hi is there a way to turn off the display dropdown bar Shop by popularity and the amount of page results??

Hi brandiross28 and sorry for delay! What you refer exactly? Can you please link the specific layout (URL)? Anyway if you need dedicated support is offered in our Help Center, there we have a completely dedicated support team, please submit a ticket so we can support the solution privately! Thank you! :)

I opened my support ticket and you all stopped responding. I added all my private login info to my profile page as you all requested and have heard nothing. I just want to get my portfolio up. For my Portfolio section when i had the portfolio template thumbnails up and listed it work just fine, but when i went in to delete those and make my own it said “nothing found”, i’m assuming its because i deleted the placeholder template thumbnails which i should be able to do. i just wanted to start from scratch and make my own portfolio thumbnails and detail pages. Please assist me asap. thanks!

Hi! Support Team replies tickets in order received so wait a bit before they get back to you, btw this is something that worked before you delete stuff. Anyway I’ll alert them.

Hi, I am unable to make any updates i.e. save any changes while using the “Customize’ option in the sidebar., under Appearance to make any changes. I wanted to add a site icon as well as change the tagline but am unable to. I have reverted back to a previous version of Wordpress and the theme and have also tried on three different browsers, unsuccessfully. All I see displayed is the error message:
Looks like something’s gone wrong. Wait a couple seconds, and then try again.

This is an issue I have not ever experienced. In fact, I was making changes using the customizer a few days ago. I have not added any new plugins or run any recent updates in the past few days. Is this something that has been raised by other customers before perhaps and/or would you be able to advise please?

I no longer have a support plan but wanted to ask if there was anything you could advise me on.

Thank you!

Hi whistlingb! No sorry actually we don’t have any reports not here not in the Help Center, anyway if this is something worked for you and now is broken without any actions (updates or plugins) this suggest you have a possible server issue (in fact a theme is a set of static files while the server not). Anyway the site icon (favicon) can be changed also with plugins while then taglione in the WordPress Settings too.

Hello! Thanks for the lightning reply. I went back to the basics and hunkered down for a few hours and tested server configurations as well as all plugins individually. I managed to find the conflict (was a plugin issue). Again, thank you.